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  1. Oh, that's good to know Casino Comp Chick! Also have y'all experienced ordering room service with the Refreshment package? Will I be able to request the same bottled water, soda in cans and specialty coffee in that situation?
  2. Sorry for highjacking doones2!! but you're always helpful HostClarea .... Instead of creating a new thread, I do have a question about the Refreshment Package ... I purchased it because I want the specialty coffee and the Mocktails. Can you get bottled water? How does the cup work? Do you present your sail card along with your cup every time you get a soda?
  3. No ~ I just purchased it (well, actually the Refreshment package) and no one else in our room was required to.
  4. Thank you for all the information Jimnbigd! I was thinking it might be a bad plan to try to arrange for that early of a meeting time. Definitely going to change that.
  5. Can anyone provide information on the tender process at Grand Cayman? We will be on Liberty of the Seas in May, arriving at 10am and departing at 6pm. We would like to book a snorkeling tour excursion outside of RC but are concerned about making our 11am meeting time. I’ve read that RC tours have priority and then possibly there are tender tickets? Has anyone had success getting early tenders after priority?
  6. THIS!!! .... Is what I’ve been trying to find! A little snorkeling, a place for drinks and snacks, away from the crowds , with a “local” experience ...that we could plan on our own and was fairly close to the tender port. Thank you so much Capt BJ! Tips like this are gold.
  7. Right! What I was referring to was if you had 2 rooms. Myself & hubby in one, my 3 teen/pre-teens across the hall. One FTTF for our room is all I could get. But Carnival would never split kids fr parents, so they were able to come along w us even though their “room” did not have FTTF~ boarding, tendering, etc. 😊
  8. I’ve seen on various websites that RC has a 10 Drink Card for $79 (+ gratuity) that can be shared. Does anyone know WHEN you can purchase it?
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