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  1. Just read the new protocols on carnival.com and it states that masks are "strongly encouraged", not mandatory except as before which was during embarkation, debarkation, transportation, etc
  2. I sent in my request on the 19th and received a response on the 21st, you may just want to resend one. It could have got lost in the mix somehow.
  3. This happened to me on a cruise Carnival cancelled. Before I had a chance to rebook, they took it upon themselves to issue some refunds, some to my credit card and some to a gift card. Well, like you, mine went to a previous address. Once I let them know I did not receive it, they cancelled and reissued the gift card to my current address.
  4. 90 days out when you can do your online check in, you'll have some choices for times to check in at the port. You do not choose or receive a boarding time. Without FTTF, you will receive a boarding group number like A4 or something similar. The sooner you do the online check in you may receive a higher boarding group number. After all priority and FTTF board, they start calling groups in order like A1, A2, etc.
  5. 33 until the Pride 67 until the Dream 342 until the Conquest
  6. Has anyone had any luck applying this offer to pay for Cheers?
  7. It does have the menus when you go into the food section and select the dining room. You can scroll through the days and look at each menu as well. It takes a bit of navigating the app but the info is there. It does also tell you if it is casual or elegant. I don't think you can see any of it until you're on board and the hub becomes active however.
  8. I admit to not having been around long enough yet, but I never grow old of these "is Cheers worth it?" threads even if it is the same responses over and over. Most of the fruity mixed and frozen drinks range from $9.50 - $10.95 before gratuity and on my last cruise was easily dropping $12-13 with tip for each drink. It would not take many of those to cover the cost of cheers and easily doable throughout the day. I had Drinks on Us in the casino by chance and probably easily had 6-7 drinks in there without being close to drunk. I don't think most of those fruity and frozen drinks have enough alcohol to do a whole lot of damage unless you're chugging them 5 minutes apart.
  9. Congratulations on getting through chemo! Have a great cruise!!
  10. Just got off a 5 day on the Dream and loved YTD. With the Hub App, you just request a table and it will tell you when your table is ready and what table number to go to. No need to wait in line to be seated. I found dinner to be just as efficient with YTD as I have in the past with pre-assigned dining times. The only waiting is if you arrive before the doors open at 5:45. You do order appetizers and main course at the same time though they are brought out separately. I did not find it took long at all to get through dinner.
  11. I do not remember all the denominations available to charge to my sign and sail card but I know it was at least $100 available but I think there were even higher denominations. The slots on the Dream did not provide slips, you just cash out to your sign and sail card and take that to the cashier to cash out. Rinse and repeat as often as you need to.
  12. Have one of these booked on the Dream for March, have never been in a Cove so thought we would try it out. I'm happy so many appear to enjoy them. I was a little nervous booking it.
  13. Just got off the Dream on Deck 8 mid ship no complaints whatsoever. I also like being sandwiched between two passenger decks. We were close enough to elevators and stairs and never felt that far away from anything.
  14. I did book on a casino promotion but did not look that closely at it while booking, just chose the lowest price one at the time. I booked all of my cruises on a casino promotion available at the time but this is the only one with priority boarding.
  15. We have a Cove Balcony, the same cabin I booked. No FTTF. I have FTTF on another cruise and it shows FTTF on the boarding pass and luggage tags. For this cruise they say Priority.
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