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  1. cruiserloser99

    Seabourn Sojourn Christmas and New Year Cruise 2017/18

    Wonderfully done! I enjoyed the very cinematographic view of your holiday. Your composition is interesting and captivating. You have a great eye. Thanks for sharing!
  2. SHIP: Solstice CABIN #: 1610 DECK #: 11 CLASS: Aqua AREA: Mid Ship, close to Elevators, on the hump BED NEAR: Bathroom/Cabin Entrance QUIET?: Very quiet - heard chairs being moved on pool deck above a few times during early morning, but it wasn’t an issue. BALCONY VIEW: Fabulous, forward/starboard facing view. No view of cabins aft. BALCONY SIZE: Impressively large due to being on the forward side of hump WIND A PROBLEM?: It was windy as you approached the balcony railing, yet closer to the cabin sliding door, there was hardly a breeze. SOOT A PROBLEM?: No PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: Loved this cabin so much, we booked it again on another cruise.
  3. cruiserloser99

    Gone Tropical | 2017 Highlights Video

    I understand completely. Thanks for your explanation. I've often thought about doing the same type of thing when showing video of flying/travelling, and overlaying audio from flight deck/tower communications. I just hadn't figured out how to collect the original source audio. I'm guessing there's plenty of it on YT too. So now I know. Cool, thanks!
  4. cruiserloser99

    Gone Tropical | 2017 Highlights Video

    Thank you. I have a question for you - How do you capture your audio? Specifically, the weather report at the beginning and end. It's a very cool addition, especially accompanied by the overhead drone shot/walking thru snow. Did you record this off TV? Streaming audio? It's a GREAT intro - It really holds my attention. Steve
  5. cruiserloser99

    Gone Tropical | 2017 Highlights Video

    Well done. Great compilation and well edited. Good use of the drone for aerial shots, and I like what you've done with the audio too.
  6. cruiserloser99

    Celebrity Solstice - Honolulu to Sydney, October 2017

    Thank you Keith. Solstice and the South Pacific gave us plenty of great material to work with. I was fortunate to capture it and happy to share.
  7. cruiserloser99

    Celebrity Solstice - Honolulu to Sydney, October 2017

    We had a lot of fun putting it together, both with the travel/shooting and the post production, the details of which you've picked up on. And you're not the first person to suggest pitching it to Celebrity!;p Thanks for your feedback on the specifics of what you liked - that helps me with the next project. The goal is to tell a story and make it fun and interesting to watch. I'm glad you enjoyed. Thanks again!
  8. TYOOrTT2sCA This video captures the fun and beauty of our October 2017, 18 night Honolulu to Sydney transpacific crossing with ports of call in Maui, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Auckland and Bay of Islands. All video was shot with a GoPro Hero 4 Black. Audio edits were made in Audacity 2.1.1, a free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds. Title graphics were prepared using Acorn 5.6.6 photo editing software. Post production used iMovie 10.1.8. Comments, suggestions and feedback are welcome. Thanks. Enjoy
  9. cruiserloser99

    Celebrity Solstice showing her age??

    Disembarked on October 20 after spending 17 wonderful nights on board. She looks and is wonderful!
  10. cruiserloser99

    Norovirus onboard

    Was on Solstice for the Honolulu to Sydney cruise, and were fortunate to have not contracted Norovirus. Celebrity did a wonderful job of trying to contain the outbreak, and by day 16 (once the number of cases had reached a certain threshold) crew members were serving ALL food in the OVC, thereby minimizing the contact of people to utensils and the like. No food was allowed to leave OCV either. As it turns out, one passenger was upset, and became irritated at the crew for having to wait in line for their coffee to be dispensed by the crew. Sad that people can't understand the severity of the situation, and the need to take preventative action.
  11. cruiserloser99

    Almond milk??

    Sorry to hear. Just got off of a 17 night on Solstice, and ordered Almond Milk in our Cappuccinos every night.
  12. Thanks jsea. I have a Karma. It also comes in a backpack, although it's more of a hard case with shoulder straps. I agree that launching from the vessel is not a good idea, and I'm with you - I don't need to have an expensive toy confiscated for my stupid safety breach. I'd love to bring mine on board Solstice, as we set sail in 50 days. You've given me something to think about. Thanks again.
  13. cruiserloser99

    SFO to Sydney flight cost question

    I am flying SYD - EWR (via SFO) in October 2017. I started watching fares as soon as the inventory was released (December 2016, approximately 11 months before the travel date). After watching for a few weeks and seeing little change, I booked my Business Class in mid-January. At that time, I purchased what I thought was a reasonable fare. Since that time, the price has continued to climb and is now beyond what I could afford. There have been a few minor dips in price, and 1 significant drop, but the overall trend has been an increase. As of last week, my EWR/HNL and SYD/EWR business class tickets are priced at $10,296 and unlikely to drop very much. I have found that the cheapest prices can be had far in advance of your travel date, and as time draws closer and demand increases, so does the price.
  14. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. I am sailing Solstice in October and also have a drone. I was not planning to take this with me, since I was told it would be confiscated upon boarding, and held until the end of the cruise. Can you please share your experience, specifically, how you managed to bring your drone on board, and if there was any feedback from staff? Your wonderful photos have me wondering about how I can do the same. Thank you
  15. cruiserloser99

    S-Class Cabins - electrical outlet near bedside?

    That's what I thought. Thanks for letting me know.