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  1. If all this is required by our April sailings on the Wonder, and since they moved the dates back 2 days, for those continuing on with the Med will have 4 days between sailings so now may have to get tested during the last 2 days while in Barcelona. Our only hope, is they test us day of disembarking May 4th and it is good until re board on the 8th.
  2. That is good to know as we will be on the Wonder of the seas and first Oasis Class in April.
  3. I had the same thing happen for our upcoming Allure sailing to BCN with the Med when it changed to the Wonder. They put the Caribbean up in place of the Med and showed the TA cancelled. It has since in the last 3 days, changed back to the TA w/ Med. We got the same cabin for the TA but got moved on the Med. My TA called and had them change the Med Room # & put us more mid ship , now just waiting on invoices.
  4. I have been watching ours for a good week now and late last night, the Wonder TA for April 20th suddenly appeared with same cabin # we had on the Allure. The Western Med came through 2 days ago. We had a balcony on Deck 8 with the Allure that got moved way forward on the Wonder and my TA got that shifted to a better location on Deck 9.
  5. update, checked the planner tonight and for our Wonder of the Seas TA we were kept in #8214 and thanks to our TA, she was able to move us for the Med from the way forward cabin on Deck 8 to more mid ship 1 Deck up to #9652.
  6. Lauri, my TA spoke with her RCCL Rep and looking into getting us a better room for the Med & more Mid ship, will see what she is able to do. Don't know on the TA yet. many are getting same cabins so don't understand why we weren't given the same. Anything in the 8208 to 24 range would be alright or even Starboard but not #8564.
  7. Although our TA for the Wonder hasn't shown up yet, the Western Med is back up however they moved us from #8214 we had on the Allure to quite a bit forward and Starboard for the Med to #8564. Hopefully my TA can move us back. Since our sailings are not b2b now, it doesn't matter as much if we are in the same cabin since we have to pack up for 4 days but would prefer more mid ship.
  8. Still waiting on our April 20th 2022 TA on the Wonder to see if we stay in our 8th deck balcony or moved since being transferred from the Allure.
  9. Theresa I just kept the information in tact and will update as needed when I merged our Roll Calls.
  10. A few from our Wonder of the Seas April 20, 2022 sailing are getting their room updates so getting closer to learn if we keep 8214 we had on the Allure.
  11. I have spoken with my TA for our WOS April 20th TA and she hasn't gotten anything from RCCL on our rooms yet a few have. She spoke with her Rep a day or two. I hope we even have rooms. I keep seeing this 6 day Caribbean on the Planner
  12. As long as I don't have to do the rowing, never tried my hand at rowing. living in the desert doesn't offer a lot of water around us.
  13. I read from others there could be a 4 day sailing for TA's, crew training who knows. We had already made hotel plans at the end of the Med so notified our Hotel and added 2 more from May 4th to 8th. I also joined a couple & her group at the end of the TA from our Roll Call for a City w/Montserrat on May 4th. We had planned on doing that tour during our 2 days after the Med so couldn't see having two of the same tours going out for the daughter & I so asked the couple if we could join them.
  14. Kyle, maybe we will see you on the Caribbean cruise LOL. They better not be sending us there and no ship name.
  15. I checked with my Oncologist in as much as I had gone through Radiation & Chemo finishing up last Nov and now near the end of the Immune Therapy Treatments, and he told me yes to get the Booster which I did this past Sat. i am mid 70's. I have had the 2 Phizer vaccines
  16. Daughter & I were booked on the Allure for April 24th 2022 along with the Western Med and have a Balcony cabin on the 8 deck, now we are leaving on April 20th leaving us with 4 days between the TA & Med so have to disembark then re board on May 8th for our 2nd cruise. My TA said it will be Oct 13th or so before she knows if we will get the same room for both sailings. My Planner lists 1 cancelled & 1 6 day Caribbean which I told my TA about and had me concerned. She talked to her RCCL agent and said it was temporary ?
  17. The Wonder of the Seas is picking up the Allure April 24, 2022 TA & Med. RCCL is moving everyone booked on the Allure over to the WOS. One glitch in my Planner earlier which my TA needs to call on, is they put a 6 day Western Caribbean for our Med booking. The WOS will depart FLL on April 20th of 2022 and the Western Med scheduled for May 8th will go as planned leaving those doing a b2b with 4 days to wait for the Med.
  18. Not sure what happened to that post, i am not going to cancel now with 7 months to go and time to watch the requirements before making any decisions. Finals are due Jan 24th & Feb 4th on the b2b. Will not make any decisions unless there is a major change with the cruises. I am sure we can work out the testing if still needed by then
  19. I am looking at that and also thinking I am best not to worry about something 7 months away, but to keep up to date with the requirements and closer in will have a better idea of what we need. I will fly to the daughters on the 20th then we leave out of Denver at 10:10 AM the 22nd. If we still need to be tested our only option if we can is to wait until we get to the hotel and may need to use the hotel computer but again no need to fret now
  20. Daughter & I have a situation, our cruise is April 24th 2022 and we will depart Colorado on the morning of the 22nd. We won't arrive into FLL until around 4 Pm the 22nd so have no way of testing in that 2 day window. We would hate to be running around the day before looking for a testing location . We thought of testing on th 21st but that won't be accepted. We are both vaccinated. All we will have are our phones.
  21. When we have traveled for our cruises, I have always brought our PP and now will need to remember to bring it for domestic Travel by air although I am going to go ahead and apply for the Real ID. I live in California. Gay
  22. In reading about the Real ID vs Passport, it states if you have a PP, you do not need the Real ID to travel . An official U.S. passport will get you through airport security and can be used in place of a Real ID. If you are only traveling domestically, you can use a Real ID or passport. If you are traveling internationally, you still need a valid passport. Gay
  23. I see a potential problem, by Oct either a pass port or the new ID DL's will be needed to fly domestically. I renewed my PP early as when we cruise next April to Barcelona, it will only have 6 months left and I wasn't sure how long it would take. They received my PP on July 26th and I got it back 2 weeks ago, the original this past week.
  24. When we have gone out of FLL I have used a cab, very easy. I ask the Hotel to call one for us
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