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  1. They're an environmental group, not an anti-cruising group.
  2. A vaccine, a negative test and 6 months of covid free cruises before I'd book.
  3. Words matter. Ignoring the science and not taking the proper precautions isn't called stumbling.
  4. Public opinion, at this time, seems to be that cruises are floating petri dishes of disease. It doesn't help that some cruise lines are ignoring the science and sending boats out anyway, just to end up with Covid-19 on board.
  5. I would expect the answer is yes, they would require proof of vaccination to board. Folks who don't want to vaccinate wouldn't be able to cruise.
  6. Sure, everything is available, but it's at an extra cost, including going to any beach that's not within walking distance or pools on shore. Different islands are nice, but honestly, the same excursions are on every island and AI excursion prices are the same or better than purchasing 'off ship'. Most AI's have a nightly show, although I'll certainly say that cruises do them better. Still, it's only 45 minutes a night so not a big loss for us. I'll give you comedy shows and live music as a cruise plus, but the night clubs in AI's are as good as the
  7. I'm curious how you get bored at an AI while you don't get bored on a cruise? What do you do on a cruise that you can't do at an AI?
  8. I've only bought packages that were less than the rate on Sandals website for room only and the packages include flights plus transfers to/from the airport. I think it's Canadian thing where airlines buy so many rooms that the airfare is basically free. When I cruise, I have to add Air, 1 night hotel (Can't get there same day from Calgary), transfers to/from airport, gratuities, booze package and WIFI to the cruise price to match the Sandals package pricing.
  9. From the FAQ: Sandals Grande Antigua, Sandals Royal Bahamian, Sandals Grande St. Lucian, Sandals Halcyon Beach and Sandals Regency La Toc have casinos nearby.
  10. Covid aside, we love Sandals, but we don't love all AI's. Pros: Way cheaper for Canadian's in a package than cruising. No kids. Rooms that are bigger than ship cabins, but some we've stayed in needed updating. Restaurants are better than any MDR on any cruise weve been on except maybe Windstar. We like the beach and pools, way bigger than on ships and included in the price. Booze is included. Bar scene is generally livelier. Italian coffee, ice cream, fresh baked cookies all included. Stay at one, go to many increases the number of restaurant
  11. Don't ignore the negative reviews and don't take them with a grain of salt. Read them and ask yourself if what the person is complaining about would annoy you or not. Fore warned is fore armed and it really helps to set the right expectations. Multiple languages in announcements? Gonna happen. Not gonna mean anything to me, but will annoy some. Dinner takes a long time? Same as above. Bad customer service at the complaint desk? Sure, but that's the same on every ship I've been on. Celebrity, which costs a bunch more was the worst for me. Just hope you don't
  12. NCL could process refunds quickly if they wanted to but it's in their own interests to keep your money for as long as possible. Your mistake shouldn't mean waiting weeks for a refund, but it likely will because you can't do anything about it other than continue to phone and take up their agents time. Even then, it likely won't matter. Your money will come back to you when the company decides it will and not before.
  13. Are you using any of: VPN Ad Blocker Cookie deleter Privacy addon If so, turn them off and try again. You might find that it works. If it does, you can turn each on one at a time to figure out which one(s) are causing the problem.
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