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  1. Best of luck to all of you. I’ve been waiting since December 27th for a refund of $352 in unused prepaid onboard credits. I’ve been calling MSC every two weeks since January and am repeatedly told that Accounting has approved the check and I should have it “soon”. MSC at sea is fantastic! MSC on land, not so much. Yesterday I was told by a fill-in customer service rep that MSC furloughed 90% of their CSRs this week. So, I doubt anything is going to happen quickly or even at all “soon.”
  2. We arrived at the port terminal around 11:35 AM and had no difficulty whatsoever finding willing porters. Thank goodness...we're not light packers!
  3. First time at Ocean Cay. All I can say is amazing! And it’s so nice to see the butlers and juniors less staid, more relaxed. Service on the island continues to be outstanding, even if a bit laid back. We’re definitely on “island time” and loving it!!
  4. MSC knocked it out of the park with the way they’ve managed this cruise!! I thought for certain we’d be returning to Miami after San Juan closed its port and the Divina turned northward. MSC recovered beautifully and is giving us a cruise that is beyond amazing! Cheers to MSC!!
  5. Just boarded the Divina this morning (Fri 3/13). Crew tell us this is the last sailing of the Divina for an undetermined period of time. They are being transferred to other ships. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. Scheduled to sail on the Divina out of Miami and Friday, 3/13 and am hoping my wife will still be on board 😆with my desire to board the ship as planned. The way I look at it, fewer people (due to cancellations) means less exposure for us. My only concern is the possibility of an extended quarantine.
  7. LOL!!! I agree. My concern isn't so much acquiring COVID-19 as it is undergoing a two-week quarantine because someone else on the ship has. What happened during yesterday's turnover?
  8. The "Cruise Assurance" link given above doesn't seem to be working now. 11:53 AM EST
  9. I imagine we'll be on board with you, Postcards. I have a feeling we'll be sailing on Friday regardless of what MSC's policy is, unless they cancel the cruise completely.
  10. We're scheduled to sail on Friday from Miami. If MSC is going to change its policy, I hope they do it before we leave for that long drive from NC!
  11. Thank all of you for the very helpful information you provided so quickly!!! Looking forward to meeting in person all of my fellow travelers and Cruise Critics!!
  12. mnpurple - Unfortunately, there are no cabanas on the Divina. That's the Seaside. They're nice, but there isn't much reason that I could see to rent one, as there is lots of shaded space on the Seaside OnePool Deck.
  13. That's cool, Cruisergal! We are Diane and Steve (Steve typing away here). We're from NC and will be driving through GA as we head to our hotel in FL ahead of the cruise. Why are there always so many GA State Troopers on I-95???? I don't really expect you to have an answer for that. We sailed on the Divina over Christmas 2019 (with our nearly-adult sons) and had a good time! I will say, though, that we found the Le Muse menu somewhat disappointing and lacking since our last cruise and our cabin attendant (NOT the butler!) somewhat demanding and rigorous. (He made it very clear that
  14. Cruisergal, Yes, we're on the March 13th sailing. We've sailed both the Divina and the Seaside and, while we like the convenience of the entire Yacht Club being located together on the Seaside, we still enjoy the Divina more. Maybe it's because the Divina was our first MSC cruise and we have such fond memories. I like its glitz-and-glam decor! Is your signature block up to date? I was thinking we were on the Seaside at the same time in October 2018. Perhaps not.
  15. Is there still a Sophia Loren suite on the Divina, or are both YC3 suites simply Royal Suites? I'm asking because my upgrade offer to a YC3 Royal Suite was accepted. It has been a dream of my wife's to stay in one of these since we found MSC and the Yacht Club a few years ago. I want to surprise her with it on embarkation day next week. I'll admit that I'm beginning to wonder if I did the right thing, though, as it appears there is less clothes hanging space and fewer clothing drawers. I also wonder about nighttime noise from the One Pool deck. Are there any additional perks beyond those affor
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