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  1. He’s the best Captain trust me I’m sure he did wait long as he could. That Captain is definitely a people person he had a passenger pass away and we was two hours out of Galveston and he returned to the dock instead of the three days to San Juan keeping the family in mind. You can tell by the crew he’s a great Captain
  2. I got it for the 15 days transatlantic cruise in May
  3. I wondering how many actually got the 18.00 dollar deluxe drink package
  4. I saw something the Trumps banning travel to Cuba unless it’s family to family members ???
  5. On a transatlantic than got low on miller lite so they switched to coors light which is beer I drink I was happy
  6. On the vision of the seas in April we was three hours out of Galveston in route to San Juan and Captain Marek turned the ship around and went back to Galveston when a passenger got sick and passed away which is a class act in my opinion he put the family first and didn’t care about the fuel consumption.
  7. Do like I would do book the next flight and if you get there standby for that flight
  8. I agree spent 16 day on the Transatlantic back in April he was great my wife loved him
  9. Some sad news that Robert the diamond concierges that was on the vision of the sea has passed away my thoughts and pray go out to his family and friends :(
  10. So a lady tread water for10 hours I’m six foot tall how dose one fall overboard
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