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  1. For what its worth, our July 2020 Alaska cruise fell off our planner (yesterday) at 40 days out and we got our future cruise deposit back into our accounts.
  2. Hi - We re-booked, (sort of) after getting the Alaska do-over email offer on the 28th of April, for booking by the end of May. I looked at the rates for next year, and the drink package price page also had a $150 pp (per person) on board credit. So I factored two of them into my spreadsheet, and the price came out slightly higher than this year. Before booking, I looked for where to enter the Alaska re-book code, and the email said something about "travel professional" - so I stopped the self-booking. By the time I checked back, the ticket price had gone UP $100 - (by May 1st.) I also found out that the $150 credit listed as part of the price benefit, was the same one that was mentioned in the email, not an additional credit. I have paid no deposit, and the 3 day courtesy hold for 2021 vanished after 3 days, only to re-appear on day 4 and, is now, supposedly to sit on hold and on my planner until - today (June 12th). This year's Alaska cruise is still on the planner too along with my future cruise deposit. So, watch your prices for next year -- and keep an eye on your bookkeeping, 'cuz the Princess staff may be lost at sea!
  3. Our Alaska cruise was aborted a month and a half ago, but still shows up as an upcoming cruise in 52 days (as of today) I feel like I saw that there were delays cleaning up the web listings (and returning our Future Cruise Deposits to our accounts) - but it seems like enough time has gone by. Are others in the same boat? (Yes, I know, I just couldn't help it!)
  4. Thanks for that shot without logging in. I had tried that, with the same results, but then thought (or hoped, I guess) that the credit on the pricing was just for being a good guy - or a past passenger, or Capt. club, etc. -- like a lot of times, when you log in to your account, you see a slightly lower price. I just want to be sure that the $150 is only visible to people with failed AK cruises, not a past passenger benefit.
  5. At the first of the month, my wife and I each got an email offer of $150 pp (per person) on-board credit to re-book our failed July 2020 Alaska cruise. So, we picked one: - round trip from Los Angeles on July 3, 2021. Balcony pricing, both economy and Princess Plus (plus drinks and tips) - BOTH prices also showed $150 per person on-board credit. A call to Princess today revealed that the email offer and the pricing offer were referring to the SAME credit item. Only one per passenger, not two different things. I would be grateful if someone here who did NOT have an Alaska trip that was aborted this year -- Could you check balcony pricing for 7/3/21 out of Los Angeles and see if the pricing offer includes a bullet item for the on-board-credit? It sounds like the Princess rep is probably right, but I wanted to confirm, since even counting the credit twice on my spreadsheet, 2021 came out a little higher than last year. Also, if she is correct, that line item on the pricing offer will probably vanish at the end of the month.
  6. Followup, so far. I called Celebrity to see why there was a lower amount on the certificate than the 100% of our fare. Day one, I gave the "hold time" an hour and gave up. Day 2, I got a representative after 45 minutes. The answer was "I don't have the foggiest idea". That was the answer, not what she said. She "checked with another agent" and then reported that the amount of our fare was NOT what we contracted for, and the bill showed a lower amount (not the lower amount that matched our cruise certificate) but a lower amount nevertheless. She then blew me off to the travel agent, since finance issues are between the agent and Celebrity. I hope this is not a CON, but I will send them an email. The total amount sent to CELEBRITY on our credit card matches the fare that I thought I had paid, not the lower amount she said was on their books. She could have just said she did not know what was wrong. Fare on our booking confirmation, without tax (Tax WAS refunded to our credit card separately) $2269 pp. (per person) This matches the credit card payments minus the taxes. Amount of Certificate $2107 pp Amount claimed to be the "fare" by the rep: $2069 pp. Even then, not a match to 100%
  7. Two families, similar situation. THEY got one certificate for both of them together from Celebrity at 100% - they cancelled a week before the 3/15 trip that Celebrity scuttled on 3/13. We cancelled a bit later, but our certificates came one to each person and it came from RCCL (Royal Caribbean) and came up 7% under the 100% with the statement "your credit is based on the penalty amount held on your cancelled reservation. Does anyone know why we got our certificate from Royal, when our travel buddies got theirs from Celebrity - and any reason Royal would be using "penalty amounts" on mid march trips?
  8. "Glitch" might be an understatement. You are welcome to use MY cruise, an Alaska scheduled for July, 2020 that was cancelled by Princess on 4/14 and yet still appears on my planner as an upcoming cruise - and the future cruise deposits are still showing as "spent" for that cruise. Our replacement cruise for next year appeared on our planner when our travel agent held the cabin. No deposit made at that time so it dropped off the planner after 3 days. It then magically re-appeared a couple of days later, where it has stayed for the last couple of weeks. Messes like these routine items are just going to cause the website people even more work to clean up - as frustrating as it is to be us passengers, I feel for what the staff must be going through -- right up till the computer decides to charge us final payment for that "upcoming cruise" that was cancelled.
