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  1. I completely forgot to mention Birthday cake gate! A few days prior to the cruise I ordered a custom peanut free birthday cake for my daughter's 18th birthday. (Red velvet with cream cheese--her fave). Her 10 year old brother has one of those nasty allergies where he can't have even the stuff that could be processed. I arranged for it to be delivered to the ship. Then I learned about the immigration scheduled and I had to have them come later. I didn't know anything about that. I went to GS to find out a safe time to meet the cake person and they said....Ah...no can do. I, like you, would have never guessed that you could not bring food on from Boston. That would have been somewhat tragic. Knowing in advance we took an Uber to South Street Diner in Boston and had a party with the locals. Turned out to be a highlight of the cruise. We had a little Walk the Line on the juke box blasting...followed by some Kalid and then Tommy TuTone. lolol. They had an exploding lotus flower candle behind the counter...don't ask. Sorry that happened to you!
  2. Yes, I fear you are correct. I wish they would police this so that they younger kids would would get a chance at this. One of the crew told me about the "uninstalling issue". This is lost of me...no clue what this means. This was a spring break cruise. Let's be ready for this! We are all paying for our kids to be able to use this.
  3. Anthem mattresses: Deserves a highlight of their own! Who knew they made Firm Crib Mattresses in Twin sizes????? What on earth. I don't remember this from 3 years ago. Both the beds and pull out mattresses are hard as rocks. This may or may not bother you. My body type is that of a stick so when I lay down my shoulder and hip bones protrude directly into the rock hard surface. I sleep on my side for reference. If your body type is more like pooh bear maybe it won't bother you or maybe it will? Who knows. In any case...be aware. While I am at it. Don't try to mess with the pull out bed yourself. I broke the one in the girls stateroom and my H nearly took his hand off trying to do the one in the boys stateroom. Just don't do it. You have been warned. Seaplex: My boys lived here (13 and 10). Especially the 10 year old. He played ping pong, air hockey, fooz ball, basketball, soccer, bumper cars--endlessly. He WANTED to play the xbox, fortnight etc but there was always a problem with the controllers being uninstalled or batteries or something. Also, there seemed to be a lack of ping pong balls, basketballs, fooz ball score keepers were broken as were digital air hockey score keepers on a couple of the units. This area needs much more upkeep for the volume of use. The freestyle coke machine in this area was down for maintenance in this area for a bit and I remember this being the case last cruise as well. Doghouse was a win!!!! Really well done. No huge lines in the seaplex for activities. Kids overall seemed happy. Crowds: This was the least crowded I have ever felt on any ship I have even been on --period. Everything was super well run. Even the immigration inspection we had to do in Boston. Bravo! The esplanade sales---could still get around them. We could always find seating in the jammer....even at 9am and 7pm. No problem to walk into the evening show. This was a super friendly group of people. Security: I had the unfortunate need to use this service. My DD (18) did not come back to her cabin as expected and I was not able to reach her. They were on top of the situation ASAP. Like whiplash. It was serious enough that I was providing then with identifying marks. All was well and she had fallen asleep which was just as the security official had reassured me was probably the case. They have a protocol and the people that handle your Johnny Rockets milk shake drink disputes will also handle your 4 am missing daughter. Thank you Guest Services and Security! Fitness Center: Oh yes...I had my H take a Pilates class with me...another hilarious moment. For some reason the instructor gave us all the small green balls to use and my H got the pink balls. He told us to "Keep our balls nearby so we could grab them!". Like kids we just burst out laughing at that point I think we just laid face down and pretended to work out. I used the gym a few times. Very adequate. Sweet spin room! Drink Package: DH had deluxe and enjoyed. We had 2 staterooms so I had 4 bottles of wine. I like wine and don't like what they have onboard except for what is in vintages and I do NOT want to pay the price they charge so I was package free. Girls had refreshment and enjoyed that boys had soda package. No real issues except my 13 year old wanted cans of coke for the room and could not get that. Poor kid. They had really great movies to rent in your room for 11.99. We were able to communicate via iphone with no package. We were set to airplane mode, cell data off, royal wifi on and the texts would go thru to anyone even on land. This was great. I do not have any compasses, or kids club info. The girls did a Perfect spa day for 169 with grats was 199 (75min total massage, facial, scalp massage, foot/ankle massage). I might have more to add later as I think of it. Please feel free to ask any questions!
