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  1. Bartender says well is Gordons or Beefeater. Premium is Sapphire / Hendricks / Tanqueray 10 priced at 9 / 11 / 12 euros respectively. Tonic today is Schweppes, but I was cautioned that can vary depending on the local supplier.
  2. This is an important question that I will answer. in the cabin, there’s complementary Gordon’s and Schweppes. Tomorrow, I will find out what’s in the bars. There’s a complementary house gin and some premium gin @ €20/per person/ per day.
  3. Okay, looks like we’re the first to sail on Ponant since COVID, so this thread is about our experience. More on other topics later, but here’s what we know about the COVID procedures: Check-in was straightforward and took 40 minutes from when we were dropped off at the cruise terminal in Piraeus to when we entered our cabin. COVID testing was all done in the car park adjacent to the terminal. We completed a COVID declaration and had an antigen test completed by Greek authorities. That was less than thirty minutes and there was no waiting. After we cleared
  4. Boarding is this afternoon. I'll report once we're safely on board, antigen test passed and G&T in hand!
  5. Fair enough. I believe the equipment is a gangway used to enter the ship at certain cruise terminals. I’ve never been on a cruise where it was used and I don’t expect it would be used in Seychelles. I also think the excursions would be by Zodiac, so the tender next to your cabin wouldn’t bother you either.
  6. Oh, another thing. This cabin is adjacent to the crew stairwell on decks 3,4 & 5. There is a possibility of hearing crew movements— though I don’t recall hearing them on the last cruise.
  7. I also wonder if recent changes in French covid policy are informing some of the clarity about Ponant ship policy. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/france-covid-pass-mandatory-group-leisure-soon-bars-restaurants/
  8. 615 is a Deluxe Suite? I have stayed in 406 and 302, which are the same cabin type. Generally, the cabins of a same type are identical from what I've seen, so the differences are mainly related to the amenities offered on that floor and if there are any disturbances related to them. Deck six has the photo studio and the Panoramic Lounge, so there will be occasional traffic past the cabin when those are open. Given the small number of passengers, you shouldn't find it disturbing and may not even hear it. Even in 302, which is right at the Theater, traffic was only noticeable for a few minutes b
  9. We were notified that Ponant is administering antigen tests on the day of boarding and on day 4 for our Greek cruise at the end of the month. We also received text messages (in English) on the requirements to "enter France" after the cruise. Before boarding : Two antigenic tests on the day of your boarding and the 4th day. To enter Greek territory, a location form must be filled out online: https://travel.gov.gr/#/ For unvaccinated passengers: the completed medical questionnaire, the COVID 19 + the certificate on the honor at the end of the document as well as a mandatory RT-PCR
  10. Iceland has updated their website with this handy tool that says what requirements are based on if you're vaccinated or not. https://island.is/en/p/entry
  11. It's quite new. Effective July 27: https://www.rcinet.ca/eye-on-the-arctic/2021/07/19/iceland-to-require-covid-19-testing-for-vaccinated-travellers-over-delta-variant-concerns/ But it also reads that an antigen test is sufficient, and those are easy to get here. 😞
  12. Good. Let's hope the onboard experience for you is all we've touted it to be! 😄
  13. Could be, but I also wasn't able to get an answer before today.
  14. July 30 - August 6 on Lyrial. It seems like someone needs to send an email to the medical team on the ship itself to break the logjam.
  15. FYI, we got a note today saying that testing on the ship would not be a problem.
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