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  1. You mentioned “slacks” and the topic of this thread is jeans... I do apologize if you were not objecting to nice jeans.
  2. “How difficult is it for men to wear slacks andcollared shirts to dining venues in the evening? ” It is not a question of difficulty. These comments and other similar remarks are simply asking why I won’t conform to your personal sense of appropriate dress. If I pack jeans instead of slacks, it’s because I choose to do so and because they are permitted by Oceania. I will not sail Cunard or Seabourn because of their evening dress standards. And personally, I think that capri pants and sandals are far more casual than dressy jeans, but all of these items are allowed. Once again, ideas about appropriate dress and “good manners” are not immutable; times have changed, and dress styles are regional, cultural, and generational.
  3. Please read the dress code. If Oceania wanted to ban jeans, they would have said so. If I choose to wear my dressy, dark-colored, nicely-cut jeans with a fashionable top and shoes, I will happily do so in full compliance. Comments that ask if it is too much trouble to pack some nice slacks are not helpful; within the posted guidelines, others do not get to dictate my wardrobe choices. Like others who have posted, I have eaten in some of the finest restaurants, and I have seen people in shorts, track suits, t-shirts, and ball caps sitting next to folks in elegant suits and cocktail dresses. And we all had a lovely dinner. Vive la difference!
  4. If Oceania wanted to ban all jeans, it would have said so. Dress jeans, often part of a very fashionable ensemble, are allowed. I will follow the dress code, and if I choose to wear my dress jeans to dinner (with a dressy top and nice shoes), I will certinly do so. On our several Oceania Cruises, we have seen dress jeans in every dining venue. I wish people would not impose their own ideas of what constitutes appropriate dress onto others who are in compliance with the stated dress code. And in 2020, ideas of what is appropriate vary greatly; they are regional, cultural, and generational.
  5. On Oceania's website: "We request that casual jeans, shorts, t-shirts, baseball caps, or tennis shoes not be worn in the restaurants after 6 PM. Baseball caps may be worn in the Terrace Café after 6 PM." If all jeans were forbidden, they would simply have said, "jeans," and dressy jeans are often part of an elegant ensemble. On our recent Oceania cruise, jeans and shorts were common in the Terrace Cafe. In the GDR, a young lady was wearing stylish, well-cut dark jeans with a fashion-forward silk blouse and heels. In my opinion, she was far better dressed than those in cotton capris and sleeveless cotton tops. All of these choices are allowed under the dress code provisions. I will dress according to the Oceania policy--not the personal sensibilities of others.
  6. The dress code clearly differentiates between “casual jeans” which may not be worn and dress jeans which most certainly do exist. You will see them in the finest restaurants from San Diego to Seattle as well other cosmopolitan US cities. In European cities they are often worn with sport coats for dinner. Fashion is generational, regional, and cultural We shouldn’t impose our personal preferences on others by suggesting that their clothing needs to exceed the dress code standard.
  7. We just received our Vacation Guide today for our upcoming cruise in October. On page one (Before You Travel) , it states, “Shorts, CASUAL jeans, t-shirts, athletic foot ware, or sandals are not permitted in the Grand Dining Room, Polo Grill, and Toscana.” This clearly distinguishes between dress jeans (dark colored, well-fitted, worn with a fashionable top and shoes) and what one would wear to do yard work. I can’t think of a fine dining restaurant from Seattle to San Diego where this would not be acceptable. In much of Europe and other cosmopolitan cities in the US, this would be common as well. Men look especially stylish in sports coats and jeans. Dress codes are generational, regional, and cultural. Thank you, Oceania, for recognizing reality. I will take this page of the booklet with me to avoid any misunderstanding.
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