  4. Those times did not work for us which is why we did my time.
  5. Bermuda part II: The beach cleared out a bit after that and we ate at the beach shack and had some drinks. My DH and the kids climbed the rocks. I walked to the left and wandered to the other beaches that you can very easily walk to --just breathtaking. We stayed until 6 or so and showered off in the bath/shower house/changing area. We took one of the plentiful cabs to the Swizzle inn South shore and enjoyed the food and a pitcher of Rum Swizzle and went back to the ship. The next day we spent around the dockyard. We toured the National Museum (Fort), Snorkel park, Mini golf, shopping, ice cream, Aloe for one teenager girl who refused sunscreen. etc. Then we watched and cheered the pier runners. Unfortunately, there appeared to be tears for one group that arrived after we pushed back. Belly flop contest: Hilarious. This was my first encounter with the cruise entertainment staff. They were a great team. I am not a show person or an organized activity type person. I got the sense that for those that enjoyed being whipped into a frenzy--these were your people! My 18 year old DD laughed. A feat in itself : ) I saw the gentleman that won second place the next morning in the jammer -only fully clothed this time. Felt I should say hi but figured he had gotten that a lot that morning already lolololol.
  6. Solarium Bistro (Dinner): First Time we cruised Anthem I was a big fan of SB for dinner and I remain a fan of SB but not quite as big. The reason is the dinner buffet set-up. Now that the apps are all individual serving sizes they are cold and old and congealed and have skins on them like old school pudding...yuck. I remember the most delish apps and hummus. I was really looking forward to that...bummer. The desserts were still quite good. I won't say the apps were all bad because there were not but it was not the 10 it was..now a 5. The main meat courses were still excellent and we upgraded to the filets and lobsters and they were the best meals we had on board. So cheap too! I think they had the filet for $10 up charge and the lobster for $20 up-charge and the had a 10% or 20% off that night or something like that. It was more than enough to share a filet between two people. We had more than we could have eaten so looking back we should have done that. Service was good but not great. This is how it was. Some is talking to you and taking care of you but looking at another table. Not look at you at all. Get it? My needs were still being met. Bermuda: Ah, my love. My 5th trip to Bermuda. My first with my little precious gems. (scratch the record). Teenagers suck. Dear Jesus in heaven. Let me vent. We spent so much money on this cruise and they complain about so much. The things I visualized in my head. I could be on the news. Ok. Back to Bermuda. We had spectacular weather. I had such plans to climb Gibbs lighthouse and see Church Bay beach...yada yada yada. You see where I am going. We arrived a couple hours late into Bermuda due to medical emergency (I hope you and your family are ok!!!) you may have read in a different post. Then we could NOT get a bus to HSBB to save our lives. We did not get onto the beach until close to 3pm. We did not get off the boat until close to 12 and then wait in line to get bus passes...walk to bus...bus came...was full...line ...bus passed us...people cutting the line...etc etc. So the plan went out the window. Do yourselves a favor and pay for a cab....make new friends and share! Finally we get to HSBB and it looks like the Jersey Shore with beach umbrellas you can barely see the water. I am like--give me alcohol right now before I murder my children. We finally get settled and some poor child comes screaming bloody murder out of the water. I have NEVER in my life heard this kind of screaming and I am a nurse. Then a second child. Both stung by Portuguese Man O War. OMG it went on for almost 30 mins. I see they are also now being found off the coast of NC as well. Watch out for those suckers!
