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  1. I only fly when there is no alternative (like to/from a cruiseport I can't drive to), but yes, I will wear a mask when flying. I ALWAYS catch something after flying, usually a nasty cold. It won't be easy on a long flight, but it is what it is.
  2. If masks are required even if vaccinated, we will give up cruising. Sorry, but we won't do it. We're fine with mask wearing as a temporary, necessary requirement but if it becomes "the new normal", count us out. The same goes if it applies to shopping, concerts, etc. I'm ok with a mask for an hour or so while shopping, after that I start having breathing issues. No way we can see doing this on a cruise ship for 2-3 weeks.
  3. Princess removing the one upholstered chair from their standard balcony cabins and below proved to be a deal-breaker for us and is the main reason we booked with HAL (although our first HAL cruise was cancelled due to the Scourge). While neither of us is disabled, we do like to spend time in our room and eating breakfast in bed or watching TV from a desk chair is not what we considered comfortable. I also don't believe we should have to "request" a chair from our steward. Apart from that, Princess was fine although really heavy on jewelry and shop promotions.
  4. Probably removing chairs from standard balcony cabins (not balcony furniture) and below, which is what Princess has done under her watch. It's why we refuse to sail Princess any longer. Not sure I see this as a good thing.
  5. Yes, we had a bucket list cruise planned for last April, a transatlantic to Amsterdam. We were planning on spending an additional week in Normandy and Paris. I had it all planned, everything was paid, hotels, cruise, airfare, airBNB, Thalys train, car rental, it all had to be cancelled. As it turned out, the only money we were out was the Thalys train, they refused to refund fully, they kept 50% of our fares, about $90. Not much I can do about it as it's a European concern. We even got a full refund on our travel insurance premium. So we spent our cruise money on some much needed landsca
  6. Thank you, Holland America! Today I logged in to our credit card account and discovered a credit for $3141.00 from HAL. This represents the FCC portion for which we had requested a refund on our cancelled April transatlantic. We had cancelled back in March, accepting a 50% cash refund and a 50% FCC. In August, it became apparent we were not going to be cruising anytime soon, so we contacted HAL and requested a refund of the FCC. It took a few months but they refunded the entire credit. It makes me feel much better about HAL as a company. They did not have to refund the FCC per the agree
  7. Some more information: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/largest-cruise-line-operator-carnival-confirms-ransomware-data-theft/
  8. We cancelled our April transatlantic on March 7, accepting a 50% refund and 50% FCC. About two months ago it became apparent that sailing a normal cruise before the end of 2021 is not likely to happen in a manner that is acceptable to us. Wearing masks and social distancing on a cruise ship is not what we signed up for when we booked and paid for this cruise in 2019. I don't see the situation normalizing until 2022 at the earliest. Therefore we have requested a full refund of the remaining 50% FCC. We were told the request has been forwarded but it could be another 60-90 days before we see it.
  9. We're doing some 5 day weekday RV trips this summer and hope to do a couple of long trips this fall if the virus doesn't cause everything to shut down again. Couple camping is the ultimate in social distancing! Just me and my wife.
  10. We would love to cruise again. But face masks? Really? I'm fine with wearing them to shop at the grocery or any store, but it's not fun. When shopping we go in, get what we need off our list and we're out. No way would we spend our hard earned money on a cruise if we have to wear a mask. Just not worth it. And we won't chance it until there is a vaccine or the virus goes away. One change I'd love to see across the cruising spectrum is HAL's model of serving at the buffet. Why this hasn't been implemented on other lines I'll never know. I think that change is a no-brainer.
  11. Our experience was identical to Kazu's. Same dates, but different ships/itineraries. We received the credit card portion refund (50%) to our cards exactly 90 days after we cancelled. Still waiting for the FCC. I was told by our TA it would be a long wait before the FCC shows up. We're not booking another cruise until we see it. In all likelihood nobody's going anywhere this year anyway. I think it's doubtful even next Spring. We'll see...
  12. "Never let a good crisis go to waste". Cruise lines might be looking at this as an opportunity to divest themselves of older, less efficient assets, rather than out of desperation. I'm not an accountant but there may be financial incentives to do this now rather than later?
  13. Rather than cruising this year we have been using our RV more. We live in the suburban Chicago area and everyone is wearing masks at the stores. However, a recent 5 day camping trip to Southern Illinois illustrated a distinct cultural disparity between urban and rural areas. At the Walmart in Benton, Illinois, while there were signs requiring masks for both customers and employees, very few were actually using them. Walmart was not enforcing the directive. While most employees were wearing masks, about half were not using them correctly (covering only the mouth) and only about 40% of the custo
  14. We got part of our cruise fare refunded to our Amex card, the airfare portion which was $2300. Still waiting on additional $700 to go back to our other card, and notification of $3100 FCC per the cancellation agreement. This was for our April 19 transatlantic on NS. We cancelled on March 7, 90 days almost to the day. At least things are moving forward.
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