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  1. On our Canadian (not US) site, after signing in, we have to go to Manage Reservations, then to the box that says "Upgrade Your Statement in a Few Simple Clicks" It is not clearly titled MoveUP. Sounds like different places different methods.
  2. We had a cruise booked (pre final payment) through a TA who did not get a Celebrity promotion that was part of Celebrity's daily inundation of "deals" to previous cruisers. I took a screenshot of the deal and sent it to my TA. It was to upgrade from Concierge to AQ with all perks including premium for about $200 more than our initial booking. Bottom line our TA had to escalate to a Celebrity supervisor and spend hours with the supervisor before they gave us the premium package which had changed back to a regular beverage package by the time I looked at the site again. RIDICULOUS!!! As others say, I would not accept no for an answer by a Celebrity booking agent and always hold a deal you see on line before it miraculously disappears.
  3. Thats great. I cut and pasted info on the shore excursion below. There is also a short you tube video showing a small glimpse into the walking. Celebrity webiste says: What To Bring SeaPass card and photo identification Camera Sun protection Cash/credit cards Insect repellent What To Wear Walking shoes Hat and sunglasses Light clothing Reading the description sounds like varied terrain and a bit of physical energy going up and down slight inclines. Closed toes for sure! Insect repellent too! It is a rainforest after all. But you have lots of time. Promise to post again once we return to give you more specifics.
  4. It may be worth a call to Celebrity. Our confirmation says the excursion is from 8:15 - 12:45.
  5. Our 3 offers are still pending too (ok ok I check every day 🙂) Based on posts that I have read on various Move Up boards, some people have found out as close as 48 hours pre-sailing while others have found out pretty quickly after bidding. We set sail 2 weeks this Saturday but we bid on suites which have been sold out since we booked our cruise. I suspect that our only hope is if someone in a suite cancels at the very last minute and our bid is the one that is accepted. Now far out are you to your cruise?
  6. Actually we are going on the Summit in a few weeks and just booked the El Yungue Rain Forest Ride with AIrport Drop off. There were 4 different excursions with airport drop off including the Bacardi Rum Factory and one through Old San Juan. Since we are going to San Juan for two nights pre-cruise and this particular excursion was highly recommended by a friend, we booked it only 2 days ago
  7. Well our low bids on 3 levels of suites still show as pending, but I do suspect the odds are against us. Four weeks to sailing and there were no suites available when we booked, but one never knows. This is our first time trying too and happy to read some people are successful.
  8. Wait what? Your bid was accepted? Woo hoo if that is the case!!
  9. Would suspect Well at least your cruise shows suite availability Mine shows none. I suspect more luck to be had going inside to outside or veranda to concierge. Our cruise seems to have quite a few AQ availability. Hey from TO btw.
  10. We were on a Baltic cruise last year (fabulous!) and flexibility in select dining is good as some port days are long and tiresome so having the choice to just show up when you are ready after a long day rather than rush for traditional dining worked for us. We usually ask for a table of 2 at the start and have been asked to share with someone else to be seated sooner. Sometime it works, sometimes it doesn't. Select also gives you the opportunity to make friends during the week that you may want to have dinner with.
  11. Lucky you. Move up from what level to what level?
  12. We leave a week before you on the Summit so timing seems to be all over the place. As of this morning, our bids on 3 levels of suites are still pending, yet of course all suites are still showing as sold out according to the Celebrity booking website. From the Move Up dedicated board here on CC, it seems that some people even find out as close as checking in at the port. I am like you, I would love to win a bid but unless people start bailing because of health concerns, I doubt I will be successful. Good luck. Keep us posted!
  13. Interesting that the Reflection seems to be pointed out several times in this thread. Four of us were in AQ on the Reflection last year on a Baltic cruise (fabulous by the way). Other than the first night (where we chose to eat in the Tuscan Grille), we never experienced any of the "suite" issues being discussed. As a matter of fact, most nights we showed up at 7/7:30 and we were seated within minutes and always with the waitstaff we preferred. Were there ever line ups? Yes, but we never experienced anything that some people have detailed. Doesn't mean it doesn't happen, but this was not our experience. I do agree though that Suite Guests should just be given a Blu menu while dining in Luminae. Blu is a pretty tight venue during peak hours.
  14. Interesting. Our sailing is Mar 7th, 3 bids still show as pending. All suites still show as not available. Will keep you posted too
  15. Makes sense. In checking our sailing, which is about a month away, I saw there are still a lot of AQ cabins available, which is the category we booked only two weeks ago through a great offer and pricing. I would think those AQ cabins would be good for bidding as their locations are fine. I am hoping to get a SS but am not being optimistic.
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