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  1. I'm sorry, I got the name incorrect, it is "prestige" Princess Players Club offer. Usually, they are better cruise itineraries to select from and they have different packages you can select like a free excursion. The last one I selected was a cruise that went out of Southampton to Ireland, Scotland, and France. I think it was a 12 day, but was canceled due to covid.
  2. I just received one too. I'm hoping that they will plan an elite casino offer soon, because none of the cruises offered looked good to me.
  3. I have not received any offers in the mail or email since a few weeks after the shutdown. The offers that I use to get were for specific cruises, tournament cruises, and prestige cruises. I also book through my land casino which usually gives me 2 cruises, and the site no longer offers the comped section, and my host never gave me the voucher which I typically get in June.
  4. But somehow they ended up past check in and getting on the ship only to get turned away when they take your picture and scan the medallion. So, it can and does happen. I wasn't near them at check-in, so I don't know what they did or didn't do. I was only behind them on the gangway getting onto the ship.
  5. It was probably after 11am when this happened, so I hope they had enough time to find it.
  6. Both the Crown and Regal Princess were embarking at different terminals. I was about to step onto the ship and get my picture taken and medallion scanned in. When I saw some confusion happening ahead of me and a younger couple was turned away. The couple was laughing saying that they got on the wrong ship and were supposed to be on the Regal. I was in shock that they were able to get through so many check points and physically step foot onto the ship. I was asked to show my boarding pass quite a few times, but I also didn't get my medallion mailed to me. Hopefully, they got their luggage back and were able to board the Regal in time. Has anyone else seen this happen before?
  7. Hello, I traveled to San Juan solo and stayed a week before my cruise. I'm a 29 year old female. I ended up renting a beach front condo through Airb in the Carolina area. The people I rented through picked me up at the airport and dropped me off and the cruise ship terminal showed me some great places to eat. I took an Uber around to the places I wanted to go. People in the city mostly spoke English. When you get out further away from San Juan people are less helpful. I really enjoyed my trip and the land portion was just what I needed after a long flight. I never felt unsafe. Puerto Rico is my favorite place to depart from. I never had any problems with customs, but my check in luggage always gets searched regardless of where I am coming from.
  8. https://www.antiguaobserver.com/stakeholders-disappointed-as-high-waves-and-strong-winds-turn-away-mega-cruise-ships/
  9. I'm on this cruise on the 26th. I am hoping Princess is telling the truth that it is due to weather. I did read online that certain islands were canceling ferry services between islands due to dangerous waters.
  10. $75 for the leg on the 16th where you miss Princess Cays. $50 for the leg on the 26th where they just changed times.
  11. My mother received one. They are eliminating Princess Cays and she is getting $75 obc.
  12. I just received an email from Princess with the time changes and they are offering a $50 obc for cruise leaving 1-26. I'm not happy with the time changes at all, but I'm sure I will still have a good vacation.
  13. Uh oh! The arrival times are messing with my planned excursions. The times for my cruise have definitely changed.
  14. They played the games last year on the pool deck.
  15. I recently did Long Beach. It was so convenient. The Uber ride was like 20 minutes. The flight for me was really cheap as well on Southwest which was a plus.
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