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  1. Our butler Pedro kept on bringing these sandwiches we didn’t care for. Even after saying we wanted only some gummy bears/chips/m&m’s as a snack, he still was bringing the sandwiches/fruit in the Suite. After a couple days, we learn just to leave a specific note of what we wanted and that only. Hate wasting food, but didn’t want them to begin with.
  2. We noticed it. But with three kids, easier to try to stay in main area while at buffet. If we were without the kids, I’d wouldn’t mind going there as an option. Well if it weren’t for the kids, we’d would have eaten daily at Moderno.
  3. I was on the Jade 1/24 - 2/1 in a 2BR Family Suite. Had Pedro as Butler and agree...super nice, but brings in too many snacks. Did the suite breakfast a couple of times and had no problems. Enjoyed breakfast in Moderno, was a relaxed atmosphere compared to hectic Great Outdoors (was a bit of a chore finding a table). We had Effrin as a conceirge, and saw him plenty on the cruise. WiFi was slow for us.
  4. You could....just leave a note to the butler stating you want them. Best off probably doing it daily
  5. If using the specialty package through room service from a Suite, make sure to clarify with your butler that you are using the package and to check your bill on disembarkation day. We got charged for our room service from Cagney’s, when we shouldn’t have. Had to go to the front desk and get that corrected.
  6. With carry on luggage...probably. With 6 checked pieces of luggage. No
  7. Depends...do you have kids that require a car seat? Do you have a lot of luggage? UberXL says it’s designed for 6 passengers, but it probably won’t have room for everyones luggage if everyone is bringing a suitcase. I’m using QLS the day of cruise ($13pp, 5 of us, shared shuttle) to pick us up at hotel near FLL and take us to the Port of Miami.
  8. Well if they actually bumped the price of Jack, so it’s over the $15 threshold, that sucks. Maybe it was the Coke that bumped the price up 🤷‍♂️. If it’s a Jack and Pepsi, maybe it stays under $15.
  9. It’s an island that is part of a country (The Bahamas).
  10. Well implying that some crew would fake being sick so they don’t have to work. I’d hate having someone questioning my integrity if I was one of the crew who caught nirovirus.
  11. So looks like I screwed myself by booking a 2BR Suite for an upcoming cruise after only doing inside rooms previously 😬
  12. It seems like when they added the free airfare promo/free internet perks, that was in lieu of the onboard credit. Maybe at it will come back whenever they revise their promo.
  13. Depends. If you want a chair near the pool or in a shaded area, those will be in demand. If you are looking on the sun deck, I never had a problem there. Our last cruise on the Spirit, they had a kids pool in the back of the ship and never had a problem finding chairs (granted it was In January and school was in session). I’m fine with people leaving their chairs for legitimate reasons (using pool, bathroom, grabbing something to quick to eat), I just don’t get the people who find the need to send someone early to reserve 8 chairs for a group who won’t be using the chairs for another couple hours, where all 8 are never using the chairs at the same time and where they hardly using it at all. It seems more of an issue I see at resorts then cruises though.
  14. Continental breakfast is free, but limited to basic pastries, cereal, fruit, coffee. If you want Belgian waffles, eggs, etc., that’s when the delivery fee kicks in.
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