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  1. Definitely seems to be on the move now as of a few minutes ago. Heading out of Liverpool up the Mersey.
  2. She seems to be on the move now out up the Mersey on route for Belfast again.
  3. She has left her sister ships Viking Sea and Viking Sky behind in Belfast. All three were there together initially and the rumour there was that being in the Harland and Wolff shipyard they were probably having Covid modifications done .She then left a week ago ,sailed around the Irish Sea to Isle of Man,then to Bangor outside Belfast and a couple of days later she set sail for Liverpool. Who knows why. The web site Wirral cam shows her at the cruise port by The Three Graces. You tube channel of Tom McClean Positive shows all three in Belfast.
  4. Just watched a YouTube video filmed a couple of hours ago,Viking Sun,Sea and Sky cruise ships Belfast by Tom McClean Positive.15 minutes long. Starts from a distance but gets in close later.
  5. I saw a youtube video showing a full tour of the ship in a lot of detail. Looks like a cross between a viking river long boat and one of their ocean vessels. Great looking two level explorers lounge but at a lower level than at sea. All state rooms are above this level. Wrap around promenade deck also retained. 300 and something passengers. Very tempted. Some Brits have already booked using their generous future cruise credit.
  6. Also on offer in UK as of this morning. It looks like a few people may have already taken up the offer of virtually half price trips.
  7. I would just suggest that you check the regulations that any country you are travelling into has regarding bringing medicines into that country . We are flying into New Zealand later in the year and they have very strict rules. I will need either copies of my drug prescriptions or dr's letter listing the drugs. I also understand that each medication has to be in its original container with the chemist's label attached showing relevant details.
  8. Why would anyone not to linger a while and do a thorough hand wash whilst listening to the enchanting birdsong in the rest rooms.🤔
  9. Very true what you say Liz. I spent a great deal of my time on Viking Sky chatty away merrily to lots of lovely fellow passengers and I cannot tell you how many funny looks I got and being answered by "I don't think I quite get what you're saying". But then again I have had the same reaction when I have travelled down to London. 😂😂😂😂
  10. As the person who made the original comment can I just add that this was a private conservation not overheard by anyone other than those immediately involved. Using the phase 'had words with' is perhaps a way that us Brits make light of a more serious issue and that my husband is a very mild mannered guy,very polite but will speak up if he feels the need but do it in an appropriate manner.No offence was taken here and the matter ended without tension. I hope now in the current climate that everyone will be following hand hygiene measures.
  11. My husband recently had 'to have words' with a gentleman ahead of us going into the buffet who was trying to ignore the sanitising measures in place. His reasoning being he had just washed his hands five minutes earlier on leaving his cabin. His wife had the decency to look ashamed of him.
  12. We did this tour last September and only did tours offered by Viking,a mixture of included and optional. Any disappointing aspects were due to the inexperience of a guide not the content of the excursion. Do your research, you know what things you like and how you like to experience them and go from there. We did not do Berlin as we knew it would be a long day so did the included Rostock tour in the morning but came back independently on the local river ferry which deposited us directly in front of the wonderful Viking Sky. Then after lunch we did the optional trip to Bad Doberman followed by scenic tourist train along the Baltic coast,coffee break at a smart resort hotel and time to explore the sea front. Back in time to watch all the weary Berliners stagger back on board.😀 Warnemunde ,where we were docked,far exceeded our expectations and is worth exploring but there is not really time for that unless like us who had an unscheduled overnight stop there due to arriving early as it was not possible to visit Ghadansk due to rough seas.
  13. As a fellow Brit,even though from south of the border😀,I can throughly recommend the service you will get from Viking on their phone lines out of London.I have always been given a designated agent if I needed anything extra after booking,this being the same person who you have made the booking with.I have never experienced any problems anywhere down the line. Having met a group of their London staff on a river cruise last year I can testify to them being very pleasant ,sociable people with a real interest in travel. One tip,if you are enjoying your cruise and might consider cruising with Viking again then book whilst on board .We did that last year and got a great deal plus on board spend for the cruise we were on,meaning we were left with a bill for only£9.00 on leaving the ship.All drinks accounted for and a wonderful authentic St Petersburg Russian doll which we could never have afforded otherwise to take home. Welcome to Viking .Not too many of us from the UK on this site but we are a very select bunch and always ready to help.
  14. We have been on flights in Europe where they have allowed passengers with short connection times to leave the plane first and given them detailed instructions on how to get to their allotted departure gate.
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