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  1. Our grandchildren were four and six when we cruised on Anthem they both had a fantastic cruise.
  2. I would definitely stay with the dining package. Nice venue but never thought coastal kitchen was all that.
  3. We’ve never had an issue when cruising in Central Park staterooms similarly positioned.
  4. I think you’d get a better experience in the MDR on Christmas night.
  5. If only arriving the day before I’d take a shuttle or taxi and spend the night in Citivechhia. Decent hotels at good prices.
  6. Had excellent cruises on both but I would choose Anthem.
  7. August 2021 from Allure staterooms 9323 and 9325 to August 2022 Wonder staterooms 10311 and 10313
  8. August 2021 from Allure staterooms 9323 and 9325 to August 2022 Wonder staterooms 10311 and 10313
  9. We normally go with MTD but luckily have never had that problem.
  10. Only on Oasis class ships maybe the three night dining package.
  11. Cheese plate for us to nibble on whilst waiting to order. Normally after the first night’s request it’s always waiting for us on arrival.
  12. Had a reply. It was an IT glitch apparently many cruisers I was told received similar emails. Told all should be sorted in the next two or three weeks.
  13. We had two interconnecting boardwalk staterooms booked on Allure August 2022 sailing from Barcelona on a seven night Mediterranean cruise. Received the standard email last week that the bookings would be transferred to Wonder and they’ll do there best to move us to like for like staterooms etc etc etc. Overnight we’ve received an email that our one of our stateroom bookings is now for a six night Caribbean cruise sailing from Fort Lauderdale in August 2022. No mention of the other stateroom. I have telephoned RCG and am waiting for there reply.
  14. Never had a problem with walking off at our leisure.
  15. We were the same ( well not the honeymoon )Harmony Allure now Wonder. It’ll be well worth the wait.
  16. You’ll soon get the hang. I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous cruise.
  17. Got the same email. So yes assume until you have it in writing that you’ll get the same, equivalent or an upgraded stateroom.
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