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  1. Hols4 We got the same e-mail as you amajaa charging us 50% for cancelling but was told this would happen, heard nothing since. Our cruise was for the1st of May so we will be waiting a while yet I think.
  2. Hols4 Still getting tourists coming here in Snowdonia, local press reporting hundreds of people parking near the bottom of Mount Snowdon and walking up to the top despite being warned by mountain rescue that their resources are stretched at the minute due to volunteers off sick. Don't seen to care !
  3. Hols4


    Hols4 Big row going on here in North Wales this week, people with 2nd homes and caravans are going over here in droves and raiding the local supermarkets for supplies to stock up and stay here as they think it is safer by the coast. Needless to say us locals are annoyed they are putting more stress on our local doctors and leaving the supermarkets supplies low.
  4. Hols4 Sorry you are right Andy I was getting muddled up with our September Booking there.
  5. Hols4 Cancelled out cruise today and was also told I would get an e mail with a cancellation fee on and to ignore it which I have. I shouldn't sorry about it you will get your money.
  6. Hols4 Was about to ring the B&B in Southampton where we had booked to stay the night before our cruise on 1st May to cancel it as we have cancelled the cruise with a full refund as I am over 70 when the B&B rang us to say they were closing for a while due to very poor bookings and were very sorry. As this was Southampton boat show weekend I presume that has been cancelled as well. Seems it's going to hit the hotel trade very badly.
  7. Hols4 We don't drink alcohol so spend OBC on Coffees, Mocktails and soft drinks then wait until the last few days to grab any bargains in the shops or my wife buys more jewellery she doesn't need ! I have an armfull of watches.
  8. Hols4 You must of had a grumpy steward Andy if he came into your cabin and threw things !
  9. Hols4 Warnemude port is near To stick which an interesting town to explore,we did a vintage tram ride around the town and was taken back to the ship on a boat with snacks onboard. Tallin is one of our favorites, you can take the shuttle bus to town and wander around the maze of small streets with plenty of cafes and shops it is lovely. Stockholm is also nice, we took the shuttle bus to town and headed across the river to the Palace and old town again loads of small shops & cafes to explore. You will enjoy it also the sail up the Baltic sea is very interesting with old fortresses left over from the war.
  10. Hols4 Someone on Facebook has posted that Brittania will be on the Michael McIntyre show tonight at 8.10 pm.
  11. Hols4 Southampton ship schedule is showing Ventura arriving Tues16th a.m departing Weds 17th at 4.30pm.So a full day to get back to the departure of the next cruise.
  12. Hols4 There were a lot of people complaining about the new cruise terminal at Jardim do Tabago on our last cruise there as you have to walk along long walkways to get out of the terminal and again coming back in you have to walk up a steep ramp to get to the security check in. There seems to be a lot of empty areas not in use.Badly designed for people with walking difficulties.
  13. Hols 4 There was a shuttle bus to the town centre( Restauradores Square) three weeks ago when we docked at the new cruise terminal on Aurora, the square is right by the main train station. If anyone wants to go direct to Belem there is the number 728 bus which goes there. The bus stops right outside the cruise terminal. Allight at Rue De Belem if you want the famous Pastise Dr Belen custard tart ship they are delicious !
  14. We have seen Manual Martinez a couple of times who is supposed to be Mexican but some one told us he comes from Essex ! Bernie Clint was on Aurora last month but we thought his act was dated but Welsh comedian Mike Doyle had the audience in stitches.
  15. Hols4


    Hols4 We caught a taxi from the cruise port which was quite run down when we were there on Aurora last May as there was no shuttle bus. We got the taxi to Piazze de Ferrari where there is a lovely square with fountains and a few cafes,we then walked down Vila Roma just off the square which has lots of high end shops and old buildings. I am glad we caught a taxi as the areas along some parts off the front looked very seedy. The taxis charge €15 each way so it may be a good idea to share one.
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