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  1. Has anyone used the haven cruise next certificate for a garden villa as deposit in full. I ask because I want to book the garden villa for a cruise that is two years out and they want a 6k deposit.....
  2. Are there any haven suites on any ship that still split the master bed.. Planning a girls trip and each want their own bed but everyone wants to stay in the haven or suites if on one of the smaller ships without a proper haven.
  3. Does anyone know if the beds in the garden villa can be split. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I did somewhat of an experiment with my non refundable 500 obc on the dawn a few weeks ago. I charged my account for money in the casino for slots. I figured the worse case scenario is they would charge my credit card for that and I would shop on board the last night to spend the obc. When I went to guest services to see how they were going to handle it on the last night of the cruise they refunded me the balance in my account. Effectively letting me use the non refundable obc in the casino and giving me the balance in cash. Never charged my credit card a penny!
  5. I have heard this from a few people. Maybe he had a lot of stuff going on maybe he is getting burnt out but he definitely wasn’t around much and was not eager or willing to offer assistance to us when I had someone else get a hold of him for us. In all fairness I did not pick up the phone to call him I just know that we never saw him at modernos for breakfast and our dining time varied and the one tender we had the meeting was in lebistro where there were several butlers but he wasn’t there. Never saw him anywhere until the last day of the cruise and like I Said he just pointed which way to go for disembarkation and didn’t not walk us down.
  6. Yes Uber is allowed at the cruise terminal and outgoing flights at the airport but not pick up for incoming flights.
  7. I did not receive an invitation and the last I knew the coordinator was waiting to hear back from ncl as to time and place.
  8. One last note. Our roll call had close to 100 people signed up and we were supposed to receive invitations for a meet and greet but didn’t. Anyone know what happened?
  9. You will be charged once on board for all of your excursions if you call and reserve them. As you take each excursion you will be credit $50 reducing the amount of the excursion. You don’t have to spend the credit on anything else. If you pre pay them you still will be issued a credit after each excursion and you can use that credit anyway you want including getting it refunded to you if you don’t have any other on board charges.
  10. St Thomas. Coffee and fresh fruit at modernos we were in and out in less than 30 minutes. No excursion. We wanted to take the cable car up to get some pictures and go down town. There were several other ships in port and the line for the cable cars was ridiculous so we passed and went downtown. It was extremely hot outside and we stopped often for liquid refreshments. I’m sad to go back to the ship knowing this vacation is over and because my phone had been issuing weather alerts for a blizzard of the century the day after I arrive home. Our dinner was apple pie alamode from osheehans. The first and only dessert we had on board. It was delicious! No more casino for this girl. We went up to pack opened our champagne that came with the suite and sat on the balcony. Our flight in the mornings wasn’t until 330pm so we wanted to wait until the last second to disembark. DISEMBARKATION Our last breakfast in modernos. It seemed their entire staff was there and service was the best of the entire cruise. This vip disembarkation consisted of us going to deck seven by the stardust theatre port side where Raol was outside the door. He pointed us which way to walk and that was it. Most people had already disembarked so when we got to the terminal we just wheeled our suitcases thru customs and immigration out to the sidewalk which was a bit congested. I called for an Uber who was literally there in two minutes. Off to the airport we go for a long wait. Lines were not long for security or dept of agriculture so we were in our gate area by 11am. So my one complaint for the airport is you have to pay for WiFi and worse there were only two plugs in the entire concourse to charge your phone which was in a hallway and no chairs to sit in. ugh our flight is now delayed an hour which meant connections in clt would be very tight if not impossible to make. I was stressing a bit. We arrived in clt with 10 min to get to our connection which was in a different concourse. We ran as fast as we could my friend and I were leaving 4 minutes apart but she had 12 more gates further to run than me. I rushed to the gate and said I’m here I’m here . They had already shut the door but because there was no jet bridge you had to go on the tarmac and up the stairs to the plane. The plane hadn’t moved yet so I made it! on approach for landing the pilot comes on and states we will be circling because they were plowing the runways. Ugh. In the back of my mind I thought it was pretty certain my bags hadn’t made the connection and sure enough I started receiving texts saying my bags were going to be delayed. They made it easy to set up delivery online so after an extremely hard landing which the pilot said he had to do to not skid off the runway I was home bagless and to the start of a blizzard. Yay me. Me last comment on my bags which were supposed to come the next day between 8-2 I received a call at 3:15AM telling me my bags were on my front porch. But hey they made it in one piece so all is good. I haven’t figured out how to add photos here on my iPad off my phone but when I figure it out I will post them. If any one has questions I’ll be happy to try and answer them. All n all it was great trip. Would I do the dawn again? Maybe if the itinerary was right. I did decide on this length of cruise I would have enjoyed one or two more sea days. 10 ports in 11 days is a lot for me. Until next time HAPPY CRUISING!
