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  1. Happy to see posts like this, my daughter and I have our first Cove balcony on the Dream in March and I wasn't sure about it as I usually am up on 7 or 8 with a standard balcony
  2. This would be awesome, I hope they have it on my cruise on the Pride in February. Can't find it for much less than $15 a pour when I can actually find a place that has it. This may help make the Cheers package worth it for me!
  3. When I have ordered $400 worth, they have come in the regular mail fairly quickly. I ordered $2500 and $1500 and both came UPS requiring a signature. I wasn't home for one so it was sent to the nearest UPS store for me to pick up
  4. Awesome thread, just signed up and racked up over 30k points in sign up bonus and promo codes. Thanks everyone!!
  5. I keep seeing references to buying discounted gift cards but only see references to AARP or some insurance company and I don't belong to either. Are there other avenues I am missing out on that I might qualify for? As for the Cheers package, I'm still on the fence for our 7-day cruise in February. I'll be going with my two sisters and both seem to think it's a good idea. Part of me thinks 5-6 drinks a day isn't that much over the course of the whole day and the other part wonders if I would spend $429 if I drank how I wanted (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).
  6. 123 days til our birthday cruise (me and my daughter) on the Dream 173 days til sister cruise on the Pride
  7. I definitely recall my husband and I being on the same payment method for our cruise so wasn't sure if they could separate it per person if they share a room but it sounds like they can. Stress avoided! lol
  8. Thanks, I will probably have them create their own accounts then.
  9. I don't recall from my one and only cruise since the last one was with my husband. I'm going on a cruise with my two sisters and we'll all be in one room. Can each S&S card be tied to a different form of payment so I don't have to stress if my sisters make charges to them? I couldn't quite figure out if this was the case from the Carnival FAQs or not. I'm the primary and will disable charging to the card if needed but would rather them be able to manage their own charges how they prefer.
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