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  1. Is the medallion working the way intended? Absolutely. Better than expected. Bording was a snap cashless cruising extraordinaire not having to dig for the old cruise card for every drink, soda, etc worth it. As a door key exceptional. The new Dining program that came with it great. Being able to find family and friends easily on board wonderful. (one thing to meet in the atrium another to find everyone in the atrium) Certainly could have done more if I wanted. Pre loading the app? not so great until I learned to wipe out anything princess, app, old apps, old versions, etc etc and wiping all my cookies and Voila loaded instantly. Had to get help for one of the kids when we got on board two minutes and we were all up. App worked perfectly on ship. Medallion Cruising and Medallion app are two different things. Frankly other than tracking hardly used the app. everything else could be accomplished without or in the KIOSKs (though many things were easier with the app)
  2. The vaccine requirements have nothing to do with vendor requirements. However it may NOT be required on Alaska Cruises as they were bypassing Canadian ports. What the situation will be next Alaska Season is anyways guess. The Canadian Border is open to vaccinated folk. Children are not exempt. There are very stringent testing rules. being as the approval will likely be here in a few weeks i'd say there will be no border exceptions. But then we aren't booking anything with the grands until they can be vaccinated anyway.
  3. And yet one of the major parts of the Medallion program is "Dine My Way " that accomplishes just that
  4. So you all think the "App" is medallion Class Cruising?
  5. When did Elite starting getting Free Wi-fi again?
  6. Sorta lost interest when they started using fake baked Alaska
  7. With the new dining program the traditional Maitre d'hotel is really a moot position.
  8. You are correct "The Grass is Greener Syndrome" effects all industries. The interesting thing is that the ones who move the most frequently have strong outgoing personalities and are "upfront" sorts. People respond to that thinking they are better than they really are and the person begins to believe it himself, and overtime becomes dissatisfied leading to parallel moves. I'll disagree with some. The Cruise director makes a huge difference in a cruise. But what we see publicly has very little to do with how good they are. The best managers are great at delegating duties, building up and supporting their staffs, promoting their brand through their efforts. They are seldom seen as they are busy doing their jobs. When you have a strong personality seen everywhere doing everything, that is a strong clue they aren't often a good manager. I suspect Matt was "coached" to do do the managerial stuff over the up front stuff and didn't take it well. That in part (I know this first hand) is why they have added an ED who has assumed the non public roles. He is the person between the CD and Assistant hotel manager.
  9. nothing nor do most cruisers care either...... Entertainment decisions are way above their pay grade
  10. It appears he had a physical brain condition that was feeding into his problems and that condition was contributor to his death. I would think there would be more empathy for all involved than revenge/blocking out the cabin. I guess I expect too much.
  11. we buy ours at the dollar tree....
  12. Not sure he was passed over but rather he wasn't and didn't realize what he had gotten into.....
  13. Part of the problem is long time cruisers think the new ships are just bigger "Love Boats" as opposed to the floating Mega Resorts with a larger management Staff on Board. What we used to consider the "Cruise Director" is now a departmentalized staff of Associate Cruise directors each with a different Area of responsibility. This is Staff area is where the "personalities" exist above that area is something entirely different. The biggest problem IMO is PCs attempt to try and keep up appearances of the old days while going a different and necessary direction. There will be sadly more than likely more turnover with existing staff/titles as the changes morph.
  14. The whole area is changed and a bit cloudy . As ships have gotten larger,, there are likely to be several assistant or deputy cruise directors, each with their own staff to assist and specific areas of concern. The term cruise director/entertainment director is almost interchangeable. The Entertainment Director is an outgrowth of the Medallion Program. While he has many of responsibilities of the CD he has a much larger responsibility in terms of being the onboard Brand/Marketing manager. In fact in a recent job posting the terms were used interchangeably: https://www.allcruisejobs.com/i34314/entertainment-director/ But the job sure isn't..... Like I said Matt O was the victim of the Peter Principle.
  15. I remember Matt O. The job of CD has evolved a lot since we started cruising in the 90's. far less of a "host/entertainer" and Stage personality and much more a manager and requiring a strong staff leadership role and the quirky out front personality more fitting to the ADC's. Reading his post which is a bit disjointed I get the impression this was a situation/example of the Peter Principle at work and difficulty adapting to the administrative responsibilities more than anything. It is indeed a sad loss. Even sadder is he appears to have burned his bridges with the industry.
  16. A two top has ALWAYS been a crap shoot. With a completley full ship why would it be any different now???
  17. as long as you don't save passwords, you should be okay although your cookies will show up on both
  18. If its android or apple your sign up for either is the same on the phone. Unless you turn off the sync the history carries forward. to all your devices. Even if the sync is turned off a thief can turn it on and acess it all. Thats assuming you have a data package or even something as inoccuous as google maps.
  19. You may not but that doesn't mean your stuff isn't all on there unless you have sync turned off. Both apple and android sync your accounts so your history is available including passwords..... On android click on settings click passwords and see whats listed. IF they are there you can delete them
  20. I hesitate to point out this app is the least of your problems if someone snags your phone and can get in. Click on settings and the thief can go to every site, every credit card, bank account etc you have or ever have had complete wit logins and passwords. You guys are worried about the wrong things..... Surley NO ONE swipes their real credit card for onboard purchases, but instead uses a low limit card to register and settles their account with their real card (with cashback privleges) And I can't IMAGINE anyone using apple/android pay without doing the same.....
  21. PSC is rare (how well I and my Grandaughter know) but you might visit https://www.livingwithpsc.org/ and meet with others...
  22. True but 4th largest doesn't mean much The reason those lines completley pulled still stands
  23. Keep in mind regarding state/federal rules ONE of the reasons Beyond too much fog most cruises were discontinued out of Houston was the liquor laws preventing sale of much of the ships stock of liguor on embarkation day Not to mention should you have brought any liquor on your cruise you paid tax to the State of Texas......
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