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  1. It was actually our most recent cruise on the newly Amped Navigator, 9 night Southern Caribbean Cruise. Not only was the ship amazing (and our new favorite) after being Amped, the ABC islands are also our new favorite. Our weather was fantastic as well, and the 9 nights made for a lot of time to enjoy the cruise and chill... Labadee, Bonaire, Curacao, and Abuba... two sea days at the end... our best itinerary so far, by far. Here's my review...
  2. Speaking of Aruba, (Which is one of my top picks), does anyone know what flight prices were Pre-Covid from Aruba to Curacao for a day trip? Dan
  3. In order of preference (I think 🙂 ) Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire (Hard to Choose) St. Maarten St. John USVI St. Thomas
  4. Agreed, loved the hot weather earlier this week. I’ll take hot over cold any day, I just don’t like it with a mask on. 😂 Dan
  5. After wearing a mask in 88 degree heat here in Michigan today it just verified how much I would not enjoy it in hot conditions. It’s much different in the comfort of air conditioning versus heat (and potential humidity) Dan
  6. Unfortunately, my answer is no. Wearing a mask changes the whole environment of a cruise too much for me. Dan
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/aruba-kickstart-holidays-july-britons-101946189.html There is hope? See linked article about Aruba. Dan
  8. We’ve only sailed Royal and Celebrity, but would be willing to try Princess. Dan
  9. Short answer is no. Having said that, we love cruising. It's our primary vacation option, and something we consider a true luxury. The cruise lines have fixed assets that are worth real money. The ships, terminals, private ports, etc... I don't see cruising going away, but I can see fixed assets being sold to cover costs. Will a new cruise line appear from an investor(s) that can buy up some of these assets at rock bottom prices? Maybe. That's how I see this going. Some shifting, some change. Cruise industry going away? No. Dan
  10. I was patient, and just today our last remaining refundable item (taxes and port fees) posted to our credit card. Details: We cancelled two cruises (four cabins) Cruise 1: 3 cabins departing March 22nd Cruise 2: 1 cabin departing July 9 We cancelled Cruise 1 on March 10th and 13th. We cancelled Cruise 2 on March 30th We missed out on the ability to refund everything. All that we were due were taxes, port fees and pre-purchase items (dining, beverage packages, excursions, onboard activities, etc...) Most of the refundable items were credited to our credit card April 1st, and one April 5th. The last remaining item were the taxes and port fees for a four person room on our March 22nd sailing. That just posted today, dated April 26th. So, finally all is as it should be. I had doubts but it worked. Dan
  11. When I was watching that video, I wondered if those were tenders up on the top of the ship. Definitely not the style of the current cruise ship, but really nice and self contained though. Great story. Thanks for sharing. I can understand the bleary-eyed-ness ( yeah, just made up that word ). We don’t just vacation for the fun at the moment, but easily just as much for the memories. We have one of those digital picture frames in our kitchen and I load on new pictures from each vacation as we go. Pretty much every day I flip it on and it’s awesome to have it randomly scroll through past photos. Love the memories Dan
  12. You might enjoy this video below, as it actually references your particular cruise during 9/11 with some interesting still photos. The S.S. Norway/France looks like she was a real beauty. Love the long lines. Yeah, my screen name refers to the fact that I'm a Research Scientist who loves to have fun. I also love researching all things vacation related, whether it's cruising, Disney World, National Parks... Happy future sailing, whenever that comes back. Kindly, Dan
  13. What a crazy time. Were you able to enjoy that cruise with all that had just occurred? Re. S.S. Norway... Depends on how you define "largest". The Voyager of the Seas was out at that time and was only 17 feet shorter, but held almost 50% more passengers. Also, S.S. Norway was ~66,000 tons, while the Voyager was ~130,000 at the time
  14. Agreed, love the "Behind the scenes" stuff. The brunch was a hit with our group as well. Really enjoyed my filet and the cheese and appetizer table. Dan
  15. Pretty sure this is now named something like: “Sip, Tour, Brunch” Dan
  16. I'm not a fan of taking a one off situation and extrapolating it to the entire food industry. Dan
  17. There are many 8 or 9 night cruise options that go to the ABC’s from Florida. Just did it last year on the Navigator. Dan
  18. No offense to anyone, but can we try to keep this about when cruising will re-open? Dan
  19. I agree. We don't have our hopes up too high. I'm just hoping that, if we need to cancel, our FCC that was applied to this July cruise goes back to the original correct dollar amounts and doesn't get lost in the process somehow. (we cancelled our March 22, 2020 cruise before the option of a refund existed, only 100% FCC). Dan
  20. Having done Eastern and Western multiple times, and finally the Southern ABC islands last year, I would recommend the true Southern itineraries. All three islands (Bonaire, Curacao, and Aruba) have amazing snorkeling, the best we've experienced. Literally every beach we snorkeled from was fantastic. Dan
  21. Interesting. We're re-booked on the Freedom out of San Juan on July 26th. We'll keep a close eye on how this is all going to shake out. Dan
  22. I suggest waiting until RCCL announces that it is cancelled, that way they can choose the option of 125% FCC, or get the full refund. If they cancel now, under the default "Cruise with Confidence" policy, they'll just get the 100% FCC for the cruise fare. Taxes, port fees, and pre-cruise purchases refunded, correct? Dan
  23. Does this cover cruises out of San Juan? We rebooked for July 26th. We’re also fine with cancelling if needed. Dan
  24. March 13th 2020 at 8:27pm EST is when we got the email about that policy Dan
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