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  1. Are the inside venues like dazzles and the jazz club, etc… open during the day for you to sit in while it is not in use? Our previous cruise on an oasis class ship was with adult friends so daytime was spent on the pool deck with drinks in hand or doing other outdoor activities. Dan
  2. That's a good idea. Great view out those large windows too. Thank you! -Dan
  3. Looking for quite, preferably outdoor, places on the Allure to get away from other guests. (Besides your stateroom 🙂 ). This isn't a social distancing thing. It's just something that we struggled with when we sailed on the Oasis years ago. It just felt difficult to find some quite places with few folks to just relax and view the ocean. My parents are going on their first cruise with us, and I know they would love places like this. Indoor options are welcome also. I did some searching, and do know about the forward deck 14 sun deck, as well as the deck 5 aft chairs buy the jogging track... These still exist right? I believe the "secret" aft balconies on 11, 12, 14, etc were converted to suites right? Those looked like perfect little gems. Bummer they are gone. Thanks in advance, Dan
  4. Wow, I’ve been gone too long. Did not know about this change. Won’t be too long before we are diamond. Personally, I like this new system better. I’m sure there are those that love the unlimited drinks in the diamond lounge during that time window but that’s just not how we operate. Four any time each day is a better perk for us Dan
  5. My guess is that they are cancelling them. Just yesterday I was looking at the Freedom and there were MANY, MANY options in August and each sailing had a lot of cabins. Looks to me like they are cancelling. Dan
  6. Looks like all those July cruises on the Freedom are gone.
  7. Sorry if this has been discussed in detail already but I can't find the info. Considering the Freedom early August for a quick 3 nighter but I can't find the mask protocols. We're fully vaccinated. Is there a link to how Royal is handling masks onboard (or if masks will be required or not)? Dan
  8. The only time we’ve flown since Covid was the week after Christmas (round trip direct to Florida on United). Both flights were completely full. It was the most unnerving part of the trip. Yes there is good air filtration but when someone right next to you coughs or sneezes it still makes you cringe. Fortunately none of the seven in our party got sick, and our condo stay on Clearwater beach was great. Enjoyed the Florida weather, great take out dinners, beautiful beach. I’m not sure I would feel any better on a cruise ship though. Dan
  9. Ahhhh! enough with the Bernie photos! The funny wore off already. Not that my contribution is any better.... Dan
  10. I'm a guy, but for examples sake... I still enjoy researching and planning to the last detail and started out more like Ellie, but have gravitated to a blend of Sarah and Claire. Love those sea days! We particularly look for cruises that have two full sea days at the end of the cruise so that we're not packing up the day after our ports of call are all done! Dan
  11. Very happy to see the sail date extended to September 30 2022. We received multiple emails today about it for our various credits Dan
  12. Just spent last week in a BEAUTIFUL 2800 square foot condo on Clearwater Beach. Gorgeous weather as well. As much as we enjoyed it, it doesn't hold a candle to cruising. We're finding out that we miss it more, not less, since this covid mess. Dan
  13. I know I'm missing cruising too much when I looked at this photo and thought I saw a cruise ship in the upper right of the picture. Dan
  14. This is a very good point, but from the viewpoint of those who have had Covid but were asymptomatic and never knew they had it. I could be wrong about the numbers, but I seem to remember a statistic that says around 40% of Covid cases are those who are asymptomatic and don’t even know it. They might be in for a rude surprise when they get their Covid test three or so days before the cruise and find out they are positive. You can easily test positive for Covid 2 to 3 months after having had it even though you are not contagious, and probably safer to be on board than those who have not had it Dan
  15. Thank you for this! I would guess that this would carry over to US sailings as well. WOW, 180 days! That's a lot of folks who are not able to cruise for quite some time after contracting COVID. For us, this makes it very hard to plan or book a cruise IMO. Sure, RCI can provide you with cruise credit if you need to cancel, but I'm not sure what policies airlines will have by the time cruising starts up again in the US. For those of us living up north, flying is much preferred for many of us. Looking forward to when things are back to "normal" whenever that is. Dan
  16. Yeah I set myself up for responses like this when I used the term “not fair”. Trust me, I’m not one of those entitled whiners. I should have left that sentence out. It doesn’t change the reality of the situation for those who catch Covid 1-3 months before sailing. We’ll see how this all shakes out Dan
  17. I cannot argue that and I believe you, although it is shocking in the current environment. I honestly pray that Texas does not run out of ICU and hospital doctors and nurses due to this practice. My buddy who is also an ICU doctor is having to work 13 days straight due the high demand and need. This is the same gentleman that was asked to return to work after testing positive for COVID and quarantining for the minimum 10 days because he met the CDC criteria. Dan
  18. I would not talk in such absolutes. It is easy to show previous infection by providing the documentation of positive COVID test results. So now we will except negative tests as proof but not a positive test? I highly doubt that the Texas medical board currently does not allow doctors or nurses to return to work until after two consecutive negative results. That was back in June. Much has been learned since. We have many doctor and nurse friends and they are allowed to go back to practice, after infection, as soon as they meet the CDC guidelines.(copied below) One of our doctor friends, who was COVID positive, was back to work at the hospital 10 days after initial symptoms. I agree that a positive test from those infected 1-3 months prior poses extra challenges. A double negative test result within five days of sailing is also wrought with risk. Folks could easily pick up the virus within that timeframe and not have enough viral load to show a positive result. As more and more of our country contracts Covid during these uncontrolled outbreaks, I think this issue will become more and more significant to those wanting to cruise and to the cruise line itself. I will wait and see what the cruise industry determines in this regard. Dan
  19. So those that are less risk of getting or giving COVID to others are not allowed to sail? I’m not up to speed on the latest rules from Royal Caribbean, but if someone gets Covid after final payment (and may very well test positive all the way up to the sail date ) will royal give them a full refund including deposit?. It’s completely not fair to those who get Covid and have recovered to not allow them to sail. Dan
  20. What are they going to do about those who already had Covid but are far past the infectious stage but can still test positive for Covid up to three months after already having it? Dan
  21. By the time we got to the salt flats we were starting to run out of time after all of the other activities we did that day so unfortunately we did not see the turtles. However we saw a ton of them in Curaçao the next day. It was awesome Dan
  22. When it comes to COVID, I believe that anyone can find an article that definitively proves their side of an argument. Dan
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