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  1. grammyfrimpy

    Escape Bars Q

    Mojito Bar is awesome an totally from scratch
  2. grammyfrimpy


    where is Hamilton as it relates to the cruise dock? how do you get to Hamilton from the cruise dock? this is our first trip to Bermuda and we would prefer to do our own "thing" as well. any feedback would be appreciated. cost of Twizy?
  3. grammyfrimpy

    NCL ESCAPE Upgrade Haven benefits

    Once a Haven guest, you'll never turn back. Pamper, pamper, pamper. We sailed the escape in the Haven for our 50th Anniversary and you would have thought we were King & Queen ;-). We were on the Inaugural cruise and it was absolutely fabulous. We're booked for Bermuda June 10th & yes........HAVENS!!! We're on the top deck this time. Spoil yourselves ;-)
  4. wow----I stopped reading after the part where your boys were not paying attention to your announcement to you wife about your friend's accomodations. way too much personal info....FYI
  5. grammyfrimpy

    Escape UDP Questions

    we booked when you did and sailed in feb. we booked a haven suite and it was awesome. there were only a couple of restaurants that had an upcharge. (food republic and I don't remember what else?) Cagney was included for sure.
  6. grammyfrimpy

    Escape Sail Away

    top deck!
  7. grammyfrimpy

    Escape Deck 19

    deck 19 is the top of the top. we were in the haven but our children cruised with us and we spent time with them on deck 19/sun deck. there is a bar just at the bottom of the steps and there was NEVER a wait for service. Cheers!!!
  8. ps - even in the haven where we were.
  9. grammyfrimpy

    Just how crowded are the bars on Escape the first night?

    there are more bars than the average person can visit. I would suggest the ULB package. Cheers!
  10. grammyfrimpy

    Live from the Escape - 3/12/2016

    relax....save your money on the wifi......enjoy your cruise mates/family.....life will be waiting for you when you disembark.
  11. grammyfrimpy

    Vibe on the Escape

    we were in the haven recently and never encountered kids on the sun deck. I guess it depends on the time of year you are cruising. vibe is next door to the haven sundeck so really unruly kids could possibly be a challenge for vibe guests.
  12. grammyfrimpy

    Live from the Escape - 3/12/2016

    we were recently guests on the escape in the haven and I can't imagine taking valuable cruise time to post to cruise critic. save your wifi money, enjoy your time and post later. your experience will be the same after your cruise! nice thought, though.
  13. grammyfrimpy

    What time to get to port of Miami to board Escape?

    NCL will begin boarding when the prior cruise occupants are off the ship and security has cleared the ship for boarding. That said if you arrive early you'll be in the early boarding group. We were in the Haven, arrived around 10ish and went through security with no wait. The Haven has a designated waiting area and we were there until about 11:30 when we were escorted on board. I suppose the rest of the guest started boarding around noon or later. Hope this helps. There's plenty of seating and rest rooms in the terminal while you wait. If you board earlier than 1-2, don't expect your cabin to be ready. Eat, swim (take a suit in your carry on), and have a libation). Cheers!!!! Enjoy every second of your cruise. It ends waaaaaaaaaay too soon. :)
  14. grammyfrimpy

    Escape - Unlimited Drink Package Issues

    we were in the haven in feb. our adult children surprised us and joined us for our 50th anniversary so we spent time outside of the haven. none of us experienced any problems with service and all of us had he UBP.