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  1. guess we shall be paying a visit to the head Maitre-d ;) thanx!!!!!
  2. I hear ya!!!! well our deal with our brood is they can do whatever they want 22 hours out of the day, but for dinner we eat together....
  3. thanx!!! yeah they really should make an exception for large parties.... getting the same table / waiter / waitress every night isnt important... but eating all together at one table is!!!!
  4. Hi everyone, we sailed on NCL Spirit 4 years ago, we were a group of 12 ppl in our party, and needless to say it was 'aggravating' trying to coordinate dinner reservations and to sit at one table together etc etc, it kept us away from 'freestyle' for a bit, but now we're trying it again, we're fans of having old school set dining times, it's just less hassle.... My question, has NCL improved their dining acomodations for large families??? We're 11ppl this year... On the 1st day can we make a reservation in the main dining room, for 6:30 every night???? and will they seat us at one table all together with the same waiter / waitress??? any other 'tips' for large family freestyle dining??? thanx guys!!!
  5. true we're already seeing schedule conflicts & things we CAN'T do!!!
  6. great thank you so much!!!! exactly what we were lookin for!!!!!!
  7. Hello I was wondering if anybody has scans of the freestyle daily activity sheets for kids.. specifically 7yr olds, and 12 yr olds... (I have teens & the regular daily's already) for the Jewel!!!! thanx :)
  8. I totally agree.... if ur gonna celebrate, do it right, otherwise it's hypocritical... (in my opinion) :)
  9. my sister whose b-day is April 26th purposely put off her birthday celebration because of Passover (not being able to eat b-day cake) so we're taking her out tomorrow (Sunday) evening, but I'm now realizing if we eat before sundown it's still technically the last day of Passover..... I'm curious to see if she sticks to it or if she eats bread / cake at dinner tomorrow!!!!! :)
  10. why on this nite do we sit in our lounge chairs on the lido deck in a reclining position???? :p
  11. u hafta recite baruch atta adonai elohaynu melch haolam borey paree hagafen before every drink of the day!!!!! haha!!!! Our cruise next year hits the last 3 days of Passover. I don't really celebrate it myself (I eat bread), but my brother in law thought twice about booking with us that week, he's gonna celebrate as best he could on the ship (my sister said she's gonna sneak bread when he's not looking!!!!!!) happy passover guys!!!!! :)
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