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  1. The sign is wrong. Only suite guests, not retreat guests are allowed to hangout on the retreat sundeck. There is even a class system in the retreat... 😉
  2. There were many complaints from people that we met that wait times were long, up to 45 minutes.
  3. We disembarked on Sunday at 8:05 am, while the ship was still being moored. The new facial recognition software was awesome: step up to the line, stand still, cleared to go. 15 minutes from walking off to outside.
  4. You did not show the numerous munchkin chairs in the Retreat. They should be sent to the kids zone. I just noticed that the balcony railings Are now sheathed in metal to avoid frequent painting.
  5. And I think that all cruisers should know about issues that could affect their travel plans... But there is always someone who wants to rain on somebody's parade. Happy policing.
  6. I tried to find a press release from MSC but the only announcement was about a Celebrity connection, a former consultant for Celebrity's menus. " MSC Cruises announced that Jacques Van Staden has joined its global team as Vice President, Food & Beverage, reporting to Andrea Gangale, SVP Product Development and Guest Experience. In this role, based at the Company’s global headquarters in Geneva, Van Staden will lead all Food & Beverage activities for MSC Cruises worldwide."
  7. Just imagine if you had just flown into Venice to sail on that river boat. Ship happens.
  8. https://metro.co.uk/2019/06/02/least-five-injured-cruise-ship-smashes-dock-venice-9774386/
  9. $1398+ 527.86 tax = 1925.86 for both of us - $225 OBC booked in Feb. Frugal cruising at its finest.
  10. We just moved from an inside to a concierge cabin for $200 pp, Summit June 5. Celebrity was asking more for a minimum bid to an OV ($90) than we could get through our travel agent ($50 pp) Remaining cabins are now limited to inside ($574) and OV $749, yesterday OV was cheaper. Celebrity is conditioning me not to book a category higher than inside unless one is determined to get a suite at any price. When one has to budget their cruising plans, one must look for any savings possible.
  11. We would pick Qsine but it is tough to do on your own. Tuscan type is on all the ships. Qsine on Summit is the last of the original concept.
  12. There is no Murano type on Summit otherwise you picked my choice.
  13. Yes I would look forward to meeting captain Tasos again. Solstice Australian itineraries are just too far away. We met him on Constellation years ago and would rate him number one for friendliness and humor.
  14. Excuse my punctuation: !@#$%^&*()<>?:" That plus my brandy makes me feel a little better but just as disappointed.
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