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    Alaska in June on the Legend

    We are currently booked on the CCL Legend for June 15. When we booked we were seeing posts by John Heald that he would be the CD for this cruise. Lately I have seen posts that he may not or probably won't be on the earlier sailings, but will be joining the ship later in the season. He says he will be posting a new CD schedule soon. We sailed with him on our first Med cruise in 2007, then we had Todd on the 2009 Med cruise. We booked the 2012 Med cruise with the understanding (directly from John Heald) that he would be on our sailing along with Ken Byrnes in the MDR. It turned out that he left the ship just as we were boarding in 2012 and Ken Byrnes went on vacation for a couple of months. It didn't "ruin" our cruise of course but we were really looking forward to being back on board with both of them.

    Review of Miracle to Alaska 06/24

    What is the email address for the Tracy Arm tickets, please?

    All Things Elation - sort of

    We were on the same cruise and although the Elation (in our opinion) is the nicest of the Fantasy Class it is really in need of upgrades and is showing wear and tear. We did have an ice bucket filled with ice in our cabin. Our cabin steward, Wade, was good but we didn't see him much unless we called for something. We didn't attend WIN as we have seen it before and did not like it. The other show was good though. We saw both comedians and they were just ok, not as good as others we have seen on Carnival, but we loved Orlando! Loved the Brunch menu, but found the choices in the MDR and Lido lacking this time. We did your time dining and usually asked for a table for 2. Twice we were seated at a 4 top (to get a window table) with another couple, and the other times we were at one of the 2 tops that CCL calls a table for two, but which are actually only a few inches apart, so there is no privacy. We felt as if we were at a table of 6 to 8 depending on where we were seated on the bench seat. Unless you went to the show in the Mikado Lounge or one of the comedy club choices, there really isn't much to do at night other than going to the casino. No problems getting on or off the ship. We are Platinum with 25 plus cruises so we basically went for R&R and that's exactly what we did this time. The little short cruises like this are good for that, but we enjoy the 7+ day cruises on a larger ship for the activities.

    Fantasy misses Freeport

    You can always find something to do in Freeport (not my fave port), but if the weather is bad, I would rather have the extra day at sea. We had a cancelled day at Freeport a few years back due to rough seas and a huge thunderstorm. The captain had us out of it and sailed all day in the sunshine and we loved the extra time at sea.

    Bringing wine onboard

    We were not able to do this on our B2B but we bought alcohol on board during the first leg and we were able to retrieve it on the last night of the first leg and use it on the second leg. Just pick up some wine in one of the ports and check it in, then retrieve it at the end of the first leg. Or you can leave the ship between legs and run out to get more wine in the home port.

    Steamer Question

    Carnival ships do have laundry rooms with ironing boards and irons available if you need to press anything. Just don't go at peak times or you will stand in line.

    Ladies - What are you reading on your cruise?

    I recommend the Women's Murder Club series by James Paterson - 12 in all, but start with the first one. I've read the first 12 and waiting for #13 to come out in May. I also just finished reading two of Danielle Steele's books, "Winners" and "First Sight." First sight was a good read, but "Winners" was one of her best in a while.
  8. Hoping it is the tote. We got the tumblers and then the baseball caps on our last two in 2013. I much prefer some sort of tote bag.

    American Table & American Feast Menu

    The menu looks very limited and sounds terrible. I'm glad it won't be on our upcoming January cruise. After 25 or so cruises with CCL, I too think we will be taking our cruise dollars elsewhere. There have been far too many changes (for the worse) over the past few years, while the things that really need to change, such as entertainment, remain stale.

    If you sailed from port canaveral...

    We were on the Ecstasy in August with our son and DIL and stood on the very front on the ship on the Verandah deck port side. So I just watched this and used my zoom feature on my computer and was able to see all four of us. Thanks for the link.
  11. We sailed from PC last week. We've been Platinum for several years now and I noticed all the FTTF luggage with the orange tags was delivered up and down the corridor before our Platinum tagged luggage was.

    Ecstacy excursion desk

    Does anyone know what time the excursion desk on the Ecstasy opens on embarkation day?

    Beach Towels provided on HMC?

    We have rented a cabana for next month at Half Moon Cay. I know we have to go to the excursion desk to pick one when we board. Which one did you get and how did you like the location. We're thinking about trying for one around #8 - #11.

    Wine and Any Time Dining

    We also like to keep wine in our cabin. We'll have a glass as we are getting ready to go out to dinner and then fill our glasses in the room and take them in the MDR with us. If you plan on drinking more than one glass with dinner, this may not work for you, but it works out nicely for us. We just ask the cabin steward to put wine glasses in our cabin and if we run out, we ask for glasses at one of the bars.
  15. Neat idea. Thanks for sharing. Had to laugh when pax were in the pics - looked like they were racing on the ship.:D