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  1. My two summer 2021 cruise were just canceled. Oasis July saw that coming, Freedom August was hoping. I now believe there will be no trips from Cape Liberty until November. I do not think RCL will bring Oasis to New Jersey for two months. I am going to L & S both trips to next year and hope my November Anthem is a go.
  2. DW and I are on July 2 on Oasis. A L & S from last year with the $ paid very low waiting for cancelation to L & s to next year. FWIW have August to Bermuda Nov and Dec to Bahamas and Jan 11 day. Looking now for four out of five,
  3. DW and I are on Oasis 7/2/21 out of Cape Liberty. I am waiting for the cancellation to L& S to 7/01/2022. I have a great rate and I have paid in full. Hoping for my 8/19/2021 to Bermuda.
  4. I have a total of five cruises booked three L&s from last year and two new. I have never had more than one booked at a time. Do I need an intervention? Looking to book more.
  5. Oasis Jul 2021 Freedom Aug 2021 Anthem Jan 2022 The first two L & S from this year and the last L& S from Jan 2021
  6. I am happy for you as DW and I are also booked on this cruise. We were on Anthem twice in 2019 and it is now our new favorite ship. I was looking forward to this trip as it will be our longest yet. I am thinking of L and S this trip to Jan 2022 as I am not sure if these longer cruise will be going by then. We have cruises booked for July and Aug that were L and S from this year. I am hopeful these will go.
  7. T did two lift and shift changes for cruises this year. One cruise was paid in full while the other was just the deposit paid. On both new invoices the taxes and fees were adjusted to the the new sailing's rate. The fully paid had gratuities include but these were refunded.
  8. DW and I did two trips on her last year. DW loves the Royal Swedes. This our new favorite ship. Booked on her for the 11 day Jan 15 2021. Hope this one goes as I have already L & S both cruises for this year.
  9. Hello, I redeemed the same offer for an Adventure of the Seas cruise in September. I received the e-mail from MYVegas and sent it to casinoroyale. I received the on board credit several days later. Alas I have L & S this trip to next year and the credit was lost. These credits must be used by 12/31/20.
  10. Have been on Anthem twice last year loved it. Booked on 1/15/21. Looking forward to this trip. L/S two cruises this year to next. I am confident we will go in January.
  11. I have just received a $72.00 military discount on my 5 night AOS cruise to Bermuda in September. This is the first military discount in over 20 years of cruising.
  12. DW and I are just off Anthem of the Seas 5 nite Bermuda trip. We ate in the MDR every nite and our Asst waiter handled all our drinks. He was on his first contract and he did an excellent job, We never waited more than 5 minutes for a drink and DW soda was never empty.
  13. DW and I are booked on Anthem 5 Oct to Bermuda. I booked a GTY for the first time because I liked the price. I finished checkin and noticed a deck 11asignment without a room number. I called my TA to ask her to call RCCl. lo and behold a cabin assignment appeared.
  14. DW and I are on the 5 Oct 2019 Anthem to Bermuda. When I booked this cruise in May only balcony guarantee (XB) available. I checked this morning and there are 2D cabins on deck nine for less than $50 more than I paid for my guarantee. I called my TA to upgrade to this cabin but RCCL said that it would be like a new booking and a $200 penalty would apply. I was under the impression that you could upgrade after final payment without penalty.
  15. I am just off Anthem 2-23 trip. Our MDR waiter/waitress would bring my wine very quickly though this was at the late dining. An additional tip the first day may have helped.
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