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  1. Options.... The easiest option is the train - 1.... it's reliable 2.... reasonably priced (granted we have a surcharge on it). Sadly - if you are in peak times - you might not get a seat... that's out pathetic rail system that combines suburban trains with the airport ones. If you are in Sussex Street - the stops are with Wynyard or Town Hall - and the airport train stops at both - so no need to change. Just google maps and check the closest one. Getting to the Circ Quay departure.. depending on the time... it might be easier just to walk than trying to get an Uber to navigate all of the one way streets.. road closures.. Sydney has become a maze. At the end of the cruise - that's FAR FAR EASIER.. just walk from the Overseas Terminal over to Circular Quay - a few min walk.. and catch an Airport Train. Don't bother with a taxi from that part of town... the cost.. the time.. it's just going to be a pain in the **** Just have an Opal card and get to the airport in about 15-20mins. It all really depends on the time that you get out of Sydney airport.. and the relative convenience. Sydney Airport and the surrounding areas / streets get CONGESTED... and it's getting worse. Arrival on a Sat / Sun will make it worse... the morning peaks are the worst.
  2. Explorer Dream - 2019 Australia Cruises Thought I would start a thread on this ship...... given that there is nothing on this site at the moment.. no reviews.. no comments. I'm giving this a short try out in December - as part of a Tripadeal package (Sydney / Brisbane / Sydney - fly to Brisbane, 2 nights accom - then 2 night cruise back to Sydney - was about $719 for a balcony and the whole package) https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/20617-explorer-dream-debuts-with-new-look.html This of course was the old Virgo I have no idea what it's going to be onboard... dining options etc... but .. if anyone else has booked and beats me to our December sail... drop some feedback on here.
  3. I'm in the same situation........ Why is it not possible to 'update' your own email address field in your profile ? - rather than resorting to 'emailing' a support desk to update this data element ? (creating more work for that person) I would expect that type of user / profile functionality to be available. (instead - going to have to go down the email to advise path)
  4. this couldn't be an Aussie site... not at these prices.
  5. catch a bus - there's the Innerlink Bus - that does a circuit around the city and to Newmarket and Ponsonby - it's only a few $$ and you get to see a little of Auckland. It's what we tend to do when there. https://at.govt.nz/media/1977383/innerlink-map_july-2018-web.pdf https://at.govt.nz/bus-train-ferry/bus-services/link-bus-service/
  6. they've been trying to flog this cruise for a while now.... look at a post on page 107 from Tara Jane on the 30.10.2018 and I know we are 'cheap' on this thread... but .. a '$25 beverage card' ?? gee... they are going gangbusters to fill this one with that offer.../s Unless you have FF points - the Auckland flight part will be expensive.
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