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  1. Good question, for which I do not have an answer. I've never attended with a group. There was no one at the door checking level.
  2. It’s the Residence Inn Pompano Beach. You’d have to look up what they’re charging. I booked on points, and got upgraded to the 2-bed 2-bath oceanfront suite because of my Titanium Marriott status.
  3. On the Crown last month Afternoon Tea was only offered on sea days. When did Princess stop doing Tea on port days? It used to be every day except embarkation/turnaround day.
  4. Looks like they changed things. On the Crown last month Afternoon Tea in the MDR was only available on sea days.
  5. Check out my "LIVE From the Crown" from last month. Click the link in my sig.
  6. To finalize, another great cruise is in the books. The food was fantastic, the entertainment was spectacular, and all the new friends tied it all together. Sporadic rain didn’t put a damper on things. The Crown is showing her age a bit, but her drydock next year should spruce everything up. It was our first medallion voyage, and everything worked perfectly for us. No issues with the medallion itself, and the apps worked fine and stayed connected. Two of three drinks ordered on Lido arrived within a couple of minutes. The third had the server a little confused, as she thought someone else had b
  7. Not wanting to head back to the snow quite yet, we have a couple of days in Pompano Beach. I’m already wishing I was on board a cruise, even with the nice accommodations.
  8. Second snorkelling stop in Curaçao, at Porto Mari Beach. Curacao Porto Mari.mp4
  9. Video from my beach snorkelling adventures in Curaçao. First is Daaibooi Beach, a beach frequented by locals. I snorkelled along the rock lining the inlet, which is fascinating as the water has worn away the rock several feet back from the rock above the water. About halfway through, I lift the camera above to the water to show. Curacao Daaibooi.mp4
  10. Edited video of snorkelling in Bonaire, which consists of the most visually interesting highlights. I was really stuck by the amount of dead coral. In the middle you can see some tree-like structures that are an attempt to re-grow some of the endangered coral. Bonaire.mp4
  11. Thanks for linking. I can confirm Chai teas are made by adding a syrup.
  12. I don’t think I remembered to post about my conversation with the Captain during the captain’s circle elite party. He confirmed that it was a wind gust, and that the list was only 4 degrees. He said it was nothing to worry about, then mentioned the 2006 incident where incorrect steering input resulted in a maximum list of 24 degrees and 298 injuries (14 serious) to passengers & crew. There are quite a number of YouTube videos from the incident, with furniture flying everywhere. The 24 degrees number comes from the official NTSB report. So that 4 degrees and pool water in HC reall
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