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  1. You should read up on how Royal handled Hurricane Harvey and Galveston on the Liberty of the Seas sailing that week. Royal refused to admit that the storm was coming and told people on the east coast that they must fly into the hurricane zone or lose their cruise - no refunds. Meanwhile, Carnival diverted ships to New Orleans. We locals knew that even if Royal thought they could sneak into Galveston in a small window of opportunity, there was no way that dock workers, porters, parking attendants, and terminal operators were going to leave their homes in the late stages of hurricane preparation to service the ship. Royal finally announced that they were canceling the Liberty sailing on the morning that the hurricane hit, but some people had already traveled to Houston on Royal's insistence. Not a good week for Royal.
  2. I had 1268 in August. I don't recall any noise, and because of the bump the lounge chairs faced out towards the sea instead of sideways. Steve
  3. Let me add this: We thought we lost it at one of the Princess lodges in Alaska, as we did the land portion first. When I got home, I called every hotel first and spoke to their security/lost and found, and then I went on the website and entered the case for the missing headset. We think it got misplaced as we were packing up a suitcase for "direct to ship" instead of taking it with us, but we were constantly shuffling suitcases and it could have gotten swept aside anywhere. I never found out exactly where they found it, but I suspect it was at a hotel and not on the cruise ship. Without casting aspersions, I think behavioral differences are that these Alaska hotels are staffed by mostly locals (augmented by seasonal American college kids who are afraid to "backpack across Europe"), while ships are staffed by contracted foreigners from mostly third-world countries. I would hope that Royal tracks the "found" rate on their ships, but it might be a case of "ignorance is bliss." Steve
  4. Here is the link to the actual Lost and Found service where you can itemize the lost items and start a case: https://www.chargerback.com/reportlostitemcbembed.asp?customerid=14677&languagecode=en-US I had an experience on Princess where I lost a Bose Noise Cancelling headset during an Alaska Cruisetour. I reported it on this service for Princess, and was amazed that they actually found the items. It may be too late now for your lost items, but this would be the most direct way to tell the ship that an item was lost. Steve
  5. We only sailed the Wonder twice out of Galveston. I think they are slightly discounted when here (Nov-Dec). We did Palo both for the dinner and the brunch. I think the upcharge was $45/pp. Steve
  6. I don't think there is anything on the Liberty that compares to Palo. My wife and I only ate at Chops, otherwise it was the MDR for us. We once ate at Giovanni's, but that was for the Murder Mystery night that had a special menu. Steve
  7. This isn't the first time this year that the Liberty was delayed due to divers doing maintenance. It's now the third one that I'm aware of. It happened to me on the August 4 sailing. We didn't depart until 2:00am the next morning. Steve
  8. I hope so, too, because I'm doing a B2B on Enchantment in January. Steve
  9. There was a cruiser here a few weeks ago who was writing a review of his family's Enchantment cruise in early October. They were in the Royal Suite, I believe. He described the first two sea days and said that they were painting the outside of the ship and accidentally (?) painted over the air intake grates that fed the forward suites. The suites were uninhabitable for several hours due to the fumes; the crew had to clean the walls and carpets to get the smells out. Then, on the second sea day, the maintenance crews did it again, and they had to repeat the entire cleaning process. For some reason unknown to me, that review has been pulled from CC, so I never got to see how the rest of his family's cruise went. Steve
  10. I will be on Enchantment in January. I was eagerly reading your review. WTH happened? Steve
  11. I met my wife when she was in a community theater performance of Anything Goes! Now, anything goes Cruising!!! Steve
  12. I guess I'm more in the camp of family-friendly shows that appeal to the most people. The only show I saw was Saturday Night Fever on the Liberty, and they were constantly warning us about the "adult themes" in the show. I'd suggest something that's more of a revue style, like Smokey Joe's Café or Fosse. Steve
  13. We're doing our first B2B in January on the Enchantment of the Seas out of Galveston. It's a 4/5 Galveston-Cozumel-Galveston-Progreso-Cozumel-Galveston. When we booked it, we were going to Costa Maya, but the Enchantment is having chronic propulsion problems, so Royal swapped Progreso for Costa Maya. We're doing it for suite points. After our cruise on the Liberty in August, we moved up to Emerald. This B2B will put us in Diamond. Unfortunately, we will have to move about 3 doors down on the second leg. Steve
  14. If they get rid of the pepper grinders, I'm gone! 🙄 Steve
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