  9. Related to this topic is some interesting info on Alaska 2020 vs 21. Our 7/25/20 trip got us a "free" upgrade to a mini. When checking prices, the balcony price had dropped and the mini was then actually cheaper than our balcony. We switched back and saved $800 pp (per person). That cruise was cancelled. So on 4/28 we got two emails saying re-book for next year and get $150 pp credit. - so, with that credit, next year's 7/3 trip was within a couple of bucks of this years earlier, higher, pricing. I started to book, and realized that I needed my travel agent to get the credit for re-booking, so I stopped. That was April 30th. By May 1st, the price for the same balcony cabin was up by $100 pp. I am not sure if the agent can get the "old" pricing (I had taken a screen shot), but offering a credit and then raising the prices 3 days later seems a bit "unfortunate".
  10. Prices DOWN for July Alaska Hmm. I got all excited when I got a "free" upgrade to a mini suite recently. Then I checked and the current price of the mini-suite was the same as my original balcony, and my balcony price had dropped by $800 or so PP (per person). So I got, probably, nothing. The deck above my old choice (10 rear) - so, 11 rear, is completely EMPTY. This suggest that my 7/25 trip may well go down the drain. Anyhow, if it does happen, it will be cheaper - as of today. I am looking forward to checking again tomorrow!
  11. We use a pre-typed up form to introduce ourselves (includes our names and cabin #). On it, I say that we would like two small wine glasses and that we will rinse them and put them away for the next day. The note also mentions a request for distilled water, and that we only need ONE robe and stuff like that. We end with a note of appreciation for how busy they are and that we will try to be model passengers. I don't know if THEY appreciate the "handout", it makes me feel like I am helping them a tiny bit. We have always gotten our wine glasses by happy hour on boarding day.
  12. When I re-checked, the drink package WAS on the services tab. The tips are still shown as not paid - I guess the backup is slowing things down.
  13. If this has appeared before, I apologize but - - - - I called Princess this morning (about 20 min on hold) and added the $30 drinks and tips to the wi-fi "travel later" deal that I booked yesterday. (LA round trip to Alaska - july 25th 2020). The lady had no issue with this, knew the promo, knew the codes etc, and added the cost and perks. She said that this was "done" and in the personalizer and that I would also get a confirmation. The email confirmation came in about 30 minutes but the personalizer did and does not show these where I have seen them before. On the payments tab, I still can "buy pre-paid tips" by using my credit card. Last year they showed as already paid. The drinks package does not show on the on-board services tab either. The free meal, bottles of wine and Internet are still there but not the booze. Both of these items show up on the PDF attachment called Gifts and Services Summary, and the new rate - including the $30 showed up in the second email PDF attachment named booking confirmation. So, it all worked as expected, just does not show up where I was used to.. Salud!
  14. If the process fails to meet your expectations, please lower your expectations! Another thought might be that if one is "safe enough" to board on leg 1, NOTHING should be needed for leg 2 - its already been done. Even the Ft Lauderdale necessary disembark, sit on a chair, and re-board is only done because "its the rule". Meanwhile, I have added an item to my packing list "leave my 3 inch pocket knife of mass destruction at home". Its the rule!
  15. There is a good assortment of answers here. As a side note, we had bought a sip and sail trip way in advance and then found out that the ship would be in dry dock then. They offered us space a few weeks earlier, but when we decided to go right away instead, they would not give us the sip part. HOWEVER, the new ticket price was so much lower that we are still "sipping" off the money we saved. Both sea and port days provide the same benefit of having someone else fix your meals, make the beds, clean the dishes and so forth. I also recall that the first couple of days out of San Pedro were cold and a bit bumpy. All in all, our vote is that it is a good trip to add to the mix of your cruises.
  16. It seems that San Pedro raises their daily rate by a dollar a day every 6 months to a year. Mid October was $19 as others have pointed out. Look for $20 before long. Since we ride-shared (parking-cost shared) this last trip, we made a loop all the way around the outer rim of the parking lot and dropped off our passenger's and OUR suitcases right at the entrance - I lingered long enough to get my bags loaded onto a cart (with our usual $5 per bag tip) and then joined my DW --(dear wife, or driver-wife) to start around a second time and enter the lot and park the car, We only had to wheel our carry-on though the lot from our parking space. Much better than dragging the big suitcases too.
  17. Your results may vary (as usual with Princess) but I have always asked our cabin steward on his initial meet and greet in our cabin - not in advance, and never had them act surprised and always had the water well before bedtime the first night. They seem quite familiar with this type of request. Be sure that if you carry an extension cord (those little 3 foot multi-outlet jobs are great) -- be sure it does NOT have a surge protector built in. I also keep the cord in my regular suitcase, not my C-PAP bag, since it seems to draw less attention there.
