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  1. It's just warm. I was disappointed with the temperature. I wouldn't do the pass again.
  2. I'm booked on a 20 day Caribbean cruise. They are requiring covid tests on board. If I'm being tested on board during the cruise, then why is the mask policy stricter, when it should be more lenient. This is the tipping point for me. I don't want to be masked up for 20 days in the humidity and heat.
  3. I am around the same age as you. I was once invited on a 7 day cruise with my two male friends in my early 20s. I like my own space, so I got my own room and paid double occupancy. On the cruise in St Thomas they couldn't decide what they wanted to do and asked me what I wanted to do, but when I said what I wanted to do, they said no.... Then I was like okay I am going to go do it by myself then... Totally out of character for me, but so glad I made that decision in that moment. I was terrified, but it changed my life. It made me realize I can do things on my own. Since then I have been on tons of solo cruises. When I want someone to join me I will pay for their cruise, taxes, and gratuities. It is really hard for someone to go with me because I go on long cruises. I am introverted and don't socially interact with people unless someone talks to me first. I would never attend any sort of meet up. I can't give any social advice, since I haven't done anything to change myself, and I'm perfectly content being introverted. My only advice is to maybe try to venture out and try non ship excursions or exploring on your own, do the research prior to make yourself more knowledgeable and comfortable.
  4. I have been receiving a lot of offers as well. Like one every 2 weeks to 4 weeks. Just waiting for the right itinerary combined with the room type and I'll book. The princess plus thrown in is pretty awesome.
  5. I received the same offer and was curious about the prizes. The itineraries for the 2 cruises didn't seem that good though.
  6. I usually spend my day at the beach and grab lunch if the weather is nice. I've rented a car, ubered, and taken the sun trolley. Uber was the most convenient.
  7. I just called and they didn't add it on to my booking, so I got it added on for a 20 day cruise. That's a good offer.
  8. Has anyone booked with the princess plus included offer? Were there any extra fees?
  9. I'm a younger Elite cruiser and the only perks I used were the free minutes and priority boarding since I arrive early to the terminal. The minutes were their best perk. I'll probably venture out to another cruise line after my 20 day cruise in January.
  10. Thanks! The offer said free interior cabin with 250 freeplay up to 20 day itineraries and I could book 3 of them. Then the link only had a few itineraries. I usually get interior and sometimes balcony offers.
  11. They sent me an email saying that they extended it until the end of the month. I clicked on the links to check out the itineraries and there were not that many and they were mainly 7 day cruises. All the ones that looked appealing before were gone.
  12. I was very tempted to book on this offer, but I felt like they were going to cancel the cruises and then make it a hassle to get my money back. The itineraries were so tempting! I think if they send out another one similar I will have to book.
  13. I'm sorry, I got the name incorrect, it is "prestige" Princess Players Club offer. Usually, they are better cruise itineraries to select from and they have different packages you can select like a free excursion. The last one I selected was a cruise that went out of Southampton to Ireland, Scotland, and France. I think it was a 12 day, but was canceled due to covid.
  14. I just received one too. I'm hoping that they will plan an elite casino offer soon, because none of the cruises offered looked good to me.
  15. I have not received any offers in the mail or email since a few weeks after the shutdown. The offers that I use to get were for specific cruises, tournament cruises, and prestige cruises. I also book through my land casino which usually gives me 2 cruises, and the site no longer offers the comped section, and my host never gave me the voucher which I typically get in June.
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