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  1. They didn't get a 'look' at ours either - as I've stated earlier, it started when we asked questions with regards to the benefits on the card ( this was a ship that had very few drinks menu's at the bars for some reason - tired ship, tired itinerary - who knows! ) It was a very weird cruise, fraught with several issues on port days in particular so maybe - wrong place, wrong time! I've yet to experience it since and probably never will - but that said, you could sit a pinnacle next to me and I wouldn't care one iota how they got there!
  2. yeah don't get me wrong it was definitely most were the same - how long do you get on the internet/ how much for this n that etc ... but for people to comment how it's wrong that we had all this on our first cruise was a little too much! again, I don't judge who n what they are, so why is it ok for them! When our cards were passed over for bar service and the like ... one or two shaking heads were obvious! Additionally I saw it as a taster cruise in that aspect and has made me see their product in some ways a bit better than Rccl's and cruise more with them, even if one or t
  3. I did! First sentence of the second paragraph implies in no uncertain terms that it's wrong! (of my initial reply)
  4. yeah I've no problem with that - I didn't see an issue with a child as I think it's similarly flawed the moment you can marry into a certain status! That's only my personal opinion, it's what I'd do with regards to my nieces - for whatever reason and not particularly to get them in the lounge with us, advice is exactly that - advice - it's 100% upto them whatever they choose to do with it! BV
  5. Ah my mistake ... I kinda thought that Suite guests had other options - or is that just for dining? ie coastal kitchen?
  6. Well that's such a lovely caring attitude to take to a fellow cruiser you know nothing about!
  7. The post was all about them being able to enjoy 'their' benefits AND staying together at the same time! The child getting temporary or otherwise Diamond status is in my opinion a fairly irrelevant aspect of that when it's already overly abused and taken advantage of in so many ways! or are you simply saying because THEY chose to take their nephew on a cruise they should forfeit their entitlement to enjoy the lounge? ...
  8. Yes! It's on the seapass card and we asked a few questions with regards to stuff like internet etc at dinner and in company at the bar and that's when people gave more than a few disparaging looks! Maybe the area of cruise and the demographic of people on it ( 17 nighter around NZ & Australia for what it matters ) was the difference! I've never looked up or down for that matter to anyone I've cruised with so I don't believe anyone should do to either of us.
  9. I don't consider it to be 'digging' as such and as you've stated - this bit .... 'and you can all stay together as a family unit' was really my only thought on the matter! I don't believe that entitled cruisers shouldn't be able to bring in children or relatives that are travelling with them. That's my belief and I'm happy to accept it's not yours and/or other people on here. I joined this site many moons ago because I believed at the time it was a font of all knowledge and advice for cruisers, but as I've found over the years it's not all positive/correct advice in some cases as
  10. Ha ha ha ... your post made me giggle! You're right about other cruise lines etc, when we cruised with Celebrity ( instantly Elite ) the looks and comments were at times terrible from their hardcore cruisers! Not that i worried at times, simply found it fun when asked, to tell them anything to wind them up even more! My opinion of them was that they were just another cruiser/table mate and I didn't believe they should judge others in any other way. MSC is on our bucket list, as are pretty much 'most' other lines! The extra's they offer are often like you say immaterial
  11. I guess the intention was fairly innocent but the facts are plain wrong! Let me try one last time to explain how I came to suggesting that - I have nieces who live in New Zealand who's parents I KNOW have no intention of cruising .. Lets assume for a minute that my nieces would ( always shown a massive interest and have asked if they could come on the ship when we've docked in Auckland etc ) like to cruise with my wife and I. They have the same surname etc so i would when booking simply have told (hypothetically remember) RCCL that they lived at the same ad
  12. kind of matches to what I think with regards to - making more money from the space - theory! shame!
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