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  1. So are Crew/Staff on Princess switching out every other sailing? Why would they be allowed b2b and not passengers?
  2. I just received boarding documents for our Jan 1 Navigator and Jan 24 Explorer. Who knows.
  3. I just called again and was told they my res# wouldn't come up. They found it by ligging in to my account but said something about a note sayi g do not give information. I think it prby is Explorer since that shows on my account. But my room is in a far different location. Same category.....will wait and see.
  4. Well i'm Well I'm hoping that you are right. I did talk to 3 different people there. Maybe I will call the direct # they gave me to call Friday on my lunch break. This is Explorer March 20, 22 sailing and does not show up for purchase. Maybe they are scheduling a dry dock in there?
  5. I just spent 39 minutes on the phone wanting to change the room location when they changed my Freedom sailing to Explorer. After much holding time, they put me through to re-deployment who now tell me that this sailing is being changed to Radiance and itinerary/rooms not set yet, but to check again on Friday. Maybe they gave me bad info, but I am not willing to spend another 40 minutes on the phone to see if I am getting the same answer this morning. Anyone else heard this?
  6. Me too. I could eat there every night!
  7. Hoping they still have it! We are on Navigator Jan 1! Thank you for answering.
  8. Like everyone else here we have had cruises cancelled and so I have been spending more time on cruise planner for the next 8 cruises which are now bunched together over a 15 month period, yikes. We are happy with the complimentary dining, but also like to try the specialty dining packages from time to time, and have always loved Hot Rock at Izumi. My question is, does anyone know if the hot rock is an option on the ships that do not have Hibachi? i.e., Jewell, Explorer, Navigator? Or do they just have the one price fits all sushi meal? DH does not want to try sushi, but we could go there for t
  9. We went to San Juan in early August for a weekend getaway and had a great time. If the cruise cancels we will prby also goto PR for the week.
  10. We are booked for Thanksgiving week out of San Juan. Had Aug and Sept cxl, but really hoping this one goes! Booked airfare this week too.
  11. We have also had many cruises and land trips cancel and are carrying credits on 4 airlines, uggg. We do have 2 more cruises booked this year, 4 in 2021, and 2 in 2022. Still optimistic that they will all sail, however have not purchased airfare until closer to sailing. Except for our Sept cruise which has not yet cancelled.
  12. Keep thinking we should just lift/ship til Sept 2021, but then have to change air, etc. Uggg. Hoping it either goes, or just cancels very soon!
  13. I have no idea why anyone is having issues. As long as it is same region, # of days, and room category, within 1 year plus or minus 1 month it is a go. I always use my same Royal Caribbean Vacation Planner. I research what I want to end up with, and find the best price to book, and email him. He calls me back for the deposit. I booked one more today----enchantment aft balcony March 2021 switched to Freedom, aft balcony March 2022. About 1/3 the price of booking the same room on Freedom directly. I can't book anymore due to working, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to book great dea
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