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  1. Huh...that's strange. I swear I tried to do this before and it wouldn't let me use OBC but I just checked again and now I can. Well, looks like that problem is solved.
  2. We have a fair amount of OBC that I was hoping to use for shore excursions on our New Zealand cruise in November and since I can't use OBC online, I was wondering if there is realistically any chance of the excursions selling out prior to sailing.
  3. Does anyone know if there are copies of the patters posted from the Majestic's NZ itineraries this year? I did a quick search but couldn't find any other threads
  4. Ah ok that makes sense then. We are coming from Canada so we will still have the daily charge.
  5. I've been getting some conflicting information about this and I was wondering if anyone here could provide some insight. I'm booked on the Majestic for the 13 day New Zealand cruise out of Sydney next November and am trying to figure out if there are automatic gratuities on this crusie. The current promotion I have on my booking includes prepaid gratuities but if there are no automatic gratuities then is this not useless? I just called my travel agent to get my booking switched to the all aboard promotion and she said it wouldn't be worth it for me because I'd be losing out on my prepaid gratuities. Is there something I'm missing here? Or was my travel agent just misinformed?
  6. Thanks everyone. I was clearly being over ambitious. Well try to find another option or spend another day in Sydney.
  7. We're booked on the majestic princess next year and the return flight we're looking at departs SYD at 10:10. But I'm thinking that might be cutting it too close if we did the earliest self disembark option?
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