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    Singapore Port

    If you arent leaving straight from the cruise ship, another option would be to book a transit hotel inside airport security. You could drop your bags off and go through security around 8pm and just have an over night bag. You will already be through security and can get up and head to the gate around 7 am.
  2. originolsin

    Singapore Port

    Sin is rated the best airport in the world for the 7th time in a row. I would rather get there too early and check everything out than get there late and be rushed. But 2 hours is generally more than enough time if you are pretty comfortable with the whole process. for JAL- 3 hours to 60 minutes(cut off time) you check in at the regular desk, for 12-3 hours before scheduled departure you can check in early at the early check in lounge. If you have excessive baggage or have to make any payment including upgrades, you cannot use the lounge to check in.
  3. I have not been on this tour, but can tell you that 32 is pretty torn up with construction and back in Feb it took me 6 hours to go from San Jose to Puerto Viejo and it normally takes me 4. That was in a car with the ability to pass people. There are lots of neat things to do closer to Limon, but only you can decide if it is worth it to spend half your time in a bus to see the forest and volcano. The country side and drive is definitely pretty though.
  4. We are staying before and after in Vietnam, so we just did our 30 day multiple entry visas and they were also $135 pp. We elected to send our passports to the embassy in DC and received a sticker visa(because we had time and prefer to have it in our passport for the memory).
  5. It is really hit or miss down there. I found some Havana Club 3 yr and 7yr in a random supply shop by Foxy's on Jost Van Dyke but you will really just have to look around. They like to sell the local rums, because it is easier to get.
  6. If beach time is a priority, I would look for something that takes you to Cahuita National Park to see sloths, monkeys, birds and lizards right along the beach and then over to Puerto Viejo for beach time and lunch. I dont have a specific tour operator in mind for that, but if you did run across someone with good reviews that included those things, I wouldnt hesitate to have that in your itinerary. You arent going to find any beaches worth going to in Limon, they are mostly from Cahuita south to the Panama border.
  7. Probably the same one we did, the canal boating trip was really neat, caymen, birds. This was our first ziplining experience, so really enjoyed that. Food was good at the beach restaurant, beach was ok but small and secluded like it was the restaurants own private beach(no beaches are private in CR by law, so if someone were to try to tell you a beach is for hotel guests only then they are making it up, not that you will find anything other than maybe a 12 room hotel no Hyatts or Marriotts on this side) Stopped along the road at a spot to look at and hear howler monkeys, banana plantation wa
  8. I dont have any experience with them, but have done a canal tour. Caymen, birds, toucans, sometimes howler monkeys, beautiful surroundings, boats on shore that have been impounded by the police for drug smuggling, a little bit of a drive but the country side is amazing.
  9. Tortuguero Park and boat ride are very enjoyable. Lots of wildlife, caymen, birds, maybe some howler monkeys. We used Charlie Soto Okey Dokey tours from Limon. Have been back on land vacations every year since. It is a bit of a drive, but beautiful country side. Some other places look closer on the map but Hitoy Cerere Biological Reserve for example took me approximately 3 hours each way on single lane dirt roads in a four wheel drive vehicle and when you get there, you have to wade through dense forest and rivers to see things. I would stick to Tortuguero from Limon where you are going
  10. Used him about 5 years ago, one of the best tours we have ever taken and inspired us to make CR a yearly land trip(3 weeks in Feb). Are you going to be on the Caribbean side or Pacific? We did our tour from Limon, but have explored most of the country since.
  11. No reason for you to switch to AA on your flight home. Korean Air earns you Delta miles and they do a non stop from Seoul to Detroit. Also, you can fly with 1 stop from Seoul to Detroit with DL if you prefer to fly DL metal. I dont use EZAir, but google flights is good to use.
  12. Forgot to mention the cost is 8 cuc per person. The Capital building is 10 cuc per person and is neat, but dont think it is worth that much. I had exchanged some cuc to cup at a bar and the cost for the Capital is 10cup for locals and residents, but couldnt convince the ticket lady that I was a resident. Was able to find a local to purchase my tickets for me in cup and think that it was worth the equivalent of less than 50 cents to tour there for half an hour. It isnt possible to get a local to buy your entrance into the Revolution museum because you purchase those right at the entrance.
  13. It is definitely worth a visit to the Museum, even if not on a tour. The placards are in English and Spanish and the Museum is in Old Havana. The building is the old Presidential mansion for Batista. There are bullet holes in the marble walls from when the college students tried to uprise before the Revolution as we know it took place. All of the students were killed and most of them as they were retreating, as they didnt get the roof top support they were counting on. They have parts of a US plane they shot down during the Cuban Missile Crisis for violating their air space and it took th
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