  7. Mom (47), Dad (50), DD (18-turned on cruise), DD (16), DS (13), DS (10). Take all of those D's with a grain of salt please. I will not be doing a day by day just our comments which may be blunt which is my style so s*** it as my 10 year old says if you don't like it : ) Embarkation: We pulled into the port around half past hell (1:30?). It was a breeze. I think we were all wrapped up and onboard within 45 mins. I mean everything from buns in our seats in the car to fried food in our mouths on board. No problem. Our rooms were ready. The ship: Beautiful, spotless and just as we remembered from 3 years ago which is by the way the last time we cruised. Staff: Friendly overall. We did not encounter anyone that was rude or disrespectful. On one occasion there was a staff member who seemed annoyed to be doing their job but we all have a bad day right? Our room attendant was quite nice and I have to say put up with the fact that there was almost always someone in our room. I tried to make up for it by breaking the sleep away bed and shattering some plates in the hallway while trying to be helpful! : ) She did ask me what I would say on my survey about her when she wasn't able to get into the room to clean and I reassured her that I knew the deal and not to worry. I hate they have to worry about that. Dining room...ugh: So not good. We have not cruised in 3 years and this is the first time we have had "My time dining". Pretty sure anyway. Due to this we did not have consistent servers and therefore no connection which in my opinion can really make or break your experience. The staff is really disengaged. We ate two meals in the dining room and then gave up. For some reason we had 2 or 3 people take our drink orders and walk away and then 15 mins...no drinks? Bread would come around in a basket (very little) and then no refill. The food was not very warm or very good. The cocktail sauce was terrible. How can you screw up cocktail sauce? lol. For once this family of 6 with 3 teenagers could agree and this was the highlight of the cruise (J/K)no more dining room-- and thus a new plan was formulated--- Sorrenjammers. The pizza was good--not great but it was not bad people. I live in Phila and we do have some good pie. Also, do not knock the jammer. The dessert is not good so lets just get that out of the way. Go planking at Jamie's for that. I will discuss Jamie's later. I am still pissed about the "'garlic knots". The jammer has it all morning, noon, and, night. If you can't find your jam at the jammer, I can't help you...and neither can anyone either. end...stop. BTW, the ship was rocking and rolling so much over the past few days that I am still moving so whatever typos, extra words etc are herewith in you know what you can do with them : ) Fellow Passengers: Really delightful. Really with the exception of my own children at times, I have to say for a spring break cruise a breath of fresh air. It was an Autism as Seas cruise which I was not aware of so I was curious about how that might go down and I did not notice anything different from a cruise with no group. Jamie's Italian: Slow service. The waiter offered up that Miami was on site monitoring? Our meat plank came out missing ingredients. The garlic knots were on elementary school style square buns that were way too soft for the ladled on garlic butter that had absolutely no taste---please pass the salt of which there was ZERO. The pasta was terrific. The dessert was terrific which took 30 mins to get. I ate so much of that dessert plank that my stomach burned but it was damn worth it and I ate nothing from 2pm on that day. Not even a wafer thin mint people...not one. The place closed down while were waiting to get our check and the bartender ran off with my DH's sea pass card and we were forced to go to guest services to get a new one. A meal was removed from the bill without us asking. Garlic knots...I MOURN THEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and cocktail sauce. Ok more later. I have not eaten in 30 mins and laundry is calling!
  8. Well that explains that....thanks Host Clarea. I won't waste my precious time at GS : )
  9. Ok right so I know i can't get into the room until after 1. I usually do arrive around 10 to beat the rush which I really was trying to do the opposite and miss the rush this time. So are you saying that there is no way to miss the rush and wait? I thought there was a main period of mayhem and then is slowed down? Also, about the OBC. I am not trying to use it before Saturday. I want to be able to see it online but since I have a TA I am not sure that I can see it via RCCL online. Just trying to figure that out. I have had a issue before walking in with my OBC email and them being like oh well...that's nice but we don't see it in our system.... Don't feel like dealing with that.
  10. andrew2346

    Trans Pass?

    Thank you to you both. If I may pick your brains further. My husband and I have been to Bermuda a few times but first time to bring the kids. It seems that only 1 day will be fair enough weather wise to really hit the island all out so this is what we plan to do. Maybe you can help me figure it out. I would like to take the kids to climb Gibbs light house, go to Horseshoe Bay and then wind our way around to all of those coves. I have never actually done that and would like some advice on that. It won't be warm enough to swim. We will be there this week on Monday and Tuesday. I also want to hit the Swizzle for a meal and punch. I feel like we could do more than that and would appreciate your thoughts.
