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  1. Thank you for this, it really makes me look forward to my upcoming cruise!
  2. That is a Thanksgiving cruise and based on my past experience they are always booked full so I would assume it's going to be as full as they are allowed. I have read 70-75% capacity in the past but I'm not sure this is an official number. I would also expect more (unvaccinated) children than a typical cruise as Thanksgiving cruises typically have a high percentage of children - at least in my previous experience. I do think there is a cap on how many unvaccinated children there can be, last I read it was 5% of the passengers. As far as numbers of positive cases there is no official numbers being published.
  3. This is one thing I read they are going to bring back and I'm looking forward to it!
  4. Having a negative test is a requirement for sailing. Saying “it’s only because I had COVID a long time ago” isn’t going to change this.
  5. The cucumber sunrise from the alchemy bar. So good!
  6. I did not. But I did see it here: https://www.carnival.com/Legal/covid-19-legal-notices/return-to-service-faqs
  7. I typically pay gratuities in advance, but left them off my next cruise so my OBC can cover those. After that...alcohol. 😃
  8. The protocols will not be released today per John Heald during his facebook live this morning.
  9. For me personally, I want to know if there is any chance my cruise may be cancelled. If it is, I want that final payment money to sit in my bank for the next year rather than Carnival's. That's why I don't want to make the final payment until the announcement. And yes, I do realize things can change again but I would like to at least know what their current plans are.
  10. I'm sorry, that's not something I can personally answer as I did not use a travel agent.
  11. Then why R U writing this review if one of your major points is that Carnival passengers are trashy when you are in a Carnival forum? 😏 I appreciate trip reports and photos, but did this paragraph really need to be a part of your trip report? Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to put on some dirty slippers so I can go to Wal-Mart and buy a bunch of bikinis and some weightGain3000 supplements.
  12. I'm sorry you are in this situation but maybe that's a sign that a cruise is not the right trip for their family at this point?
  13. I have a November cruise and requested that my final payment date be changed. YMMV, but I got about 10 days additional because I said I wanted to know the protocols for November before I gave them any more money.
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