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  1. Crusin5252

    Trip insurance results...

    We started out buying Carnival insurance and have switched to independent insurance to get more medical coverage since Medicare does not cover out of country. Another reason we switched was that I read Carnival insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. Does anyone know if that is really true. We buy independent insurance within 14 days of initial booking so that pre-existing conditions are covered.
  2. Crusin5252

    Port of Call Change-Insurance Claim

    Someone a a cruise Facebook page she had received $1200 before they cruised due to port changes. She had the posted policy. If you paid for change of port coverage, you should certainly collect on it.
  3. I take of cruise documents showing what you purchased from the Fun Shop. I also pack a tray that my husband can use to bring me back breakfast to eat on the balcony. (He gets up before me and has breakfast and then brings my breakfast to the cabin.)
  4. Crusin5252

    Cuba travel warning

    Cruise lines currently go to a lot of places that have travel warnings. For a while, when we ported in Nassau, Carnival even gave us a printed copy of the warning the night before we ported there. The travel warning does not say tourists/cruise ships can not go there. The U.S. Embassy issues travel visas to the U.S. for Cuban citizens. Cuba issues travel visas for us to come into Cuba. They are still issuing the visas.
  5. Crusin5252

    Cuba may be canceled?

    Actually Americans are not the only ones. The Canadian diplomats have also had these problems and I think there was one other country.
  6. Crusin5252

    Miracle without power

    According to a Diamond member who was on the Miracle, an automatic relay system malfunctioned. She asked the captain at the Diamond event.
  7. Crusin5252

    Carnival Best of Cartagena Tour

    Has anyone on a partial transit taken The Best of Cartagena tour.? I saw it available on the partial transit. We are doing the full transit and wondered what people thought of this tour. Is there another tour you took that you really liked?Thanks.
  8. Crusin5252

    Don't Trust Family Members

    I would tell them that unless I had the money today, I was going to cancel them and get what I could back. If you can do a name change for $50 each, I would see if someone wants a great deal. Make sure your CC is not linked to their Sign and sail card if they sail.
  9. Crusin5252

    Cancel excursion pd with gift card

    Thanks to everyone for the information.
  10. Each Platinum and Diamond guests can take up to 3 other guests on the tender with them. Maybe your dinner mates will be Diamond or platinum and help you out.
  11. If they embark at one US port (Key West) and debark at a different US port (Miami) without visiting a distant foreign port they violate the PSA. Mexico, Canada, and most Caribbean islands are not considered distant foreign ports. The ABC islands are considered a distant foreign port which is why open loop repo cruises often go to one of those.
  12. Crusin5252

    Cruise to Cuba

    RIght. We can cruise to Russia which also has a communist government. Your tours there have to be cruise ship tours or private tours that are government approved. I do not see much difference.
  13. The one time we had a connecting cabin, we had no idea it was a connecting cabin until we walked into the room. We now check as we do not want a connecting cabin.
  14. Is that like the Hop on Hop Off bus in Key West where you can get off the bus to do some sightseeing and then hop back on and go to another tourist spot for the one fee? Thanks
  15. Crusin5252

    Carnival Paradise

    Guys and Blue Iguana and Alchemy Bar will be added in dry dock. I saw this information on a website. Although there is no official word on balconies, if you are booking after drydock some of the OV rooms are not available for booking. Maybe balconies will be going there????