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  1. I'm not sure I can add anything except IF this is your first trip to Alaska, then the itinerary doesn't mean a lot. They are all amazing and you will not be disappointed in any of them. Go by price and convenience. WHAT does make a difference is what you have in you budget for shore excursions. The ports themselves are Diamonds International with wooden fronts. FWIW we have cruise Alaska many times and while many would disagree there are a couple of things we have learned. Book the cheapest mid ship cabin on the biggest ship you can get.(the seas can be very rough) Use the savings on some amazing shore excursions. We have enjoyed scenic cruising from the upper decks far more than the balcony for all kinds of reasons. primary is you see far less from a balcony and on on a round trip, one direction or the other you see water and not much else. Nothing better than the special blankets and a pot coffee on the upper decks not to metnion the freedom to move around and see the frequent sea life, as well as hear the naturalist as you go. After your first trip THEN is the time to vary the itinerary. Someone mentioned Montana. I live there. I have NEVER been more disappointed in anything than the Denali/lodges/train. Stunted trees an a big mountain. FOR far less $$$ you can see better, more, avaoid combat tourism in the lower 48. Even the national parks as crowded as they are give a better wilderness experience. The best of Alaska Is the inside passage and up to Whittier. There is where the breataking scenery, the glaciers etc are found. Oh and to the OP Happy anniversary.
  2. I have an account with both so check both. It varies from day to day or even hour to hour. IF you have Lyft, they are running a 10X points promotion and discountall of this month. IF you don't have an account with both, you usually get a nice discount for your first few rides with a new account. Lyft has been more consistent than UBER out of LAX of late. FWIW the better driver (those that make their living at it) are usually both
  3. Don't underestimate blues, there is any number of folks who are blues once they get on the ship. Princess Cruise staff, corporate affiliates etc..... Heck I even saw a Senior VP as a blue. Nobody cares, they really don't though, there are a few pax who hope someone cares.
  4. Sorry about the double post. I thought better of my first response. SO you know what about anyone's health condition beyond tha I said my granddaughter had a service dog for her epilepsy. So according to you she can't cruise? She'd like to cruise but between being a Division 1scholarship athlete and an accelerated medical student 2 years from residency. She simply doesn't have time. Likely she will do research. Perhaps she will find a connection between ignorance and cracked vertebrae. Yeah I'm snarky. We raised her after her parents were killed in an accident and have put up with enough ignorance over her condition resulting from that accident that I just don't have the energy to educate the ignorant anymore.
  5. That's not true. For example, my Grandaughters service animal is trained to react to a seizure in a number of ways. But she does not "see them coming " My granddaughter now 20 however knows when one is coming and simply moves a sash she is wearing from one side to the other and the dog is on alert. He will react irregardless if she seizes. The dog incidentally cost 6000dollars fully covered by insurance. In addition the testing also cost her nothing as the independent testing organization can not take payment from either the trainer or the owners. That is not the case with ESA animals. The testing was quite an experience. In the resteraunt portion as Sheeba was laying under the table a series of treats were laid one inch from her nose. The expectation was she would not react in any way. Quite the test. That dog when off duty would do back flips for a French fry. As far as aggressive that's another thing when my granddaughter is siezes Sheba's first job is to clear the area and she will as well as keep it clear.
  6. I over simplified the qr code is embedded as an rfid chip (UPC doesn't work) for those who dislike self checkout the next phase will really raise some ire theoretically very similar to the ocean medallion one will be able to walk into a store with their rfid debit card pick up what they want and walk out. There are variations already.
  7. okay if you want to join the tinfoil hat gang keep in mind that a certain mega box mart retailers uses qr chips for inventory control...... Theoretically if you bought say underpants (one of the items they do track) at this store a an employee could literally drive down the street and find out how many their customers are in a competitive box store. there is a sub code on qr inventory chips that can be tied to individual identities at check out. Like I say the technology exists and I have seen it demonstrated but can not testify as to its uses. I do know there are any number of colleges/universities that use qr chip technology for taking attendence....
