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  1. My second passenger may cancel. How far ahead of booking can a new passenger be substituted? If I end up alone due to them no showing, do I get the same C&A points credit as a solo passenger as I would have if booked solo?
  2. We were in Ocean view on Harmony and bid $810 for Owners Suite Minimum bid was $800.
  3. A few years ago my sister cancelled as the 3rd passenger and RCCL made us move to a different cabin. Was very disappointed as we had a corner aft.
  4. Our trip had been booked for over a year.
  5. Our entire group, (5 cabins) on August 15 Allure were moved from interior cabins via similar emails. We had booked interior due to staying in a block at a price everyone could afford.. We were all reassigned ocean view balconies in the same area. Bargain of the year. So wait to see what you get. We did walk to the area of our original cabin and it did look like maybe they closed off that area that sailing. With such reduced numbers it makes sense that they might need to relocate cabins. Cruise was great in all aspects!
  6. Yes, our 3 year old grandaughter had her binaxnow done along with her mother and me at Walgreens drive-thru in August. Results were about an hour.
  7. What is the answer? I am also confused and not sure which is the test we need in 48 hrs?
  8. I kept getting that yesterday from all devices.
  9. Look on facebook groups. Search by entering ship name and date!
  10. Italy is only allowing ship sponsored excursions.
  11. Not on board. See FB group for current week for more info.
  12. Yes I have been following the current sailings planners.
  13. I see Grease is being performed on Harmony in these weeks planner!!! One more week for us.
  14. Yes, thank you so much!!! Looking forward to our Sept 9th sailing.
  15. We bid on two categories for our Aug 15th Allure sailing. I even went back in to modify our original bids. One was rejected pretty early and the higher one said pending until we boarded and we received the "no go" email after boarding. Currently bid for upgrades on Sept 19th Harmony. One expired 2 weeks ago and the other is pending with no ability to modify. I do not have confidence that we will get it after our last bid loss though. Either way we will be happy.
  16. Book shore excursions and splurge on Coco Caye
  17. Hmmm. Ours was plain white with logo in Royal Blue stitching.
  18. We usually drink red, but we think their white Kendall Jackson is probably the best on the list.
  19. Thank you so much for taking your time to post. Some last week found some half priced excursions in Italy. Interested to see if that has continued.
  20. Wondering if Izumi still has hot rock on Radiance and Vision class ships? Sailing Jewel in November and do not see it on menu.
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