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  1. Hopefully it will work for you to be able to go! I spoke with Carnival Casino promotions directly and they confirmed that if the offer is for Drinks Everywhere, it is only for the person named in the offer. The Drinks casino only would be for 1st and 2nd guest. When I talked to them and they said my wife wouldn't get the drinks everywhere as well, they went ahead and gave her the casino drinks on us automatically at least.
  2. Cheers drink package is 51.95/day/person. Also will add on 18% gratuity. That price is if you buy it before your cruise; if you wait until you are on the ship it goes up 10%.
  3. You're welcome, glad you were able to get DOU for you! One suggestion since you called them; email the players club before the cruise to confirm they have you down for DOU and then take the email with you! When I book with my offer, I always email them and get my wife's offers applied as well; multiple times we've gotten on board and they are clueless about my wife's offers (both free play and DOU). Definitely helps when you can pull out the email and show them, a lot less headache that way!
  4. It definitely make financial sense for Carnival; although I am surprised they offered free drinks everywhere.My wife and I really haven't played a ton in the casino on the past couple cruises like we used to, went and played more simply cause of the DOU in the casino so we could get a free drink (or occasionally we'd buy Cheers even with DOU if it was a port intensive cruise and the casino would be closed a lot). Kinda surprised they were willing to offer the free drinks everywhere; but totally understand the free play and stuff.
  5. Heck yeah, its such a great deal its very hard not to do it. We booked the 7 day on the Pride over Thanksgiving and upgraded to a balcony room, adding in a 3rd person. Ours ended up being: Cruise Rate: $670.00 ($600 as a deposit) Taxes/Fees, etc.: $406.92 Total Cruise Charges: $1,076.92 On board Credit: $400 Casino Fun Play Credits: $750.00 ($500 for me, casino gave my wife $250) Free drinks everywhere for me and in the casino for my wife. Certainly couldn't pass up a deal like that for a Thanksgiving cruise!
  6. I finally spoke with someone from the players club/casino to get clarification. No taxes to be paid on it, BUT it is only for me; travel partner is not eligible for this one.
  7. That is a good point, I wonder if my wife gets the free drinks everywhere... I know when I've had these offers in the past that included the standard Drinks on Us (casino only), my wife always received a card as well so I just assumed she would get this too but I actually don't know.. As for taxes, I'm not 100% sure but I'm thinking we did NOT have to... The government taxes/fees on this cruise came out to $135 per person which I think is too low to have included tax on a cheers style package.
  8. We really aren't THAT heavy of casino players anymore; I'm a bit overweight but not that much... Kidding! Seriously though, a few years ago we played quite heavily on each cruise, but now we may take $300-$400 each for a 7 day cruise; if we win we keep playing, if we lose it we are done. As for number of points needed, I honestly have no clue. The last cruise we were on (Back in August of last year) I don't think we even played enough to qualify for one of the bounce back offers.
  9. I have reviewed the T&C of the offer I booked and it makes no mention of anything regarding the Drinks on Us, other than you have to be at least 21. I'm just trying to see if anyone has used this offer before and what their experience was with it. I found it interesting that there was virtually no information in the T&C on the drinks on us portion, but plenty on the free play and OBC. I've already booked and will be happy with however it works, I was just hoping that someone has experience with this offer. And I kinda figured having the offer code would do nothing if you don't already have the offer, was a bit confused why people were asking for it in the first place.
  10. If you have the offer available, it MOST LIKELY would show up under available offers within the VIFP tab of carnival. Not sure if you can actually type in the code or if it is just for making reservations over the phone...
  11. Code was FVO. From what I've been able to tell not a lot got this offer... My wife plays just as much in the casino as I do and she didn't get this offer.. Talked with quite a few friends that cruise a lot as well and only 1 other received this offer.
  12. It is not an elite, it was just a regular casino offer... I could pick from practically any cruise from when they restart through the end of November.
  13. I received a casino offer that, among other perks, says it includes Free Drinks on Us EVERYWHERE on the ship... Has anyone used this offer before? Can't really find many details on this; is it really giving me Cheers for free or what? Wondering if it only for alcoholic drinks or if I can also use it on energy drinks, specialty coffee, etc. like Cheers. Went ahead and booked the Thanksgiving cruise on the Pride but hoping someone can shed more light on this offer for me! Thanks!
  14. My understanding is that I wouldn't have a single supplement since we each have a voucher for a free cabin. Each voucher is good for 2 people, so I would think there would be no issues with me being the only one in the cabin, but I'd have to verify that with Carnival. Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for! Definitely helps narrow down the cruises for me to check out. Guess I'm going with a new ship, my daughter wants something besides a Fantasy class for our next cruise!
  15. Quick question; do any Carnival ships have INTERIOR connecting rooms? My wife and I each have a free cruise certificate through our local casino and would like to book 2 rooms since we are taking our daughter as well. Having connecting rooms would be the best option but I've been having trouble finding interior rooms that connect. Thanks!
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