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  1. Tony is so multi-talented. He is very intelligent, exceptionally educated and artistically gifted. His many accomplishments throughout his career, whether in the cruise industry or otherwise, have proven his ability to learn, adapt and succeed. As such he will bring much value to the table in his new roles. I wish him all the best in this next challenge.
  2. Yes, for sure let's look ahead and think about the great new hires and those promoted and their anticipated ongoing contributions but let's not forget the legacy of those who made such a significant impact and have moved on - no matter the reasons.
  3. Not at all; I totally agree with you. Many of us are missing "all those people". They, along with many of those still hanging in there, were an integral part of shaping the Azamara culture which for so many years has thrived. Philip was absolutely a pioneer in that effort. He, as well as the others you mention, have definitely left huge shoes to be filled. Philip was one of a kind in the best possible way. I send my best wishes to him in all his future endeavours; no matter what, he will be and deserves to be, successful.
  4. Prior to COVID one of the big topics of discussion here was continually eroding loyalty benefits. Double points without improved higher level benefits is useless. IMHO it just shows how out of touch their marketing continues to be if they really think this offering will be enticing. And I won't even tackle the double upgrade situation. For all that's changed, so much has not. 😞
  5. A M A Z I N G ... Thanks flyingshoes for sharing by posting this video. And thanks Tony and Amanda for lifting our spirits.
  6. I received this email but each of the three link buttons took me to the same Global Suspension and Q & A page providing no information otherwise. The link button to the video did work and it was good to see familiar faces of frequent cruisers. Anyone else have this problem accessing any new information through this e-mail?
  7. Glad to hear you were so well looked after by the always-amazing on-board staff. They are some of the best in the business IMHO. Fortunately you were on a healthy ship which allowed for free movement and a pleasurable experience even if not the experience you were expecting. Such is not the case for many other stranded ships which started with just one infected person. Unfortunately passenger experience on those affected ships will not mimic yours for a multitude of reasons. As you have relayed your "phenominal" experience with the team, it appears the Aza
  8. Be interesting to know how the target audience of this video i.e. the travel partners, feel about this reassurance!
  9. Perhaps this was meant as a joke as there have been several 13-nt. Azamara cruises quoted in recent posts I.e. the one above and the one on Mar. 23 Panama Canal referencing the sharing of one tiny laundry bag shared between two people. Note: This quote was not from tgg. See "excited... "s quote above.
  10. My sentiments exactly. You have addressed most if not all the issues that are most important and haven't been addressed. Very disheartening to say the least. Are they really so out of touch as to think this big rollout would excite or at the very least appease us?
  11. Yes, see my summary post #98. Using Samsung tablet with no problem.
  12. Received the "big" news just now. Those who haven't yet received it are not missing much. From what I can tell, the few changes have already previously been noted on this thread. Much ado about nothing unless you book a Veranda Plus or Suite with minutiae for Platinum members. Everything else at upper levels seems not to have improved. Example: Two Discover Plus members in the same stateroom on a 13-day voyage will still have to cram both of their laundry into one tiny bag once only. Good reason to book a suite or Plus... I think not. Huge disappointm
  13. Hmmph... if based on the link above is all there is, guess I had my hopes set higher.
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