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  1. Hey y'all! My Fiancé and I ( Michael) will be sailing on our first Norwegian ship a ways away... June 2019. We just booked this cruise for our honeymoon a few days back and I'm just looking for some thoughts and opinions on this cruise line. We booked a Aft facing Mini Suite, 7 Day cruise of the Western Caribbean. This is our second cruise together and second cruise to the western caribbean. A few different stops than the last time. Ports of call are Roatan Honduras, Belize, Costa Maya, Cozumel We have been to Costa Maya and Cozumel. Cozumel being our favorite. Spent out day at Mr. Sanchos. We will most likely stay on ship at Costa Maya. We were not too crazy about it last time. We want to have a very relaxing week and try to not be too overwhelmed like our last cruise. ( REGAL PRINCESS). We were always on the go and just want to have some time to enjoy ourselves ( IT IS OUR HONEYMOON!) and enjoy our cabin, food, and some drinks as well! We Picked two of the offers through NCL, the Ultimate Dining package, and also Beverage package. I would love to know what everyone thinks! Happy Cruising!
  2. Alyssanmichael

    Regal Princess 4/10-417

    Docked next to NCL in Costa Maya Beach day In Cozumel at Mr Sancho's Aft Dessert Sampler at the Crown Grill ( ITS A MUST!!) Sea Day lounging!
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    Regal Princess 4/10-417

    View from Balcony looking forward One of my favorite drinks at Bellinis! Raspberry Romance. Yummy Gelato! Aft Lounge area Champagne Tower on first Formal Night Champagne Balcony Breakfast
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    Regal Princess 4/10-417

    I have many pictures of our trip! looking back i realized i did not get many photo of our room :( View looking into our very big balcony drinking our welcome glass of champagne! Sail Away at Port Everglades! Beautiful view from our room sailing away from port! Sky View Bar above us. Forgot it was there most of the time! Goodies left in our room our first night Great weather at Princess Cays! ( My favorite stop)
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    Price drop after Final Payment

    Same situation happened to me. Prices dropped about 400 dollars after the final payment. We were booked for a deluxe balcony room... I called and they upgraded us to a mini suite. That was all they could do for us but we were very happy about our upgrade.
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    Regal Princess 4/10-417

    I am very late on my post but better late than never! Wanted to give my perspective of the ship from a younger crowds point of view ( I am 24 boyfriend is 25) I chose this ship after much research. I think the seller was the size of the ship and the great reviews on the food. My boyfriend and I spent the week on the regal for my spring break. We are pretty calm young folk ( haha) not big partiers so we found the older crowd on the regal not a problem. The only problem I noticed were the activities were geared toward a older crowd. Which we expected. But we still had a great time exploring the ship and playing endless amounts of bingo.l and trivia. Not having a lot of stuff for us to do caused us to spend a lot of time in the casino( haha) we were a little bummed the club was very quiet as well. We stayed on the aloha deck in a mini suite. (We upgraded after a price drop) (Aloha414) I absolutely loved our room. I kept hearing reviews that the location was not good due to the sky view being above. This did not bother us one bit. Barely even noticed it. The room was a great size and loved being able to close off the sitting area while we slept. Helped with the bright light of the morning sun. We also got a glass of champagne when we arrived. We decided to do the balcony breakfast one morning which was very nice and relaxing. Our balcony was also a great size. A lot bigger than I have ever had on a cruise. We had no problem with people on the sky walk above us. Having no stairs mid ship was a little problem but we were fine with walking forward or aft if they were busy. Only noticed them being really busy the first two days. We loved the food. Alfredo's being my favorite. We only did one formal night. We were a little bummed the second one was on the night of Cozumel. We were too tired to come back and get ready to eat in the dining room. That was the only night we did not eat dinner in the dining room. We were always sat right away. Boyfriend and I both purchased the unlimited beverage package. We are not huge drinkers but did find it well worth the money for we did not have to worry about how much money we were spending. Loved having the ability to purchase water bottles before bed and also as we were getting off the ship at ports. We also were able to enjoy coffees and gelato! Definitely recommend doing this. No stress and big bill at the end of the week. We spent our last night at the Crown Grill which was delicious and worth the up charge! Overall we had a very relaxing week on the ship. Would only change a few little things, like taking advantage of the adults only pool ( had lots of shade) and eating breakfast in the dining rooms ( did not know it was offered) other than that We really enjoyed ourselves and would definitely come back to the regal one day!
  7. Loved your videos definitely getting me excited! Will be on the regal second weekend of April!
  8. Alyssanmichael

    Just off the Regal Princess 3/6 - 3/13 cruise

    Booked for a414! Very excited for our trip in April!
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    Just off the Regal Princess 3/6 - 3/13 cruise

    We're your mini suite rooms under the sea view bar?
  10. Alyssanmichael

    mid ship mini suite REGAL

    Did the skyview bar get in the way of any views? Does that area get any sun?
  11. Alyssanmichael

    Regal A414...comments on this mini-suite???

    Hello! We have A414 booked for the regal in April.... Anyone have any thoughts on that cabin? Hoping the sky view bar doesn't pose any problems with the view!! Any input would be great!
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    mid ship mini suite REGAL

    Thanks all for the input! Very excited about our room upgrade! Can't wait to be on the ship!
  13. Alyssanmichael

    mid ship mini suite REGAL

    Hey all! We were just upgraded to a mini suite A414 on the Regal Anyone have any thoughts on this area? I keep hearing about being under the sky view bar... Not to concerned just curious!
  14. Alyssanmichael

    Price reduction

    Same situation happened to us for the regal in April.... Prices dropped but we paid our final payment already.... Called them up and they offered us a room upgrade! Went from premium deluxe balcony to a mini suite!