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  1. I'm pretty sure anything on a cruise is a First World problem...
  2. So did you eat your thimble of beans with a spoon, or did you down it like a shot?
  3. WHY did they make this change? WHY WHY WHY? The old hash browns were crispy, crunchy, salty dark brown deliciousness. Like little crispy potato latkes. They were just perfect. One of the best parts of an NCL cruise. These new hash browns are like hockey pucks, more yellow than brown, and texture-wise almost more of a knish. Thick, heavy, bland. We know you read these boards NCL. Please fix this! Bring back the old hash browns!
  4. Is it just me, or do you get a TINY little thimble of beans?
  5. It's not technically OBC. That's what they want you to think, so you spend more. If you buy 2 cruise next deposits at $250 each, you'll simply see a charge for $250 instead of $500. That doesn't really mean you have any "credit" to spend. Kinda sneaky how NCL phrases that.
  6. I've never seen an airline offer a fuel surcharge that they claim is "discretionary" and used to support their hard working crew.
  7. You're ignoring my main point. If the crew only gets 10% of the DSC pot on each cruise, and the rest goes to "administrative fees" or padding salaries back in Miami, you don't care?
  8. So if on any given NCL cruise, 75% of the DSC funds went to Miami, and only 25% actually were distributed to the crew, that wouldn't bother the people who say we're "just complaining?" If NCL got verify where it goes and say something like, "While the charge is discretionary, 100% of your DSC is distributed to the hard working crew who made your cruise the vacation of a lifetime." If they could say that, they would, but they can't, so they don't.
  9. That smoking room in the casino must ABSOLUTELY reek inside.
  10. They're confusing the platinum coupon rules with SDP
  11. It's not that way on the Breakaway. Tell the waiters they're wrong. Order what you want. You won't be charged.
  12. That's implying every single eligible crew member gets paid out of the DSC on every single sailing. Perhaps that's the case, but I doubt it? What if you only get a bonus if you say get....10 hero cards in a week, and only 10% of the MDR waiters and cabin stewards get that many cards?
  13. I generally sail solo on 7 day cruises, but if you talk about larger groups on longer itineraries, the services charges add up to serious dough. I've literally never had a staff/service issue on an NCL ship, but my cynicism still gets the best of me. Lets adjust some numbers for easy math, and DECREASE the service charge to a convenient $10/day. For a 7 day cruise with 4k passengers, that comes out to $280k! On one ship! Does anyone really think NCL is really distributing $300k+ (remember, we adjusted the rate down) in performance bonuses, on every single ship on every single sailing? If they did, you'd think they would brag about it more. They don't, Just the opposite. There is no transparency about the service charges AT ALL. That leaves the possibility that of that $280k, a big fat chunk of it goes to Miami for "administrative fees" or something along those lines. If that's the case, I wish NCL would just eliminate the service charge, raise their rates slightly, and increase the base compensation their crew members receive. There's just something unavoidably fishy about the DSC's as currently implemented.
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