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  1. Its not a matter that they need the money. Its an FTC issue. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the primary federal agency responsible for regulating sales promotions. It does so by prescribing rules under the Federal Trade Commission Act (15 U.S.C. § 41) (FTC Act), investigating suspected violations of the Act, and bringing lawsuits against those companies conducting illegal activity. The FTC's Guides Against Deceptive Pricing generally require that a seller offer an item at a price for a reasonable, substantial period of time in good faith, and in the regular course of
  2. I won't argue with that BUT public perception and "Politics" defy ALL logic.....
  3. The thing you have to remember is logic doesn't apply here. One you get past the conspiracy buffs who blame the Chinese for the Pandemic or the Democrats for a phony Pandemic, much of the rest of the country (and a few other places in the world) Blame the Cruise industry (if not Specifically the Royal Princess) fot the Pandemic. There isn't a politician or political appointee who would touch this with a ten foot pole.
  4. "When (if) cruising returns to normal where would you go first?" Guess I'm not very imaginative...... Where I would first is the closest embarkation Port on the first cruise I could book.
  5. I see no problem getting to seven drinks a day: morning latte coffee break 1 (morning) coffee break 2 pool side refreshment sodas/shake Pre dinner cocktail wine with dinner After dinner espresso/cocktail/crème de Menthe Sunday Lounge/music cocktail or 2 Bed time Irish coffee It all adds up
  6. I suspect you are right. As folks find alternatives to cruising they may not be quite as quick to return. Long time cruisers tend to "like" sea days the best of all. There are many less expensive and with far less "hassle" ways to do that. Waiting "decisions" and crowds are now the norm. You get that on shore Cruising used to eliminate that. Indeed cutbacks such as in the dining room pushing folks to specialty dining have us anyway considering what we could do beach side for less. We will cruise again but it will be using the cruise ship as a moving Hotel to get to places we want to go.
  7. I would bet a dollar, after hearing from some Albertan friends that the negotiations would go much smoother had the Keystone Pipeline not been summarily canceled. That was totally a provincial government project for export of Bitumen to essentially china (Bitumen is far too expensive a refining process for gasoline etc) The Albertan Sands have estimated reserves of a billion plus barrels. They can't build a Pipeline over the Rockies.
  8. Could just book an inside...... The bed is centered on the inside wall.
  9. There were some security problems that I'm not sure are totally resolved. But when having problems if you clear your cookies and cache they resolve.
  10. There is a huge consideration financially doing too much too soon. Port charges are huge.
  11. Another vote for the train we have flown to Rome and left the bulk of our luggage with the departure hotel moved into smaller carry-ons making thinks much easier. Frankly we have found it much more enjoyable to do any touring after the cruise.
  12. I hesitate to comment anytime Politics is involved as no matter what is said or by who, its wrong to someone and the fireworks start. So let me start by saying I have set up, run and designed literally dozens of vaccine trials and reviewed hundreds more protocols. Basic protocols never change based on a particular set of circumstances In the cases of vaccines those protocols are not only determined by local (national) regulatory boards but also by an International board overseen by the WHO. Once a medication is ready for human trials The first step is to define your cohort. This i
  13. I would not worry about that a lot. The Covid 19 vaccine is very similar to that of your annual flushot not only in how its made, but in how it works. It will never be like a measles or small pox vaccine. nor will this "thing" ever go away like smallpox. herd immunity will never happen (if did, the common cold would be rare) These types of vaccines are not inoculations. While they may not ever totally prevent you from getting the disease they can and do prevent the viral load from growing to the point of making you seriously ill. As far as new strains its important to note Influenza vaccines,
  14. They aren't shortening the trials. The FDA for reasons they won't state (but would practically guarantee are political in some measure including perceived public pressure) have added 2 mos of "observation" following the completion of Phase 3 trials before the manufacturers can apply for compassionate use approval (ie impacted populations which is what China and the USSR are doing) I don't know that I have ever seen that. In fact I have seen both early access and compassionate use permits near the end of phase one and not uncommonly during phase 2) I can understand early access as adverse event
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