  11. When we got back to the ship we went to shower and change. Discovered our toilet wouldn’t flush and the sink was running a small stream of water that wouldn’t shut off. Ugh more plumbing problems more phone calls to get it fixed. Over an hour before anyone comes. They fix it and we finished getting changed. Can’t believe that we only have one more day. Time flew by. We went up to the sushi bar which was fantastic and then on to gatsbys. I had decided I was not going to the casino but my friend wanted to play a bit. So what’s a girl to do but play with her lol. The very first pull the bells and whistles start going off....I didn’t even know what I won! Let’s just say it was more than I have ever won and more than all the jackpots combined on this cruise. There was paperwork to fill out and I wired it to my bank as I didn’t feel comfortable with carrying that much cash around. I could have gotten a check but it was just easier to wire it. How incredible the slots were to me. The funny thing is last year on the Jade I won an 8 k jackpot and I went on this cruise thinking there is no way no how that could happen again! I don’t gamble much on land. Maybe once a year if that. I don’t make large wagers and I never go in to it expecting or needing to win. So to win enough this cruise to pay for our haven suite next year is truly amazing! We had a few more cocktails as. Was pretty wound up then back to the room. Ok ok so now I’m getting upset. The toilet won’t flush again! Two hours later they had it fixed. Now time to sleep.
  12. St. Martin. This morning around 5 am I woke up to hear the sound of water running. I went to the bathroom and it was completely flooded with water gushing from a valve on the bottom of the toilet. I called housekeeping who said they would get someone right on it. It took about 20 min and in the meantime the water was now spilling out of the bathroom on to the carpet. They did fix the problem and sanitized the bathroom and put fans inside and outside in the hallway. Not a great way to start the day however. We grabbed a muffin and coffee from the garden buffet. This would be the only time we ate there. Our excursion was maho beach . It is apparent they lost a substantial amount of beach to the hurricane. The beach was packed and we spent the entire time in the bar area at the Oceanside tables. Note you are only allowed to sit there if you are ordering food. It also cost a buck to use the restroom...however the music and entertainment were fantastic we got some awesome shots and video of the planes. We had a great tie despite not being able to put our toes in the sand.
  13. St. Lucia one of my favorite places. First breakfast at modernos. I will say service was very inconsistent for breakfast. Some days they were right there with water and coffee other times you sat for 10min or more waiting for someone to come. Same with filling the buffet items. Smoked salmon and prosciutto were almost always out when we got there and hit or miss if it was refilled by the time we left. The food is always good though. We had a rum tasting and island tour scheduled. Very interesting and the cheapest prices I have ever seen on rum. They stopped at a wood carving complex and museum and numerous stops for quick pictures. They are famous for their banana ketchup and various banana sauces and there were ample opportunities to purchase. It was a lovely day. Arriving back on ship we went to Bimini’s for cocktails. No lunch today because we were scheduled at moderno at 5pm. Modernos was very good and I think they have finally gotten rid of all the salt they used to place on it. However you do notice cutbacks on the salad bar and service was not good. It wasn’t done at a good pace rather all the meats came out within about 10 minutes and then nothing. We had to ask for them to bring the pineapple out and after about 15 min it was brought on a plate not sliced table side.
  14. Next up beautiful Antigua. We had another beach excursion planned for early in the morning so we enjoyed breakfast in our suite. One small comment on ncl beach excursions in general. They usually never state what beach they are taking you to. At any rate we ended up on mystic beach. This included lunch and two welcome drinks. Beach chair included but extra for an umbrella. The description of this excursion was detailed in the lunch we were to receive but that was not what was served. Everyone also had to eat together at a designated time. The weather was beautiful. The restaurant bar and restrooms were just basic nothing special. I think we had around 4 hours then were dropped back to the port for shopping. We were scheduled to see Elements this evening so we had an early dinner planned at osheehans. We were getting overwhelmed with the amount of food we were consuming so salad and soup was just perfect. The show was excellent as always and there are always little changes to the show among the different ships. Back to the casino and my special machines. No jackpot but came out a couple hundred ahead which is always good,
  15. So for those of you who are wondering, I played penny slots and only played three different machines. I usually bet $1.50 a pull. My maximum bet allowance I set for myself was $100 total per day. The machines were lock it, after burner and a quick pick which had blazing 7 built in as the bonus. I won enough that i never touched my own money for the entire cruise including souvenirs, extra tips for the staff, taxis, dining off shore, extra specialty dining nights (5) and I came home with enough to pay for my next cruise! As I previously stated I had $500 non refundable obc and $100 refundable obc. There were three days I charged 100 each day in the casino to my onboard account. It was easier than carrying a purse for me. So I believed that my cc would be charged for that since you aren’t supposed to be able to use non refundable obc in the casino. But on the last night I still had a credit on my portfolio. I went to guest services to inquire about it since I didn’t want to lose any of the non refundable obc and was planning on purchasing some things in the gift shop to use it up. To my surprise she asked me if I wanted to cash out my account. I said yes! So I was actually paid for the non refundable obc. That had to be a mistake right? I had $100.00 per port credit for shore excursions which is why I chose ncl excursions instead of private. 500 min of WiFi, 120 min ship to shore calling, and the credits for airfare and hotel which I didn’t use. I
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