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  1. Back then, if someone would have ever mentioned "stabilizer", we'd have thought it sounded like some sort of drink - bet they could make it in our favorite bar on Luna Street in old San Juan...most of us needed to be stabilized!
  2. Sailed out of Norfolk and Little Creek many times (U.S.Navy) - none of us ever looked forward to going through the Cape Hatteras area - almost always rough.
  3. Sunrise over the Pacific Ocean enroute to Hawaii on Eurodam 2018
  4. I believe the brand of coffee used on all HAL ships, in all different stations, in various types, is a Dutch product called Beukenhorst. It can be purchased in bulk (which is what I do) from their supplier in Florida.
  5. I actually like the coffee served at the lido so I found out the brand they use (it’s not syrup but regular ground coffee). It’s Beukenhorst and comes in 2 lb bags - decaf and regular. I order a couple bags at a time from the distributor in Florida - 561-514-3559. Ask for Robin.
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