  18. We just booked a balcony cabin in response to a sale email from princess. We did this while on another cruise, and when using our future cruise credit the OBC was less than expected. We got $25 per person instead of $50 for a seven day balcony. After an attempt to explain to us that seven days was really six nights, and after I did not believe that, The future cruise lady checked somewhere and reported back that since we paid for an inside cabin (the sale offer) we got the OBC for an inside cabin rather than the balcony, since it was a free upgrade. Has this happened to other people? I suppose either way makes sense. We DID book a balcony but just got a good price. Our payment document does indicate that we got an upgrade from category I F.
  19. We know with Princess that past performance is not an indicator of future treatment - so keep a positive outlook. HOWEVER, on a Caribbean back to back, I put a case of 12 bottles in with checked bags, clearly marked as a wine box, and inside on top, I had a big note that said something like: Cabin XXX, Davis, Don and Catherine Booking ABCABC - 2 bottles, Booking GBACAG: 2 bottles - Corkage fee:8 bottles. Thanks The box arrived in the cabin about an hour after suitcases - rope handle removed, tape cut on 3 sides at the top. 8 of the bottles had stickers, 4 did not (I could/should have specified which) - and there was a receipt for the corkage fee, which had been charged to my account for the 8. So, YES, that time, they did exactly what seemed right and they had time to think about it. Next time, hopefully it will be the same. If not, enjoy the wine anyhow.
  20. Swapping what for what? This may be a good place to mention this. Our last trip was our first Elite (yay) and we got our mini-bar on schedule. I knew we could trade the booze for beer and so forth, but was surprised that they wanted a play-by-play on the phone of WHAT I was trading for what. So, on that phone call on busy embarkation day, be ready with specifics. As I recall, I could get Bud Light as a beer choice, so my order might have included trading Dos Equis for Bud light as well as naming each booze bottle pair. Likewise trade the 2 Coke for Diet Cokes etc. The delay in getting the stuff swapped was multiple hours, and, as I recall, they said that I did not need to be present in the room for the swap. -- Thanks for those photos, they will allow me to prepare my swap list well in advance and have it ready to read on my next cruise.
  21. I tried one on the Regal last spring, and got the burger and beer special - figuring it was a way to get a cheaper beer. As I recall, it was an odd experience. I think that the burger was brought to me at a table near the venue, but I had to go get the beer myself. Then the bookkeeping on the bill was odd. They charged full price for the beer, but only a little for the burger instead of the burger price plus cheap beer. The total came out the same. In spite of the logistics being a bit odd, I would say that the burger was fantastic. - It is all a matter of preference, but I felt it was good enough that I stopped by and complimented the "chef" on his work. I would do it again once or twice - for the cheap beer, of course!
  22. We have used that a few times and it works fine. Others may want to comment, but WE never had steps to deal with when disembarking, and used the ship elevator only to get to the assigned waiting lounge. Now, while you can carry off any-sized luggage, you do have to carry all of it. We did a practice run before the trip to be sure that our carry-on could attach securely on top of our big suitcase, AND that you can reach the handle comfortably with the second item on top. Most of the trip can be worked on the 4 wheels of the suitcase, but sometimes you may have to tip them onto 2 wheels - for the escalator, or rough terrain, etc. All in all - even though you are pushing your suitcase a lot farther, it is pretty good in that you are getting off earlier and getting on your way.
  23. In March, 2019, on a back to back on the Regal I printed my two boarding passes but never needed them. In this case I boxed up a dozen bottles of wine and put a note inside the top that said 2 bottles for reservation XXXYYY, two bottles for reservation YYYZZZ and 8 bottles for corkage fee - along with my name and cabin #. I gave up the box along with my suitcases at the terminal. The suitcases showed up in a timely manner, and closer to 5 pm or so, the box was delivered. The rope handle and wrapping was cut off, the top was cut open on 3 sides and two new documents were on the top. One was a printed naughty note saying the box had been opened the illegal contents confiscated, and the other was a receipt for 8 x $15 In this case they accepted my math, billed me for the extras and put corkage stickers on 8 random bottles. No bottles were missing, and there was no indication that the procedure was improper. Next time I would specify WHICH bottles were to get the stickers. What will happen next time? Who knows, but not lugging around a HEAVY box of wine worked fine.
  24. NIGHTCLOCK is the app used here. I am sure others would work too. 3 or 4 of those extra strong magnet hooks come in handy for a lot of uses. I got mine at a Lowes, Depot hardware store.
  25. TIME CHECK! I am listing this item, not because it is so great, but because I was just sooooo pleased with myself at how well it did the job that I wanted done. I wake up in the night and need to know how tired I still am, so a peek at the clock will put me right. After a few marginal solutions, here is my best. This phone app hangs high from the ceiling, so both sleepers can see it - and it has a dimmer, so it would not be this bright at night. The phone is left on charger, since I hear it eats battery life. More on my hobby web page http://beercruisers.com/hacks/index.htm
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