  11. Hi, We leave Saturday and I have a few questions: 1. I want to avoid the rush at Bayonne and arrive when we can drop our stuff in our room and then eat after windjammer rush. What time is good? 2. I have downloaded the Royal IQ app and the Royal app. Looks like the Royal one does not work on the Anthem so I must use the Royal IQ app. I have dowloaded that and will have all the rest of the family download before we board. Then as I understand we all go into airplane mode and switch to royal wifi and then can use the app? Also, we can use imessage to text right? Without buying internet? 3. We have OBC for each of stateroom and have booked via at travel agent. Can I see that in our cruise planner? If yes, how? If not, I have printed out an email with that in it. Is that all I need to do? Thank you!!
  12. andrew2346

    Trans Pass?

    Hi, We will be spending two full days in Bermuda (family of 6- 17, 16, 13, 10) taking bus, ferry etc. I am guessing we should purchase a Trans pass for 2 days? Is this a wrist band? My two older children will want to explore on their own. Will they be allowed to ride public transport unaccompanied under 18? Thanks!
  13. I let my almost 11 year old boy sign himself out. I had an 8 year old also and his siblings could also sign him out (11, 13, 15). My little guy is 10 now but I don't think he would sign himself out alone but with other kids maybe? He is sort of anxious. We also had the no one in the stateroom rule as well as don't go in anyone else's stateroom. The 13 and 15 year old could go in the pool by themselves but the 10, 11 year old could not. We did not have a phone or white board. We tried the sticky note pad but it was somehow always gone. In the morning we would let the kids know our general plan. I would say the 8 year old was with us most of the time and the 11 year old boy was in the Seaplex (Anthem) most of the time. The girls had their own stateroom and I saw them at dinner lol. (Maybe). The 3 older kids spent no time in a "kids club" except the first day/evening to hook up with their "crew" for the cruise. That is a must--first night! My little guy probably spent an hour in there and then we got paged. You know your kids best. We also did a brief overview of the ship together and showed them how to find the maps and guest services in case they were lost or needed us and could not find us. Not sure how that would have happened (it didn't) but I figured we needed an emergency plan. The kids loved the freedom. We have an upcoming cruise with two balcony cabins. The two (13, 10) will not be allowed to be on the balcony without an adult. The 13 year old is a boy and he does some really dumb things. Luckily he is afraid of heights so we have that in our favor lol. Oh we also did a drill lol. Dropped the younger guys off together and they had to find us at a certain location--they did so I felt confident. I hope you enjoy your cruise!
  14. Not sure what shows will be on your sailing but my kids were not interested in any of the shows that were on The Anthem. Plus they are long! I would not make that a consideration at all.
  15. This is disappointing. We are a family of 6 so I totally get the expense that you will now incur. If you look at the bright side at least you know about it in advance and can plan to do something. Or at least it is not another sea day. This place has good reviews: Paradise Cove: Enjoy a day at Paradise Cove in Western Grand Bahama with this day pass, including round-trip transportation from Freeport. Stroll on the secluded white sand beach, relax in a lounge chair, or go snorkeling on Deadman's Reef. This family-friendly beach excursion lets you avoid the crowds and includes food and drinks from Paradise Cove's beach bar. Beach pass at Paradise Cove with transport from Freeport Relax on Paradise Cove's quiet white-sand beach Go snorkeling on Deadman’s Reef to spot Bahamian fish and other marine life Play volleyball, or explore the coastline by kayak or stand-up paddleboard Food and one beverage is provided from the beach bar Choose a departure time that suits your schedule Read more about Paradise Cove Day Pass with Transport from Freeport 2019 - https://www.viator.com/tours/Freeport/Paradise-Cove-Day-Pass-with-Transport-from-Freeport/d419-6886SNORKEL?mcid=56757 You paid alot for your cruise hopefully you can see your way to move forward and get that beach day! ETA: you can cancel 24hrs in advance
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