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  1. There is another sale on but this image might reflect a late Halloween trick or treat: Has the Orange thingy changed from starboard to port on Apex? (Or the reverse depending on the original)
  2. We were able to make a special order on Summit. Once you take "delivery" no one checks your destination..'"boxes not included"
  3. Smile. It could be worse. So I smiled and sure enough it got worse... I'm feeling the pain.. Did Celebrity live up to the hype..."beyond Expectations" Don't answer until after you got the first couple of drinks from the premium package...
  4. If it's free I'll pick the most expensive option. We have no intention of actually paying to cruise on Edge Class but if it's free, we'll take the tour. If we're paying, we would pick the M-class actually sailing in the Caribbean but then again we will never book another 7 day Caribbean cruise... And the question about booking for the location of the card room or library.... they have been designated as non essential to your cruising enjoyment... but you can book an inside room where they used to be... As former non revenue areas of the ship are redesigned for cabin space, each ship is now more crowded than before. Bring back the Century..
  5. We are on Summit in Sydney today, saw the Veendam take our parking space.... 😉
  6. The sign is wrong. Only suite guests, not retreat guests are allowed to hangout on the retreat sundeck. There is even a class system in the retreat... 😉
  7. There were many complaints from people that we met that wait times were long, up to 45 minutes.
  8. We disembarked on Sunday at 8:05 am, while the ship was still being moored. The new facial recognition software was awesome: step up to the line, stand still, cleared to go. 15 minutes from walking off to outside.
  9. You did not show the numerous munchkin chairs in the Retreat. They should be sent to the kids zone. I just noticed that the balcony railings Are now sheathed in metal to avoid frequent painting.
  10. And I think that all cruisers should know about issues that could affect their travel plans... But there is always someone who wants to rain on somebody's parade. Happy policing.
  11. I tried to find a press release from MSC but the only announcement was about a Celebrity connection, a former consultant for Celebrity's menus. " MSC Cruises announced that Jacques Van Staden has joined its global team as Vice President, Food & Beverage, reporting to Andrea Gangale, SVP Product Development and Guest Experience. In this role, based at the Company’s global headquarters in Geneva, Van Staden will lead all Food & Beverage activities for MSC Cruises worldwide."
  12. Just imagine if you had just flown into Venice to sail on that river boat. Ship happens.
  13. https://metro.co.uk/2019/06/02/least-five-injured-cruise-ship-smashes-dock-venice-9774386/
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