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  1. I've sailed on both post-renovations, and I feel they are pretty similar. One bigger difference is that the Sky has Starbucks and the Sugarcane Mojito Bar, and the Sun has more specialty dining restaurants. While the Sun doesn't have The Local, the Sports Bar serves the same food. We had a balcony room both times and I don't really remember any difference, except the Sun still has the old-school hair dryers on the wall, though I have heard that since they will also have a regular one in a drawer. For me it would come down which port of departure was easiest for me to get to, and itinerary.
  2. We sailed on the Sun last year, and had a great time! As long as you go in with proper expectations - smaller ship, none of the crazy extras, etc. Service was excellent, food was good, and the ship itself looked to be in great shape, especially considering her age.
  3. You can definitely use the App to pay (I did it on the Sky), but make sure you reload before boarding. I couldn't reload and my app wasn't showing the correct amount on my account. It was fine, as the app still works with their system, but you won't know your balance. (I only had the social media internet plan.)
  4. We just got off the Sky as well. We were on a 3 day weekend cruise, so it definitely had the party atmosphere, but that was expected. There is not a dedicated piano bar. The Atrium bar did have piano music 2 nights, but super small and not the best to relax at. But there were a few other live music options each night. I thought she looked in great condition! I never sailed her prior, but we had no issues, and really enjoyed ourselves.
  5. I am not familiar with Kinos, but I have flat feet and I love Vionics. They have excellent arch support. I do size down in their shoes as an FYI.
  6. I'm having the same issue. Last week, I could put a promo code in under the area where you pick your offers. Now, that box has disappeared. Does anyone know why?
  7. The Norway was my first cruise. I was 20 years old in stuffed in a port hole room with 3 friends but we had a blast. It was also the sailing a crew member fell overboard, and was miraculously found 10 hours later.
  8. I don't normally post reviews, but with the Sun new to the weekend, all-inclusive model post-dry dock, I know I found a lack of info before going. So here are my thoughts. Let me know if you have any questions. Background: My DH and I sailed without our kids, we are 36 and 42. From my signature you can see we have sailed on several lines over the years. Ship ~ Old, but in solid condition. Balcony room had plenty of space for two. Lots of storage. Bathroom size was typical, with a small circular shower with curtain. I am fine not drying my hair on vacation, but if you have thick hair you need to blow out, bring your own hair dryer! Service was fine. We barely saw our steward, but he kept our room clean and was a talented towel animal folder :-) Public spaces were in great shape, you can tell they have upgraded parts of it. Pool area is small and not a comfortable area. We peeked at the kids pool and it is super small. I would never consider bringing my kids on this ship. All-inclusive aspect was so easy! No swiping, no waiting, no thinking about anything. Many guests definitely partook in a few too many drinks, but it was a fun atmosphere. Restaurants/Bars - We ate at both MDRs, Le Bistro, Great Outdoors Buffet, and the Sports Bar. MDR - we ate here each breakfast and 2 dinners. Breakfast was great! Dinner was good. Nothing amazing, but all decent. I have heard a few reviews of inedible food, and we didn't experience that. (And I am in Food/Beverage) Service was good, if not a bit slow at times. Each night they would come over with a red and white wine option ready to pour. One night I asked for a different selection, and they easily and quickly accommodated my request without issue. Great Outdoors Buffet - we avoided the indoor buffet, but ate 1 lunch and some snacks from the outdoor buffet. It was typical cruise ship buffet food. A highlight were the fries. Food at "snack time", 3-5pm, was a struggle to find. I have found this on my last couple of cruises, that in the changeover to dinner, the options tend to be lunch foods that have been sitting, and very little smaller bites. Sports Bar - amazing! I wish this served before 5:30pm. I am not one to eat wings that often, and I ate them every night as a late-night snack. So good! They do have an odd rule that you have to order from a table, not the bar, but we had no issue with that. Le Bistro - we celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a dinner here. We actually went to Le Bistro on our first cruise together, and I had fond memories of the escargot and I will say it tasted exactly like I remembered. Entrees were good, but not stellar. Spinnaker/Windjammer/Bliss - we frequented all of them a few times, and all were in great condition. I found the special drinks to all be super-sweet, and in areas pre-made, but if you asked for anything else it was freshly made. And they would give you an extra shot on the side (over ice) with no issue as well. Entertainment/Activities Comedian - Bad. We suffered through his first show since we sat in the front. And then lasted about 3 minutes of his "adult" show. Rock You Tonight - show was entertaining. Latitudes Party - no party on the short cruises. Casino - my husband actually spent way less time there than usual - he said it was fine, but really smoky. Worse than usual. We attended a few of the other events/game shows/etc - all were good and entertaining though nothing stood out. There is a White Night as on other cruises. Ports Nassau ~ the only place I will ever go if we visit Nassau in the future is Roses Island with www.sandytoesbahamas.com. Absolutely amazing!!! Arrival and departure was super-timely (which I was worried about), and no issue getting a cab on either end. Great Stirrup Cay ~ great day. We debated staying on board, but changed our mind. Tender was fast and painless thankfully. We then just enjoyed the sun, some drinks, and the water. Shopped for the kids - bring cash. Had some tacos at the taco hut (we didn't visit the big buffet) All in all we had a blast, and it was the perfect weekend adult getaway!
  9. I would highly recommend Roses Island (though I haven't done Pearl Island) Here is a review I wrote: The only place I will ever go if we visit Nassau in the future is Roses Island with www.sandytoesbahamas.com. Absolutely amazing!!! Arrival and departure was super-timely (which I was worried about), and no issue getting a cab on either end. Upon arrival, we relaxed at the most beautiful beach. We then walked to the left over the rocks, and found a private beach that we had to ourselves for about an hour. The water was the cleanest - you could see your toes and all the fish vividly. Lunch was great. And all of the staff was super nice! The pigs were a bit anti-climatic. I would skip that part next time. I am not a fan of things that feel staged, which it was, but it was also obvious that they were very well taken care of. Those pigs are living a fine life in exchange to visiting with the tourists each day. Let me know if you have any questions.
  10. I was on this same cruise, and I will say I had the same reaction. One of the servers in the MDR actually commented to us that this is now a 'booze cruise.' We're from Boston, one of what I feel the few that weren't within driving distance of the port. We knew to come in with a different expectation that we would from our other cruises, and had a blast. If we had the opportunity to go away without our kids again, I would book it. It was perfect for a quick, easy weekend getaway.
  11. I'm also off the Sun today and we actually did have bar soap and lotion. I didn't use it but it's on the ship so ask if it's missing and you want it. I used the body wash for the weekend, it was fine. As a women with longer hair, I definitely brought my own shampoo/conditioner but my husband used the 2-in-1 product out of the dispenser with no issue.
  12. My first cruise was on the Norway. Five women in an interior for spring break..... Room was all the way near the front, and it was a loooong walk to everything, but we had a blast. We went to St. John's, St. Thomas, and GSC. We were supposed to go to St. Maarten, but were diverted as a staff member had gone overboard. She was found, alive thankfully, 10 hours later by the ship! Great memories on the Norway :-)
  13. We are sailing on the Sun in June, and I had the same dilemma. After reading through the Florida Departures board, I decided on the 2:30pm flight (versus the 11ish). Too far from the port for things to go wrong. Also MCO is a mess! We flew out of there last year and nearly missed our flight due to the security line.
  14. Yes, thank you Kaybee! We sail on her in June, and I appreciate you taking the time to update the board.
  15. NCL.com was finally updated and it does look like all the June 3-days were moved. Oddly, the May and July 3-days kept Grand Bahama Island....
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