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  1. Whatever it costs to get on board should be included in the price including Gratuities, Port Taxes and Fees. I really don't care how the cruise line breaks those things out. They all come out of my pocket.
  2. Male 1 pair of running shoes with good support for the plane, the gym and walking around on shore. 1 pair of dress shoes for obvious reasons. 1 pair of flip flops for pool and beach.
  3. Use UBlock Origin instead. Smaller, faster works just as well.
  4. That should save them some cash. I'm sure they'll pass the savings on to the customer.
  5. Last cruise we went on, we just took carry on baggage on the plane. Instead of buying special and expensive travel sized, we stopped at a pharmacy close to the dock to pick up essentials. Left the leftovers behind.
  6. In my experience, you need to set you expectations properly. If you're expecting high end dining in the MDR you're going to be disappointed. If you're expecting Olive Garden at Sea, you'll be happy. The MDR is a very large venue. They are making a ton of food for the masses and serving it very quickly to turn the tables. X has reduced or kept the cost per person for food very low. The result is very average food.
  7. We've been on Celebrity a few times. I'd call them mass market, not premium. Nice boats. Few kids. Gotta go with specialty restaurants to get good food. Nightly yard sales on the way to/from the entertainment. Useless customer service.
  8. If your gun isn't on your person, it's of no use for protection. You're never going to 'get to it' if it's locked up somewhere, especially in the trunk.
  9. My advise should you choose to take it: 1. Bring snacks, but don't over-pack them. You don't want to have to throw them out so they don't stink in the car while you're cruisin' for a week. 2. A 12 hour drive shouldn't be too much, especially on the way to the cruise. Stop for an hour for lunch. 3. Leave the gun at home. 4. Don't use the car as an excuse to over-pack.
  10. It's sad that anyone cares what other folks are wearing. It's sad that anyone lets what else wears effect them in any way. Don't like it? Ignore it and go on with your night. If it really bothers you, then change cruise lines because Celebrity isn't going to change.
  11. I think you're just making stuff up now. I've never seen gym wear in the MDR on dress up night. I've seen hats, although no actual baseball caps. Flip flops are usually on the women who wear them 'cuz they're so cute' and once they sit down, no one can even tell what they have on their feet. Collared shirts aren't T-Shirts. Folks who are dress casually aren't disrespecting you. They aren't even thinking about you or others who want to dress up. The folks at the door don't care or else they'd stop them from coming in. It's just a certain group of 'What not to wear' folks who complain that others who don't follow their own 'good manners' are somehow disrespecting them. Jackets and ties aren't required any more and I for one am happy about it. On dress up night, I wear dress pants and dress shoes. I wore a Hawaiian collared shirt on our Hawaiian cruise and a Guayabera on a Mexican cruise, but usually it's a collared long sleeved shirt. That's as dressed up as I get these days. I don't own any suits or ties anymore, likely because I wore them daily when I worked. I'm not renting a tux either because it's not required. If it was, I'd stay away from the MDR on dress up night. I don't give a second thought to how anyone other than my wife is dressed. If folks want to dress above the minimum requirements... great. If they want to dress below the minimum requirements... great. Neither are any of my business. Their vacation is their own business.
  12. We took the city bus to Kaanapali beach on Maui. Wonderful beach. Great lunch. Shopping for my wife. Cheap to get there and back, but was expensive for lunch (Well worth it) and for beach chairs and umbrella (Also worth it). All in, way less than an excursion and no where near as crowded.
  13. People who don't dress up aren't 'poking fun' at those who enjoy dressing up. They are simply dressing the way they like to dress. I doubt they care what other people wear.
  14. I went to a couple of lectures on Celebrity that were to put it mildly boring. We'd rather be out in the sun. The one's having to do with the next port were very thinly veiled sales meetings pointing you to places that give the cruise line 'kickbacks' and selling the lines excursions. Windstar on the other hand has great lectures with their port lectures being some of the most informative (Yes there is also some sales, but it doesn't feel like the top priority) AI lectures that I've gone to were more like Celebrity than Windstar and some were basically 'invitations' to time share presentations. There... you're forewarned. There are activities on both AI and Cruise vacations. I've never been to an AI that doesn't have daily activities.
  15. The point is that cruising and AI's are very much the same. I've never been to an under 4 star AI. I'll never go to one either, as I've heard stories from folks who have. I'm assuming they are much like lower end cruises. Not something to compare with Celebrity or NCL or HAL or even MSC (I'm led to believe, I haven't been on it to say for sure).
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