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  1. For those who may want to "play" while we wait for things to return to normal. I tried to log in on my PC (as I have been doing along with the rest of you) I got the message to change password. I have not changed my Password, thank you. I did nothing. I went up to the home button and got left at the sign in screen. Then I tried future cruise credits and got a line of code at the top of the empty screen (last name equals Davis, first name, etc. So I went back to home. Then I tried the same thing and got a Welcome Donald (after first having seen a Welcome Undefined). Any
  2. Hi all. Just one more follow up to my original post. I DID call back in a couple of days and got a different, and somewhat more credible answer. I still would need a forensic accountant to see if I got short-changed, but - - - This person said that the FCCs (the cash value ones) were, in fact, items that could be used as a full deposit. BUT, you, or your travel agent, had to ask for that and then they would manually punch it in. In those cases, the special on board credit would be granted, just like the ones you bought when on a previous cruise. So, they changed
  3. As the "OP" (original poster) I am following up to say that I called Princess yesterday and got a trip down the rabbit hole! I am pretty sure that the rep did not quite understand why a Future Cruise Deposit as not the same as a credit. She also told me that my July 2021 cruise was just listed as cancelled on Jan 19th. of this year (we got our notice last November) - so credits would not be processed for AT LEAST 30 days, and likely longer. Wow. I will wait a few days and call back again. I suggest that cruisers use the Windows SNIPPING TOOL - to take screen shots often of you
  4. On one of our many recent Princess canceled cruises we used a future cruise deposit of $100 and two other $100 items that we used for the deposit for that cruise. FINALLY, months later, the Goodwill credit and Cash Value future cruise credits went back to "Active" status (and the cruise vanished from our planner) , but the biggie, the Future Cruise Deposit, remains applied to the dead cruise. Any suggestions on how to get this re-unassigned, while keeping in mind that THIS issue is so small among Princess' horrific predicaments. I had thought an email might do, but the categories
  5. Hi Kevin - Yup, you can change the booze for beer -one for one. I created myself a cheat sheet before the cruise since the phone call to the very busy staff on departure day was "what do you want to trade out, and to what?" So I enumerated each booze type - "two Vodkas - for two Bud Lights", two Scotch for two Bud Lights" and so forth. - he sounded like he was checking a list of his own. No beer for soft drinks, or water. We also got to trade all soft drinks, and Tonic Water for Diet Cokes, as I recall. Which answers the further question of "can you change the beer type?" Yes. T
  6. For what its worth, our July 2020 Alaska cruise fell off our planner (yesterday) at 40 days out and we got our future cruise deposit back into our accounts.
  7. Hi - We re-booked, (sort of) after getting the Alaska do-over email offer on the 28th of April, for booking by the end of May. I looked at the rates for next year, and the drink package price page also had a $150 pp (per person) on board credit. So I factored two of them into my spreadsheet, and the price came out slightly higher than this year. Before booking, I looked for where to enter the Alaska re-book code, and the email said something about "travel professional" - so I stopped the self-booking. By the time I checked back, the ticket price had gone UP $100 - (b
  8. Our Alaska cruise was aborted a month and a half ago, but still shows up as an upcoming cruise in 52 days (as of today) I feel like I saw that there were delays cleaning up the web listings (and returning our Future Cruise Deposits to our accounts) - but it seems like enough time has gone by. Are others in the same boat? (Yes, I know, I just couldn't help it!)
  9. Thanks for that shot without logging in. I had tried that, with the same results, but then thought (or hoped, I guess) that the credit on the pricing was just for being a good guy - or a past passenger, or Capt. club, etc. -- like a lot of times, when you log in to your account, you see a slightly lower price. I just want to be sure that the $150 is only visible to people with failed AK cruises, not a past passenger benefit.
  10. At the first of the month, my wife and I each got an email offer of $150 pp (per person) on-board credit to re-book our failed July 2020 Alaska cruise. So, we picked one: - round trip from Los Angeles on July 3, 2021. Balcony pricing, both economy and Princess Plus (plus drinks and tips) - BOTH prices also showed $150 per person on-board credit. A call to Princess today revealed that the email offer and the pricing offer were referring to the SAME credit item. Only one per passenger, not two different things. I would be grateful if someone here who did NOT have an Alaska trip
  11. Followup, so far. I called Celebrity to see why there was a lower amount on the certificate than the 100% of our fare. Day one, I gave the "hold time" an hour and gave up. Day 2, I got a representative after 45 minutes. The answer was "I don't have the foggiest idea". That was the answer, not what she said. She "checked with another agent" and then reported that the amount of our fare was NOT what we contracted for, and the bill showed a lower amount (not the lower amount that matched our cruise certificate) but a lower amount nevertheless. She then blew
  12. Two families, similar situation. THEY got one certificate for both of them together from Celebrity at 100% - they cancelled a week before the 3/15 trip that Celebrity scuttled on 3/13. We cancelled a bit later, but our certificates came one to each person and it came from RCCL (Royal Caribbean) and came up 7% under the 100% with the statement "your credit is based on the penalty amount held on your cancelled reservation. Does anyone know why we got our certificate from Royal, when our travel buddies got theirs from Celebrity - and any reason Royal would be using "pe
  13. "Glitch" might be an understatement. You are welcome to use MY cruise, an Alaska scheduled for July, 2020 that was cancelled by Princess on 4/14 and yet still appears on my planner as an upcoming cruise - and the future cruise deposits are still showing as "spent" for that cruise. Our replacement cruise for next year appeared on our planner when our travel agent held the cabin. No deposit made at that time so it dropped off the planner after 3 days. It then magically re-appeared a couple of days later, where it has stayed for the last couple of weeks. Messes like thes
  14. Related to this topic is some interesting info on Alaska 2020 vs 21. Our 7/25/20 trip got us a "free" upgrade to a mini. When checking prices, the balcony price had dropped and the mini was then actually cheaper than our balcony. We switched back and saved $800 pp (per person). That cruise was cancelled. So on 4/28 we got two emails saying re-book for next year and get $150 pp credit. - so, with that credit, next year's 7/3 trip was within a couple of bucks of this years earlier, higher, pricing. I started to book, and realized that I needed my travel agent to get the credit for
  15. Prices DOWN for July Alaska Hmm. I got all excited when I got a "free" upgrade to a mini suite recently. Then I checked and the current price of the mini-suite was the same as my original balcony, and my balcony price had dropped by $800 or so PP (per person). So I got, probably, nothing. The deck above my old choice (10 rear) - so, 11 rear, is completely EMPTY. This suggest that my 7/25 trip may well go down the drain. Anyhow, if it does happen, it will be cheaper - as of today. I am looking forward to checking again tomorrow!
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