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  1. We will be boarding the Zuiderdam on Wednesday Out of friendship and appreciation of y’all I will do a detailed investigation of the strength of happy hour mixed drinks. I decided not to wear my lab coat but to go incognito. In the past never found any dilution in happy hour drinks, but apparently inquiring minds want to know. In addition when ordering wine or champagne they have been generous pours. Since HAL is not a local bar trying to meet their rent, they don’t have to resort to making penny pinching cutbacks. Though would love to see the TV series Bar Rescue do an episode on a cruise ship. I will have 11 chances to do my research and evaluation. Glad I can help you out. I apologize in advance for misspellings, grammatical errors and illogical babble. That is if I can work my iPad.
  2. Hey Magictam We called guest services a couple weeks before we left. You do not have to rent A refrigerator, we found it worthwhile to have cold water or soda always available. That’s us, you know yourself what is good for you. The Sept itenaries are very intriguing and we will decide soon which one to take.
  3. We loved our lanai on the Veendam last summer going to Cuba. We are looking at at booking a lanai in Sept. 2020 in Europe. Besides being more enjoyble the difference in price to a much more expensive vista room makes it an easy decision. It will take a few minutes not jump every time someone walks outside on the promenade but you will soon get used to it. People cannot see in. We tested this out daytime and nighttime when we walked around the deck and walked up to the lanai windows with curtains not closed and saw absolutely nothing. You can for $2 a day rent a refrigerator. We found it great to get up from our private lounger and in a minute have a nice cold beverage. Ruth is right about location. Look at the Rotterdam deck plan and see what is above on the 4th floor. Have a great trip.
  4. One fact about Tim Hortons that should. be mentioned, is that the stores were founded by Tim Horton a legendary and beloved hockey player. He started the stores while he was still playing in the 1960s. He played over 20 years, mostly with the Toronto Maple Leafs. While still playing in the NHL he was killed in a car accident in the 1970s. If you have never been just think Dunkin Donuts with more maple flavored items.
  5. Hi RB The Nieuw Amsterdam has a great 3 laps to a mile promenade walking. Agree with DW, the promenade walk saves my sanity and therefore my marriage. We also will not consider a ship without one About a year ago HAL “upgraded” their website so that became unfriendly and counter intuitive. It is no way a reflection of the service you will receive on the ship. Unfortunately you cannot look at FlightEase unless you have already booked. Perhaps if you call HAL and ask to speak to personal cruise consultant(PCC) the PCC should be able to give you the desired info. Our PCC has also expressed his displeasure and frustration with the new website. Enjoy!
  6. We had the pleasure of being in a Lanai cabin next door to Snort sailing to Cuba. As there were several sea days we spent a lot of wonderful time lounging and partying next to Snort. I will confirm what Sherita has said, Snort is quiet but friendly, never complains, never spills his food or wine, always returns his towel , bravely protected our reserved loungers from intruders. Amazingly he uses his ventriloquist talents when you talk to him, without moving his lips he makes it seem like Sherita is talking. Sherita have a great voyage! Hope we see you soon Stu
  7. We noticed on a cruise in February that the background music on the ship had become much better and had stepped out of the big band era. Instead of Mitch Miller we heard Steve Miller, from the Mills Brothers to the Doobie Brothers, Perry Como to Steve Perry, Jeanette McDonald to Michael McDonald, etc. When instead of Patti Paige they play Patti Smith, it will finally be a Boomer ship. What a long strange trip it will be. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. Lynda hope you are having a great voyage. We were on the Veendam a month ago and had an issue with service and with one staff officer. Used the Navigator app to register a complaint and got automated response that we would be contacted within 24 hours. After 48 hrs of no response and filled out a share your thoughts card mentioning the same problem. When we got our on line survey we mentioned the problem and no response. We heard back with appropriate apologies and surprisingly some OBC for our next cruise. So definitely fill out the cards and mention good staff members, they do get rewarded. Have fun and check out the omelette guy Salvador on the starboard side of the Lido. Delicious and funny pleasant man. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. Highly recommend you go. We took the train and then walked around ourselves 2 years ago. Had time to see many of the famous land marks and visit a couple museums. Advantage of the train is that there are no rest stops as there are bathrooms on board, you can stand and walk a little and was able to nap on way back. It was a long day, but the memories and experience of seeing Berlin made it very worthwhile. You will not regret it. You are shuttled by bus from the train station to the center of the city. When you take the shuttle back, the locatIon is next to an incredible Rausch chocolate shop. This alone makes the long train ride worthwhile. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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