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  1. Hard decisions and tough times for everyone. Is this the right time to remind everyone of the contract they sign when they book a cruise? We never expect the worst to happen when we sign that, but it does give the cruise line the right to do pretty much anything they want any time they want. I’d say that maybe people should keep that in mind before they travel when they are in a compromised situation health or mobility wise. I think a lot of us have become used to expecting travel to be safe but maybe we should think of it instead as an adventure and question if we are really up for it.
  2. Hard call but here they would be returning to Ontario (near Toronto) which has the highest rate of Covid in Canada while in US they would be going to a more remote area in Arizona. As you say, their choice in the end. I’m just trying to figure out what government actions might trip up their plans. For me I’d rather return to home and my own healthcare system but not, after all is said and done, my decision.
  3. What I’m wondering is, is the US still accepting Canadians? I have a family member who is about to be dumped from the cancelled HAL world cruise in Australia and would like to travel back to US with their cruise buddy but I have a feeling that US will not accept them.
  4. Well there are certain things that are more of a problem with flying than with cruising, especially on a long flight like one from Sydney to the US or Canada. Deep vein thrombosis is a real threat for someone who will have difficulty getting up and walking around every few hours. I would imagine that people with joint problems or poor circulation may also find it difficult to sit in one of those increasingly small airplane seats for hours at a time.
  5. The first domino to fall which will no doubt be followed by others. It’s a strange and challenging time.
  6. One of the stupidest suggestions I've heard. It just lets younger people cruise, pass around the virus, and then bring it home to all the older or immune compromised people in their home neighbourhood. Not to mention all the places they pass through on their way home. What idiots suggested this??
  7. I don’t think any of us know what the final fall out of this will be. If it can be handled relatively quickly then the cruise industry might make a come back and cruising might return to a similar state to what it was before but I can easily visualize a situation where a longer time frame to get things under control could result in a drastically altered cruise industry. How long can the lines go on maintaining ships that aren’t running cruises and bringing in $$$ ? I can see a scenario where a number of ships are mothballed and where, once this passes, we actually have fewer operating companie
  8. I sympathize with your feelings but sometimes, when something bad happens, everyone has to feel some of the pain. If everyone tries to get all their money back right now, it may just drive the industry into complete collapse with the final result that no one will get their money and the future cruise credits will also be worthless for those who were willing to accept them. If everyone would have some patience, we all might do better in the end, but I have lived long enough to know that calling for patience and some sort of community spirit is probably useless. So many people will all j
  9. I think this is incorrect. If you are young and healthy the chance that you will have a life threatening case of Covid-19 infection is small, but it is still quite possible that you will contract it and carry it home to your family and neighbours, where it might compromise their health. And of course there is the possibility that your ship or you will be held in quarantine if you or anyone else on your cruise should happen to have symptoms.
  10. It is a high percentage of those tested but keep in mind that those 45 who were tested were selected because they had symptoms, or some factor that made them appear more likely to have the virus. It's not good, but it doesn't indicate that the whole ship population will have an infection rate near that high.
  11. I predict a big increase in the cost of 'cancel for any reason' insurance if this goes on for any length of time. I don't know how often they recalculate rates on this type of insurance but they have to be getting hit hard right now.
  12. But if what I am hearing is correct, some cruise ships are now being denied docking in ports just because they have a passenger who has some symptoms that might possibly be indicative of covid-19. If this is a cruise that you have saved for and is meant to be your cruise of a lifetime, how will you feel if you can't get into many of the ports you were looking forward too? Not trying to panic anyone but just weighing in on the discussion of whether or not to cruise or to cancel at this time. Even if no one around you gets the virus, it could affect your cruise in major ways.
  13. And if you could, what good would that do? By now the virus is active very in Italy too, so you're going to have to avoid Italians as well as Asians and what about that nice blue eyed blond American who just happened to be vacationing in Wuhan when the virus became active? This virus might have started in China but Asians are not the only ones who can be infected or can pass it on.
  14. This is how I feel too. Assuming that the worst scenario ( easiest transmission, longest active lifetime for the virus etc.) is a possibility, and acting accordingly, is actually the way to achieve the most favourable results. Declaring it's not really a problem and everything will be fine, is the way to encourage sloppy behaviour that will likely turn this into a real disaster. Hope for the best but expect, and plan, for the worst is my approach to this situation. Examining and critiquing the procedures that were put in place is needed to see where things have gone wrong, not so much
  15. And possibly also a consideration when handling items removed from the ship shortly after contact with an infected person. No one has reliable information yet on how long this virus can survive on inanimate objects outside a host. Better to err on the side of caution rather than bandying about time frames like 30 minutes.
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