  8. It's not about bonafide service animals. It's about some lady who lied her poorly trained dog on to a cruise. This same lady was called on her dogs behavior by very elderly gentleman. The lady either bat chit crazy, drunk or both threatened to sic the dog on the 90 year old man. The OP who wasn't there wanted know if she should send screen shots of the event to the cruise line assuming the cruise staff and several hundred cruisers who there (it was the captains circle party) had no clue what happened. Other versions said the dog was also drunk having been served champagne. Apparently service dogs and/or ESA s are not allowed to drink while on duty. BTW the law only applies to Bonafide Service animals who can go anywhere the owner can. I am as director of a very large international patient advocacy agency very very familiar with the law as is coral. I must admit I do not know how much champagne an on duty dog can consume though it appears the owner should have cut him off as well as herself as clearly both are mean drunks.
  9. MDR, they would know but unless quiznos, Pizza hut, or Burger king was interested what would it matter and the medallion wouldn't tell them if you at at any of those places or just walked through anyway - good grief....
  10. But where do you keep the storage box with your cummerbunds, bow ties and shirt studs. I have the same inventory (braces included) but darned if I know where it is.... HOPEFULLY not at goodwill with my tie dye. It will all come back into style SOMEDAY lol.
  11. Jimmy is correct here a psychiatric service dog is NOT the same as an "emotional support" animal. These dogs are trained in a number of very specific tasks: detecting signs of an anxiety attack before it happens fetching medication or water during an anxiety attack bringing someone to help the person in distress preventing strangers from approaching the person in distress calming a person down during an anxiety attack through distraction, such as licking their face or providing a paw providing deep pressure therapy to soothe their owner retrieving a phone during an anxiety attack reminding a person to take their medication at certain times of the day performing safety checks of rooms or turning the lights on for people with PTSD An emotional support animal does none of those things and is not "protected" by the ADA. (not that the ADA carries much weight on a foreign flagged Princess ship) As another poster said there is no doubt as to the difference between a service animal and a pet/emotional support animal. But what I would suggest of a person is suffering from anxiety enough that they require an emotional support animal, perhaps they should choose another vacation style than a cruise. The law considers ESAs as pets. ESAs do not have the same legal protections that service animals do. However, they do have some protections, such as an exemption from no-pet housing rules. The close quarters small cabins, high density population etc etc on a cruise is likely not good for folks who benefit from an ESA with or without their pet. Before the flame start flowing I DO GET IT. We had to take a break from cruising for a few years with a coupla foster kiddos we had, who did great at home and many circumstances, but a cruise? No way. Same thing with myself I used to go backpacking every summer. With cane okay, but the a mobility device. not so okay. Sometimes we have to make choices. If you can't travel without your pet, then maybe you shouldn't.
  12. Not to be oppositional, but if you don't eat in speciality restaurant, they will still know where you ate (unless you didn't eat at all). How do you pay cash for shipboard purchases. Serious question as I have actually never been into a shipboard store store or stopped at the bazaar tables that seen to appear on a regular basis I thought it was cashless? I do buy a bottle (or two) of hootch pre-cruise though as well as bring my own wine (homemade)
  13. So without the medallion PC won't know where you ate, or what you bought? Love it! Especially when they slip my shipboard account the under the door. the last night. What about the casino???
  14. Of course they cough it to the communal jar. It has nothing to do with the ship meeting their minimum wage requirements (directly anyway) While you may THINK the person you are directly tipping is deserving and he may well be, he does not exist in a vacuum there are any number of others whose contribution allows him to do his job. Even in a land based restaurant the server shares tips with other staff (bus, dishwasher, even the hostess..) Whether it is a steward or a waiter THEY understand that their success is dependent on the staff you do not see....... The wise ones would share automatically. But just like pax there are a a few staff members who don't get it. Its sad to me that this is even an issue.
  15. FWIW we bring our own. Especially helpful when doing beaches on your own. Similar to: this one don't always use it but its nice to have when needed
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