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  1. We did the steakhouse on our last cruise..and we loved it. We don't go to chain steakhouses so I can't really compare it to anything. But we do eat quite often at local steakhouses and I'd say the experience is comparable. Our food was delicious..the steaks were cooked perfectly, great cuts of beef. We had real butter(why is this even a question? lol) and our sides were great(wasabi mashed potatoes, just get them..amazing). Well worth the price. It was a nice way to spend an evening..we ate early so it was pretty quiet in there. The only odd thing was the bit of pressure to order drinks..we mentioned that we had martinis at the Alchemy bar prior to dinner and our waiter pressed us a bit to get something else. I finally looked at him and firmly said "We'll have water."
  2. I just look at the auto-grats as part of the cruise cost. Its not an optional thing in my mind. What I tip in person is optional. Bartenders, room steward..if they do a good job(and they always do), I gladly tip them extra.
  3. I’ve never played on the ship.. What are the prizes like?
  4. You sound like me.. Our last cruise was derailed by a hurricane. First, the itinerary changed from Turks, Freeport and HMC to all New England ports. Then it switched to staying in port at NYC for the whole time. I got on the phone and was able to switch to a later cruise date. Everyone was like "Oh, you should have stayed with the original..we had the best time in NYC" Um, no. I wanted Caribbean, not a city that I can drive to in 3 hours. I am sorry, I'm sure the disappointment is overwhelming.
  5. The Serenity Deck does get busy but its not always packed. We've taken naps in the clamshells, didnt have to wait for one.
  6. Any cruise ship is whatever kind of vacation that you want. That said, Carnival does have a rep of being a party cruise line. But there are lots of quiet areas.. even on deck(where there is always music and stuff going on), there are still quiet areas. And there is lots to do that doesn't have anything to do with partying. I think where you cruise out of has a lot to do with it as well..and time of year. Baltimore cruises seem a bit more low-key than Miami. We like a quiet cruise..with some fun added in. We don't go to many shows or deck parties..but we do always go to comedy shows and sit by the Alchemy Bar to make friends.
  7. I'm excited to have it, I practically lived at the Alchemy Bar on my last cruise(when I wasn't seasick lol) so I am looking forward to Cheers.
  8. I know, there are always a million questions like this.. lol I just went to print our luggage and boarding passes and under "Purchased Services" Cheers isn't listed. Is it supposed to be? Thanks
  9. I've never seen the Captain. In fact, I'm not even 100% sure there was a Captain on any of my cruises. I can't say that I care LOL
  10. Straws are the new tablecloth.
  11. I'm a little afraid. My husband might divorce me if I book another cruise.
  12. I hope they don't stop going to those ports. I've been to many islands/ports and with the exception of Belize, I've always felt 100% safe. Even in Nassau when I was offered every type of narcotic imaginable. Safer than I do walking around the city of Baltimore. Anytime you travel you have to be aware of your surroundings and make intelligent decisions. Do I want to go stay at a resort in DR? Its probably not on my list right now but I would feel fine with a port stop.
  13. Maybe they're targeting people that aren't as active? I play in the casinos regularly but I wouldn't say I'm a high roller LOL They could be looking to see what would make people more active? I don't know.
  14. You probably would have fallen asleep..it was that long 😂 It was interesting though..it gave 12 scenarios of different benefits for the Players Club..anything from 50% Spa treatments, Priority Boarding, $25-50 onboard credit, Excursion discounts, etc. You had to choose which you liked.
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