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  1. I appreciate your no frills, objective writing style. Thanks for the review! Dan
  2. Like Buffalo is the only place that knows how to make great wings. No offense, but it doesn't take much skill. ...and it's not like chicken is somehow a local cuisine to Buffalo. LOL Dan
  3. Yes, but personally I'd much rather eat in one of the ship's venues than in my cabin. The idea of eating in my cabin just seems awkward and like I'm being a total bum. Dan
  4. OP, it might be good to update your title for those browsing the forum. Royal Caribbean has 3 ships that start with the letter E. Empress, Enchantment, and Explorer. Dan
  5. They don't wrap the silverware in the Windjammer anymore? I'm surprised because that's one way to really cut down on the transmission of pesky viruses. We always have a little travel bottle of hand sanitizer that we apply after getting our food and sitting down, but before touching the silverware. Now, if someone had sneezed all over the silverware there is no way to keep it protected. Yuck. Dan
  6. I never cared for it on Oasis class, and it looks even worse on Voyager class. Why in the world would you choose baby blue? The clean white of the old paint job is much more elegant looking. Now it looks like a toy that's been blown up 1000x Dan
  7. That's really interesting. We've been on all three and find them far more similar than different, to the point that I pretty much consider them equal. The "amping" that Royal Caribbean is doing to them is making them different right now because some are amped and some not, but at some point soon all three will be amped and very similar again. Just curious why you like the Freedom over the Liberty over the Indy? Dan
  8. We're considering Majesty for a quick 3 night cruise in December, but ONLY because of the low price of the cruise. There is almost nothing about the Majesty that I see as an improvement over the Freedom class, except for maybe the Schooner bar. I see Majesty as a cruise ship for those that just need to get away at a cheap price point. Dan
  9. Great ship, and a LOT bigger than what you sailed on with Sovereign class. Sounds like you found most of your answers already, but I think you'll appreciate what Liberty has to offer. We're sailing on Liberty in March 2020, and previously sailed January of 2018. Crew was great, and we thought the food was a little above average for our RCCL cruises. Highlights that we like about Freedom class (some specific to Liberty): Beautiful large promenade Deck 4 wrap around walking deck. Great views of the ocean with quiet areas to sit. Helipad area to look at the stars at night and soak in the warm breezes Saturday night fever Great fitness facility with lots of treadmills looking out the front of the ship Ice skating shows and the open skate times Water slides Cantilevered hot tubs in the solarium etc...
  10. Either ship is a great option. I would choose whichever has lower cost and better itinerary. Dan
  11. Take your pick really, they are way more similar than different. At this point they may be the two most similar ships in the entire fleet after both being amped Dan
  12. Nice looking room. We prefer two connecting inside cabins for our family of 5. Two full bathrooms, 4 actual beds for the connecting kids room, and the ability to shut the door between rooms if wanted. Dan
  13. We also like deck 8 or 9 interiors which are typically nice and quiet with cabins above and below. We typically book forward cabins(for no particular reason really). If we are sailing with our kids, we love the connecting cabins. It really opens up the space and it's great having two full bathrooms accessible to everyone. If it is just my wife and I we definitely stay away from connecting cabins. If I had to say why we choose forward, it would be the less used elevators, less chance of engine rumble, and that we like to walk the promenade and this forces us to do that on our way to dinner. However, the aft of the ship is more convenient for just about everything (except the elevators are typically busier). Dan
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