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    Special deals?

    Thanks for the info. I will tell her to book and check for price drops. And to clarify my "free drink package", was in fact free because I ended up cancelling and rebooking my cruise when the sale come up and saving about $20 each after getting free drinks, a specialty dinner, and some on board credit. The cruise was more than a year out so it worked. But of course, I got lucky since often these specials do add to the price of the cruise. YMMV.
  2. Hokiegalcruiser

    Special deals?

    My friend is getting ready to book a short January cruise getaway. Does Carnival have any special deals that she should look for? For example, my last cruise on another line had a free drinks package promo. I have seen free gratuity promos. Is there anything like that on Carnival, either now or that comes up regularly? Thanks.
  3. flight now arriving at 6:30 pm instead of noon. Leaving Monday am on Amtrak to Vancouver for cruise. Now one evening and Sunday. Want to see as much as possible. Staying near Pike Market. Give me an itinerary. GO!
  4. Hokiegalcruiser

    SeaTac LINK to Pike Market?

    Thanks for all your help. Also for your last comment Vibe Guy...but not needed this trip. LOL
  5. Is there any hotel/ place that will hold a bag for a few hours until my check in time somewhere else? I am arriving by Link to Westlake stop around 11 and I want to go to Pike Market and and possibly other places and generally be a tourist without bringing my bag. Thanks
  6. Hokiegalcruiser

    SeaTac LINK to Pike Market?

    Can you take the LINK from the airport to The Pikes Market area air b&b?Or would taxi or uber be better?
  7. Hokiegalcruiser

    Hop on hop off in Vancouver

    This was the most wasted $$ of our entire trip. If you want to visit someplace like Granville Island or Stanley Park or any destination, take public transportation or cab to where you want to go. If you don't plan to go anywhere in Vancouver then take this bus.