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  1. We had Secret Silk, Encore, and Colors of the World last week. There was also a comedian.
  2. It wasn't my issue to handle, because I wasn't there when it happened. We waited 30 minutes at the front desk to talk to someone who said they would get back to her after investigating the issue. My friend moved on and decided to let it go and enjoy her vacation, but decided she won't be cruising again.
  3. I was on the same cruise as you, Mexico portion. The Hotel Manager/Supervisor had no follow through with an issue my friend had while getting a massage. She said she would get back to us, but didn't. I thought it was a pretty serious issue that needed an explanation and a change in standard operating procedure to prevent it from happening again. Due to their poor problem resolution I lost my cruise buddy as she won't be cruising with Princess anymore. This was my first negative experience, so I agree with the unfavorite award.
  4. I have done this twice at Port Everglades. The first time I took the free shuttle because the next ship was on the other side. The second time there was a specific time for people transferring to the next ship, we were told we would have someone walk us there. Someone pointed me in the direction and I carried my luggage to the next ship. It wasn't a far walk, but it was raining and I felt bad for the older couples that were following me.
  5. I just got a ridiculous offer for $799 per person for a inside to a balcony for a 10 day on the Crown. I think it was a mistake.
  6. I did it once and probably would not do it again. They did not keep it warm enough in there.
  7. I am crusing on Royal Princess out of San Pedro. I expected the boarding process to take place around 11am like it does in Port Everglades and just received an email stating that it begins at 1:30. My flight comes into lgb airport day of cruise at 830am. Would I be able to drop my luggage off around 930-10 and then leave and come back at 230?
  8. Princess cays has some dangerous parts to it. The large flat rocks that people walk on as they are getting out are very slippery. I saw a lot of people fall both young and old. I'm young and I was nervous about falling. I'm sure there are a lot of injuries that occur. Just ask the lifeguards if there are any sections that don't have rocks. If you are walking in and see rocks just find another area, because walking back out will be much harder. I'm not a fan of Princess Cay.
  9. No, they should do their research. I was on a closed loop 20 day itinerary that allowed me to do that.
  10. I went on a cruise out of Fort Lauderdale last year to the Caribbean with my passport expiring just a few days after my return. The lady at check in just did a double check on it to confirm I was back before it expires and it was fine.
  11. This is my first time cruising down to Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, and Mazatlan. I was wondering what port would be the best to do a catamaran and if you have any suggestions on a company based off of previous experience.
  12. I just received an invite for complimentary Ultimate VIP Cruise. I won't be going. November 10th Eastern Caribbean 7 days or December 14th Mexico 7 days
  13. Stations does two types of free cruises. They do the ones through the website and the vouchers that you have pick up and book over the phone.
  14. 1. Yes 2. You can upgrade the room. You cannot upgrade to a different type of cruise. 3. Yes
  15. They are having some amazing solo deals on NCL and Princess right now. Also, I am seeing the cruise I booked for in July dropping down to under 300 per person.
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